Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Both Holes Filled @ the Gloryhole!

Wow, I just got back from a wild time at the gloryhole! When I arrived, I took the center booth which has a gloryhole on each side. I usually like to take this booth for a few reasons. The obvious is more chance for cock. I also enjoy other guys watching me suck cock or get cocks shoved up my ass. To my left was a guy jerking a big black or latin cock, it was dark and hard to see at first. Doesn't matter anyway, cock is cock. I motioned for him to stick his cock through the hole and greeted it with my open mouth. I sucked his cock like a bitch in heat for a few minutes until he unloaded down my throat. First load of the day, yum!


After swallowing my first load, I turned to the hole to my right to see if anyone was watching. As I expected, another horny guy was watching me the whole time. I motioned for him to stick his cock into the hole and noticed he had a real big dick. At least 8" long and very thick. It hung nicely and I could tell he had a cock ring on. I love it when I see a cock ring, it usually means the guy knows what to do with his meat. He presented his cock to me and I went to town on it. I could taste that he had some grease lube on his cock, which immediately turned me on. This guy was here to fuck. I worshiped his cock for a few minutes, turning my body so the new guy to my left could see my cocksucking skills. His cock was hard as a rock and HUGE. I didn't even think twice, I quickly stood up, dropped my jeans, reached back and spread my hole pushing it against the gloryhole. As I present my willing fuck hole to the stranger to my right I now have a straight-on view of the hole to my left and can see a guy watching me. He's talking to me through the hole telling me what a dirty slut I am. Right as he said that, I could feel the tip of a cock being pushed into my asshole. I arched my back, closed my eyes for a minute and let out a moan as he pushed the length of his cock into my guts. I was so turned on I leaned forward to the hole on my left and motioned for the guy to put his cock in the hole. Here I was in some adult bookstore, pants around my ankles, ass pressed up against one hole taking some anonymous bareback cock up my ass, leaning forward taking another cock down my throat. I was in pure heaven. What a whore I have become.

Both fuckers began fucking my holes faster and faster, the guy I was sucking came first, blasting a hot load down my throat, not more than 15 seconds later I heard the guy in the right booth let out a groan and he shoved the entire length of his cock out and back into me. I could feel him spasming as he shot his cum deep into my bookstore pussy.


We must have gotten the attention of other cruisers because after my cock ring buddy pulled his rod out of my gaping hole, three more guys took his place, one after another, each one filling my man pussy with their sweet jizz.


Today was a good day, 4 loads up my ass and two down my throat, 6 total in less than an hour!


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