Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm the kinda guy that...

I'm the kind of guy that...

... spends hours at the gloryholes sucking every cock that comes through the hole.
... sucks off old guys in gay porn theaters.
... swallows every load.
... blows strange men in their cars.
... begs for cum.
... gets fucked bareback in public restrooms.
... takes raw cocks and loads up my butt at the gloryhole.
... bends over the back seat in a gay porn theater and lets everyone fuck me, raw.
... refuses to use condoms.
... doesn't refuse a load, from anyone.
... blindfolds myself in gay porn theaters and lets anonymous men fuck me.
... intentionally leaves the door unlocked and open when I'm servicing cocks at the gloryhole.
... love being watched being a total whore.
... craves cock and cum.
... wears jeans with the ass cut out of them when cruising the parks.
... does anonymous pump'n'dumps at home.
... has lost track of the number of cocks I've had inside me.
... can never get enough cum.
... will cum without touching my cock when men dump their loads in me.
... that sucked and fucked an 45yr old guy when I was 16, on my parents bed.
... gets fucked by homeless guys.
... lets every man in the park fuck me.
... strips down to lingerie and cruises the park.
... dreams of his father fucking him and sperming my hole.
... lets men pimp him out in seedy motel rooms.
... lets transsexual hookers fuck him bareback.
... loves being humiliated.
... spits cum out onto my face and rub it all over then walks around in pubic.
... doesn't turn around when I feel a cock sliding in me.



SissySlut said...

mmm, like a checklist for a life as a cumdump whore. I'm hard in my panties realizing how many of things I do in my life. How few real complete sluts there are. That I do this stuff several times a week....

plasticpantyboi said... sissyslut i am thinking of how my life has progressed into not only being a sissy faggot but also being addicted to diapers and plasticpanties while i cruise for cock!! your blog cumslut!!