Friday, January 05, 2007

Yeah, I Suck Old Cock Too!

Made a house call today. Met a guy from a hookup web site. He was an older guy with a fat 7" uncut cock. Uncut is my favorite, so I agreed to come to his house and suck down his load. He kicked back on his bed as I worked his uncut daddy cock into my mouth, making sure to massage his balls with my tongue and hand. After a few minutes he shot a thick, tasty load into my mouth, which I, of course swallowed. I thanked him for the load and left.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Public Toilet Cumdump PART 2

Went back to the same public toilet I went to a few days ago. As usual, I pulled my pants down to my ankles, sat in the open stall, got my cock hard, and waited for guys to come in and use my fucking holes. I didn't have to wait long. About 5 minutes of stroking my cock I heard footsteps. An older guy entered the bathroom and stopped to glance at me as he entered. Of course, I spread my legs to further expose my cock and balls, but more importantly to let him know I wasn't shy. He fooled around at the urinal for a minute then came around the corner with his cock sticking out of his zipper, hard as a rock and HUGE. He just looked at me, stroking his cock, I licked my lips and that's all the invitation he needed. Before I knew it he was choking me with his cock.

Here I was, pants around my ankles in a public toilet, broad daylight, hard cock, with some stranger forcing his fat cock down my throat. I just groaned like a pig and took it all. He eventually tightened up, I could feel the tip of his cock swell and he shoved his cock into the back of my throat. "Take it, boy.." he demanded as he began shooting his load down my throat. After he came, he zipped up and left me sitting there, drool, spit, and cum dripping off my face, dazed as some stranger just finished force-fucking my willing cumhole of a mouth. I swallowed every drop, and left.