Friday, September 02, 2005

Three Loads - 1 In The Mouth, 2 Up My Ass!!

I finally did it, I took anonomous cum up my ass through the gloryhole! I
went down to my local glory hole on a mission, to get fucked and to get cum
shot up my ass, and boy did I ever! Things started off a bit slow, but then
an older guy came into the booth next to me and wasted no time whipping out
his big, thick, uncut man meat. I sucked on it for awhile, making sure to
get it nice and wet. When he was stiff as a board, and sloppy from my spit,
I quickly turned around and slid back onto his cock. He pulled back at
first, but I wouldn't take "no" for an answer. I reached back and spread my
ass cheaks and pressed my hole up against the gloryhole. A second later I
felt the warmness of his cock as he entered my hole.

What a rush, here I was in some dirty adult book store, my asshole pressed
against a hole in a wall taking some strange cock into my man pussy!! He
didn't last more than 2 mins before I felt his warm jizz shooting into my


He left and another guy came into the booth. I was so hot by now I just
pushed my ass up against the hole, but I guess he didn't want to fuck, so I
blew him and he shot a big wad into my mouth. I spit out some of his cum
into my hand and rubbed it into my aching butthole, mixing it with the cum
deposited by the last stranger in that booth.


My boy hole was a slick, sloppy mess. It felt so good sliding my fingers in
and out of my ass hearing the juices slop around. Who needs lube when you
have cum! I felt so dirty and disgusting, it made me so fucking hot.
Just when I was about to leave, another guy came into the booth. He pulled
out his cock, I spun around, spread my sloppy hole, and pressed it against
the hole hoping he would fuck me and not leave right away. I felt something
warm against my hole and looked back to see his big hard cock sticking thru
the hole aimed right at my cummy asshole. I slid back and took the whole
length of his cock into my ass, spreading my hole further to take even more
of his man meat. It felt so good, he fucked furiously at my boy pussy,
slamming his bare cock in and out of my fag hole. As he fucked my ass, I
strained to spread my hole and push my ass as hard against the hole as
possible so that I could take every inch of his cock up my slop hole. As I
was getting fucked I noticed a guy outside my booth, looking in thru the big
cracks in the door, he was watching me take loads and I loved it.

A few minutes of lust later my mystery cock sped up his pumps and began
slamming his cock in and out of me, then he moaned and I could his cock get
even stiffer as he began shooting his hot cum deep into my butthole. He
spasmed as he shot every last drop of cum inside me. When he came, I was so
turned on feeling his cum shoot inside me, my cock began to shoot cum
everywhere, and I never even touched my cock!


I pulled my pants up, and went home.

Then entire way home, my cock did not go soft as I felt the slimyness of the
two anonomous loads I had just taken up my chute. When I got home I bent
over in front of a mirror and admired my freshly fucked boy pussy. I spread
it wide and pushed out, and loads started spilling out of my hole. What a
mess they made of my ass!