Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting what I deserve.

The other day I was slutting around at the arcade booths, looking for some cock to suck.   I had told myself that I would not be taking cock up my ass.  I have been being risky and I am trying to be less risky.  I left my door open to my booth and a nice Mexican guy came in.  I immediately went for his crotch and pulled his cock out of his pants.  He had a nice, fat 7" uncut piece of meat and I immediately started to suck him off.  He let me blow him for a bit, then he started trying to put his hands into my pants.  His hands went around to the back of my pants and started rubbing my ass.  I knew what he wanted, he wanted to fuck me.  I stood up and undid my pants, still telling myself that I was not going to allow some stranger to shove his cock inside me, totally lying to myself.  I took my pants down because I am a cock slut and I crave dick.  After taking my pants down his hands immediately went to my ass and he began fingering my asshole.  We were facing eachother, I was stroking his cock and he was exploring my ass.

He began to start moving behind me, and I moved myself in a way that he could get behind me, still telling myself I was not going to have anonymous cock inside my ass, still lying to myself.  He got behind me and I spit a big glob of spit onto my fingers and reached back and smeared it all over my asshole, fingering the slimy saliva into my manhole.  I got my hole all wet and slimy, then turned away from him, reached back and grabbed my ass cheaks with both hands, spread my ass open and stood there, inviting him into my ass.  He didn't miss a beat and before I knew it the tip of his cock was pressing against the opening of my ass.  I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, let out a groan, and pushed myself back onto his dick.

He was not gental and shoved the length of his meat up my ass which hurt and startled me.  I immediately snapped into reality and realized what I was doing.  I was standing i n a dirty porn booth, pants around my ankles, cock hard as a rock with some stranger's bare cock inside me.  I looked back and wait, "wait! wait!", as I tried to pull away, but he wrapped his arm around my stomach and held me in place.  I struggled and he would not let me go.  Was I being raped?  He just kept saying over and over "It's ok, It's ok" as he violated my ass.  He only lasted probably 30 seconds until he unloaded his jizz up my slut butt.  As he pulled out a gob of cum dropped down onto the chair with a splat.  He said, "thanks", zipped up and left.

It took me a second to gather myself.  What just happened?  Did some guy just rape me, or did a slut tease get what he deserved?  Who was I to try and pull off the man's cock after I sucked his cock, got him all excited, and let him enter me without a condom?  Was I being the asshole here?  Was it my fault?  My head was spinning, but my cock was still hard.  I loved it.  At this point I figured, "what the hell", I've already got one anonymous load swimming around inside of me, and now my ass was well lubed and totally opened up, I had might as well take another load.

It took me all of about 2 minutes to get into another booth, this time with a gloryhole, drop my pants, and pres my cum filled ass up to the gloryhole.  The guy was interested and pumped away for a minute or so until he too filled me up with his man spunk.  I was spent, so I went home dripping cum out of my asshole.


Seminal Experiences said...

Being a cumdump is awesome. Embrace it.

DanOD said...

I'd say that a slut tease got what he deserved and needed. The man was perceptive and wise.

stevebro300 said...