Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Anonymous Daddy Load

Yesterday I placed an ad looking for a big-dicked old guy to plow my ass and deposit his cum deep in my ass. In less than 30minutes I found myself naked on the floor of some stranger's living room, deepthroating his cock. He had a nice cock, about 7" long, uncut, that just slid down my hungry throat.

He was aggressive, which I love, and he ordered me to the middle of the living room, turned me on my back and began face fucking me, calling me names, making me gag and drool all over myself and his fat cock. This old guy really knew how to use a boy slut like me. He knew I was only there to service his cock and bring pleasure to him. He could use me any way he wanted, and he did.

After fucking my throat, he told me he was ready to fuck my ass. "Fuck yeah", I replied, rubbing my aching butthole like a pussy in heat. I turned around ion all fours, arched my back, and pushed my waiting hole into the air. He put some lube on his cock, and some on my hole and began to fingerfuck some lube into me while stroking his cock.

"ready for this cock, boy?"

"yes, daddy!" I squealed.

He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock slowly into my boy pussy. He slowly pushed the entire length of his cock into me, and sat there for a minute as I adjusted to having a dick inside me. Once I was comfortable, i began to push back and forth on his cock. He took the cue and began pounding my hole. He fucked me hard and fast, never even slowing down until he came. He piston fucked my asshole and I could do nothing but moan like some bitch in heat. The pleasure was intense and I reached back to spread my cheeks allowing this stranger to fuck me even deeper.

"I'm going to cum...", he exclaimed.

My cock immediately got hard as a rock with the anticipation of this guy shooting his load into me,

"Oh yeah, fuck me... fill me up, Daddy..." I cooed.

He grabbed my hips again and began violently slamming his cock in and out of me, he tensed up, let out a moan, and filled my ass with his cum. He kept his cock in me, emptying every last drop of cum inside me. He pulled his cock out to admire his handy work, and then pushed it back into me. He did this a few times until his cock went soft. I reached back, scooped some cum out of my asshole and licked it up, moaning like a whore. Ilove showing off for Daddy. I love showing Daddy how much I love cum and cock. I love letting my Daddy know what a dumb slut I am.

I thanked him for his load, got dressed, and left.


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