Monday, February 12, 2007

Quick Load Up My Butt

I stopped into the bookstore on my way home from work today to try and get a quick load up my butt. I wasn't there more than 5 minutes and I had a 7" uncut mexican cock sliding in and out of my man hole. Here I was again, pants down, ass pressed against a hole in a wall taking some dude's cock up my ass. He didn't last long in this sweet ass, he pumped me for about a minute then unloaded his cum deep inside me. It turned me on so much knowing some guy I never saw was cumming inside my butt. I might even know the guy, could be a friend from work, an uncle, shit, it could even be my dad. All I know is it was a horny guy with a big dick that needed a hot hole to fuck and dump his cum into, and that's why I'm here.

I kept my ass up to the hole and he kept his cock in me until he went soft. He pulled it out with a "plop", zipped up and left. Needing to get home, I did the same. I drove all the way home with his load in me.


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Tom Gaylord said...

your blog is hot! more pics:)