Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lingerie Park Whore

Tomorrow I'm going to lube my hole, dress up like a slut in panties and a girlie top then go to the cruisy park. I'm going to find a little cove, strip down to my lingerie, get on my hands and knees, blindfolded, and just wait for dicks. It's risky, I know, but worth it. I've never sunk to that level of depravity and humiliation, but I'm ready. I can just imagine guys walking by and seeing a guy in public, wearing lingerie  blindfolded, with his ass in the air waiting for anyone to stick their dick in him. I can imagine guys just standing, jerking their cocks as they see me totally submit my ass to the world. Anyone will be able to fuck me. I can't screen them like onCraigsList. Homeless men might fuck and breed me tomorrow. I actually do. How hot would that be watching homeless guys breed me, blindfolded in a public park? I hope I see myself on Xtube. Total anonymous public cumdump! Stay tuned.

Actually, I just thought of something. I'm going to have a few guys over for a pump'n'dump first so I can get a few loads in me first, then I'll put in my but plug and go to the park.

HOT Gloryhole Vid

This is what I imagine my ass looks like.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Quick Park Load

I was driving by a local park today (the one I got loads at the other day) to get some cum. I wasn't there for more than 5 minutes before I was in the bushes, on my knees, with another strange cock down my throat. I never really even saw the guy because it was so dark. It was so hot just on my knees in a dark park with some man's cock in my mouth. There was a street light on in the distance which was casting a shadow on us. I could watch my shadow bobbing back and forth on his meat. After a few minutes he grabbed the back of my head, shoved his cock into my throat, and began cumming. I love that feeling when the top holds your head and forces his cock into the back of your throat. Feeling the jizz shooting in your throat is really a unique experience. Anyway, I tried to get more dick but the place was empty so I bailed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Non-Stop Cock

I posted an ad on CL today looking to spend the day servicing horny men. I posted a cocksucker ad and an anon-scene ad, to attract different types of guys. Two strangers came over and filled my ass hole with their cum and three guys were gracious to feed me their loads. One guy requested I suck him blindfolded, which I happily obliged. After 5 cocks you would think I would be done, but I was just getting started!

Once CL died down a little bit, I got dressed and hit the park. This park is VERY cruisy with a lot of little trails and coves to get lost in. Within 5 minutes of being there I was in the bushes, on my knees, with a nice cock in my mouth. My pants were pulled down a bit, exposing my cum filled ass and it was pointed right at the path so if anyone walked ny, I couldn't see them but they'd see me sucking cock with my ass begging for more cum. It didn't take long and in another 5 minutes I had another cock in my mouth. It was so hot being on my knees with two strangers hovering above me, feeding me their cocks. One guy was wearing reflective sun glasses so every time I looked up, I could see myself slutting out. The first guy started cumming and the second guy grabbed his dick and began jerking it off as is load spilled into my open mouth. I showed both of them the load and drooled some of it onto my chin. I then spit some of the load onto my fingers and reached back and fucked it into my hole. I wanted to leave nothing to the imagination and wanted guys to know my butt was fair game too.

I switched my focus to the second guy and settled in to finish him off and get his load too. As I was in a cocksucking daze, I felt a strange hand on my ass. Looks like we have another audience member! I wonder how long he was there? I didn't even look back, I kept my mouth wrapped around the second guy's cock, reached back with both hands and spread my hole wide open. Guy #3 got in behind me and with one hard thrust, shoved his entire cock inside of me. Here I was, in a public park, totally exposed, cum dripping off my chin, sucking another strange cock and some guy, who I have never seen before has his raw cock inside my cum filled bareback ass. What a fucking rush! Both men eventually finished leaving my mouth and ass filled with even more cum. Both men zipped up and walked away not saying a word.

Now here I was, on all fours, in the dirt, and I just decided to stay that way. My ass was facing the trail so anyone who walked by would see my cum leaking ass. This is perhaps the hottest thing I've ever done. I just stayed like that. I could hear guys walking by on the trail and when they did, I just put my head down and spread my ass wide open. There was no mistaking what I was there for. Eventually another man took the bait and came around and fed me his cock. Nice looking older guy with a giant dick. I sucked him fora bit, cum still hanging off my chin, until he was hard and he kept telling me how much he wanted my ass, so I stood up, kissed him, and said, "fuck me". He took me by the hips and guided me toward a tree. Now this time I was facing the trail, bent over with some strange old man's cock inside me. What a scene it was. Guys came down the trail and all I could do was look at them as they looked at me. Some of them looked disgusted, some surprised, some excited.

"You like that cock, boy?"
"You fucking slut, you love it..."
"I'm going to fill you up, boy..."

Ad then my old man erupted inside me, filling my insides with his warm seamen. Now here's the funny part,, I  must have had my eyes closed or something because the second he removed his cock from me, I immediately felt another hard cock at the entrance to my hold. Oh well, here we go again! My hole was so open and sloppy his cock slid right into me. I don't even know how big it was, at this point I couldn't feel much except pressure. He filled me up too and I stumbled back to my car, went home, and fell asleep. I can't wait for tomorrow!!

One of the guys wanted to take pics of me, so I let him. He's a shitty photographer but shot a nice load down my throat!


I've been hosting cocks all day. Stay tuned for details.