Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whore Report 8/28/2011

I went to the porn theater and within 30seconds of walking in, I was in the back row, on my knees, sucking on an anonymous uncut cock. My favorite! It was really hot because since my eyes weren't adjusted to the darkness yet, I couldn't even see the guy I was blowing! I caught another dude's attention and before I knew it, another stranger had his cock in my mouth! I went back and forth on the two cocks then concentrated on stranger #2. He blew his load in my mouth and stranger #1 asked to see it. I opened my mouth, blew bubbles with the sperm, tilted my head back and bubbled it out onto my chin. I was being as nasty as possible and he was loving it. I then went back down on #1 with #2's load still in my mouth and managed to milk a load out of #1.

I walked into a porno theater and within 5 minutes I had two stranger's cum in my mouth and in my stomach! Yum! I love eating cum out of anonymous dicks in the back of a dirty porn theater. Well that was it, I was totally turned on and went into total whore mode. I went to the other section, went straight for the back row again. This time an old Mexican guy was sitting there with his pants on. I just took off my pants and my shirt and began pinching my nipples. He took the hint and pulled his pants down revealing a fat stomach and a fat uncut cock. I got down on my knees, arching my back and spreading my asshole as it's pointed toward the front of the theater. I sucked the Mexican dick good and he came down my throat quickly. Another guy took his place on the couch and I blew him too, advertising my hole again. He blew quickly too, before anyone could take the bait of my ass.

There was an older guy in the couches infront of me and I could see him stroking a big dick. I walked, naked, to his couch, sat down next to him for a second, and then got on my knees and took his big beautiful cock down my throat. I positioned my ass so it was pointing outward toward the aisle so everyone could see. FINALLY, as I'm sucking another strange dick, I feel hands on my ass. I knew there were guys watching me, so it was just a matter of time once I started reaching back and fingering my hole. I find that to be a good way to convey the "OPEN" sign hanging above my spread open butt hole. I heard the guy talk and he sounded black. I normally don't bother even turning around to see who's fucking me or playing with my ass but I LOVE black dick and the idea that a black cock was about to fuck me made me have to know. I turned around and just as I expected, there was a tall black man standing behind me stroking and lubing a HUGE black cock. Good thing I opened my ass real well with my black dildo at home before I left. I felt him get behind me and line up his dick with my hole. I reached back and grabbed the base of his cock, pressed it into my hole, and pushed back onto his cock taking most of it all the way in. "mmmmmmmm", I moaned, as I pushed back onto it. I was also able to tell he was not wearing a condom! Raw black dick!

Here I am, naked except for shoes, on the floor of a dark and dirty porn store. I have a giant cock down my throat belonging to some random old guy who just happened to be sitting there. I'm on my hands and knees with my ass spread wide taking an anonymous dick up my ass completely raw and bareback, and there is about 6 to 8 horny guys standing around watching me!! Strange gay men are watching me naked in a public theater giving my holes and entire body to any stranger that wants it. I fucking love it there. I love showing these strange men what a good boy I am.

My black cock fucked me good. Real good. Like black cocks usually do. Yum. He blew a giant load into me and when he pulled out it seemed to pour out of me. My ass was wrecked but I couldn't have been more hungry for dick. I looked up at the old guy I was blowing, took his cock out of my mouth, smiled, and said, "Your turn.".
"Ok", he said.
I got off the ground, climbed on the couch and got face down, ass up. I was facing the crowd of men this time. The old guy got behind me and slid his cock right into my cum filled ass. I looked up and the black guy was gone. Nowhere to be found. He dumped his load and bailed. That's so hot. My white old guy begins fucking my ass and I lift my head up and see a crowd of men all looking at me. I made eye contact with all of them, smiling sheepishly, letting them all know they can go next.

Now I've got 4 loads on my breath, i'm naked on all fours on a couch, some old big dicked stranger fucking my cum filled hole as I'm basically begging a room of horny fags to fuck me next. What the fuck happened to me? How did I come to this? Ten years ago I wouldn't let anyone fuck me without a condom and then would make them pull out to cum into the condom. Now I'm known to men who frequent the east valley porn stores as "The kid who will take any dick". Oh my, I just realized I have not yet told that story. Well, the abbreviated version is I was talking to one of the clerks and he told me he didn't know my name but locals referred to me as "the kid who would take any dick". Wow.

Anyway, after my old guy finished, two more guys fucked me. After that there was no one left who wanted to fuck me, so I left.