Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Anonymous Toilet Slut

I placed an ad on Craig's List looking for cocks to suck. I specified I wanted to suck cock in public places: a car, a restroom, etc. We arranged to meet at a public restroom, the same place I was fucked in this story. I waited in the stall for him like I usually wait for strangers, pants down around my ankles, hard cock in hand. I love waiting for anonymous cock. I get so turned on knowing that in a matter of minutes I will be enjoying some total stranger's cock. I never even saw a picture of this guy. I heard the door open and he walked straight to my stall and tugged at the door. I opened it immediately. He entered, didn't say a word, unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his 7" piece of meat. I didn't waste anytime before taking him into my mouth. His cock fit very well down my throat and I began to moan as I bobbed up and down on his dick. I felt so hot I couldn't help myself, I spit a wad of spit on my fingers and reached back rubbing it on my asshole. I always try to make sure the guy notices, it's pretty much a green light to explore my hole. Not that any guy needs a sign, every man has free use of my holes. As long as you can get hard, you're welcome to fuck my mouth or my ass and you're required to cum inside whatever hole you're fucking. I take all loads. Fat, skinny, black, white, homeless, rich, old, young, I am a public cumdump.

My hints worked and my stranger reached back and began exploring my hole with his fingers. I didn't waste any time, I turned around and spread my fuck hole open and he just slid his cock inside me. No questions about status, no condom, nothing, he saw my slut hole and just went for it. He fucked me for a minute or two before he blew his load deep inside me. He didn't say a word, just zipped up and left.

I got in my car and checked my email. I had a message from an older guy who wanted to meet at a public toilet at a local university. I drove over and walked into the restroom and took the middle stall as instructed. He was to my left and some other guy was taking a shit to my right. This guy didn't even care that someone else was in the restroom with us and just slid his cock underneath the stall. Not wanting to get caught I jerked it for a minute but then waited for the guy to my right to finish his business. When the guy left, I ran my fingers under the stall signalling I was ready and was greeted again with a nice, thick cock. I sucked him for awhile, then, getting increasingly horny, I turned around, bent over, and slid my ass under the stall for him. He began exploring my hole with his fingers and as soon as he realized my hole was filled with cum already, withdrew his fingers and slid his cock inside me. It felt so fucking good and slid in with ease. His thick cock filled me up and felt warm inside me. He obviously didn't use a condom, thank god. He began sliding his meat in and out of my sloppy slut hole. It felt so good.

Here I was, one load of stranger cum swimming around inside me, bent over with my ass slid underneath a public toilet stall, letting another totally anonymous stranger fuck his raw cock into me. I have no clue what the guy looked like, who he was, nothing. For all I know he wasn't even the guy who emailed me, just some lucky fucker who stumbled on a raw, sloppy boy hole. This is the sex I'm addicted to, total anonymous breeding. Just walk into a public restroom and let dudes fill me up with sperm. Men fucking love my hole and I love giving them the opportunity to deposit their loads inside me. I LOVE IT. If I could just be locked up in a sling for the rest of my life and take every raw dick that wants to fuck and breed me, I would do it.

My stranger increased his strokes and shot his load. I bucked back and forth, miking every drop of man seed out of him. He pulled out, I slid back into my stall, zipped up, and left. Heaven.