Saturday, September 11, 2010

WILD Day at the Bookstore

I camped out at the bookstore today for about 4 hours and I honestly have to say, I have no idea how many loads I took. This particular bookstore has a 2-screen theater and an arcade with 6 gloryholes. They let you go back and forth between the theater and the gloryholes. As you can imagine, it's a cock slut's paradise.

I first checked out the holes, but they were dead, so I bought a theater pass. I walked in to the theater and checked the back row, like I always do, and there was an older guy, completely naked, stroking a very large cock. I recognized him, I've sucked him before. He has a big cock but never comes. I sat beside him for a second and wasted no time getting on my knees between his legs and putting his cock into my mouth. A I got down, I pulled my pants down a bit, exposing my ass. When I bent down between his legs I got on all fours, pushing my ass out to the theater for everyone to notice. I wanted to make it known right away that I was a bookstore slut and I was there to service as many cocks as I could. I stayed in this position and began sucking his cock, occasionally spitting on my finger and rubbing it on my aching hole. When I rubbed my hole I turned my head and would look behind me making eye contact with the crowd that was now forming, basically giving anyone standing there the green light to use my hole as they pleased.

Here I was, on the dirty floor of an adult theater with some old stranger's cock in my mouth, lubed bare ass in the air with about 7 strangers standing around watching me. I felt like such a slut. I loved it. I loved showing off for the crowd, I loved being on the dirty floor literally begging for strange men to shove their cocks inside me. I love thinking about what the men thought as they watched me.

"We've got a taker..", the old man said as he chuckled, just seconds before I felt fingers touching my hole. The strange fingers immediately began probing my hole. He fingered me for a minute then I felt his fingers come out. "Finally", I thought as he repositioned himself behind me. I took my lube and handed it back to him. I heard the cap click and seconds later I felt the head of his cock enter me. With the old man's cock in my mouth, I never looked back, I just closed my eyes and pushed back onto my anonymous top. "Here we go.", the old man said as my stranger began sliding his cock in and out of me. I reached underneath me and felt his cock.... no condom! It was a good size and filled me up real well. It was hard as a rock and very warm. I could tell a crowd was forming behind me. A crowd of strange men watching me take cock in both ends. Watching me let total strangers put their cocks in my ass bareback! I was in pig heaven. My top pounded me good for about a minute until he began slamming his dick into me and grunting loudly. I moaned with a cock in my mouth encouraging him as I reached back with one hand and spread my ass open to let him go as deep as possible. One final thrust and he held himself inside me, spasming as he emptied his balls deep inside my ass.

He pulled out and in less than 30 seconds someone else took his place. At this point I couldn't really tell how big his cock was but it felt about the same. He and two more guys fucked me, one right after the other. I know none of them wore condoms, but I don't think one of the guys came in me. He might have but it didn't seem like it. Who knows.

After the last guy no one else stepped up. I knew from experience, whoever was going to fuck me already did, not to mention my knees were a bit sore. I stood up and pulled up my pants, the insides of my legs and my balls were totally covered in cum as it spilled out my ass. I decided to go to the gloryholes and check out the action there.

Probably 3 loads up my ass, maybe 4, not really sure. :)

I took the middle gloryhole booth, one with holes on each side, dropped in some dollars, took off my shirt, dropped my pants, and unlocked my door. I like to unlock my door because I like surprising guys when they open the door and see me naked with a cock in my mouth or one up my ass... or both at the same time. I love getting caught like that and really LOVE when the guys stay and watch, or come and join in.

An older guy was to my right so I blew him for a few minutes trying to get him hard. I thought I had him hard enough, grabbed his cock, swung around and tried to slide back on it, but he couldn't stay hard. I didn't realize there was a guy to my left until I saw his cock sliding through the hole. I bent over and started sucking his cock and I tried to get this old guy's cock in my ass. No luck with the old guy, so I played the old switcheroo with the guy to my left. I began stroking him while I was sucking him, then I pulled off with my mouth, swung around, and shoved back on his cock. I don't know if he noticed or not, but he let me rock back and forth on his cock for a bit. I felt him pull out, I'm sure he was checking which hole he was in. Apparently he didn't care and I felt his cock slide back into me. The old man to the right was still there and placed his cock through the hole for me to suck. After a few minutes of us alternating who was doing the work I heard him moan and he stopped pumping me and began unloading into me.

Right as he was cumming in me and I had the old guy's cock in my mouth, my door swung open and I very surprised black guy stood there watching me. He left for a second but came right back and stood there with my door open, watching me get bred through the gloryhole. As soon as my fucker pulled his cock out of me, I immediately turned my ass to the guy standing at the door, reached back with both hands, spread my ass open, bent over and looked over my shoulder at him, smiling and raising my eyebrows. He took the hint and came inside the booth, locking the door behind him. I heard his pants being undone, then I felt his hands on my ass. He caressed my ass for a minute before I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my ass crack. "Fuck yeah, anonymous black cock", I thought as I pushed back on my black stranger. He fucked me good for what seemed like 10 minutes. Guys were in both booths beside me, watching. Watching me getting barebacked by anonymous black cock using other stranger's cum as lube. How fucking hot. Its a good thing my ass was so sloppy because he was big.

There's nothing better than getting fucked with an ass full of cum. The sounds it makes as the cocks slosh around inside you before they contribute to the pool of seamen inside you is addicting. Anonymous bareback sex is addicting. You're not a slut unless you take your cocks raw and let anyone cum inside you. I love cruising the theater and gloryholes collecting cum deposits. I love slutting out for strangers, not caring who sees me. It makes me so horny to know that guys think I'm a total cumslut.

My black guy eventually came inside me, pulled out, and left. I decided to go back to the theater.

2 anonymous loads up my ass, 1 black

Back in the theater I sat back down next to my big dicked old guy from the beginning, I stripped off all my clothes and motioned for an old mexican guy that had his cock out and was checking me out while leaning on the wall. I took him into my mouth and began sucking him as he stood in front of me. Again, a crowd formed. As soon as he blew his load, a fat guy with a big cock took his place. I waved the crowd to come over closer to me and some of the guys did. One guy came up right next to the fat guy and I alternated back and forth on their cocks until they both blew their loads in my mouth,

"Like a vacuum", the old guy chuckled. As more guys replaced the ones I drained. I'm not really sure but I think I swallowed 7 loads. It seemed like I blew the entire theater because the crowd was gone. I had done my job, I blew every guy that wanted a blow job and let them all cum into my mouth. I said goodbye to the old guy and decided to leave.

I was so horny when I left, I pulled my pants down ijn the back, exposing my ass, and walked through the parking lot on the way to my car. I passed at least three guys who saw me. I was hoping to get one last load. I know, I'm a greedy whore.

Swallowed 7loads... i think.

!! TOTAL: 5-6 Loads Up My Ass, 7 Loads down my throat !!

Going to the Bookstore

I'm going to the bookstore now to get some loads. My ass is clean and lubed up. Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

"Wow, your ass is warm!"

I was slutting around on Craig's List and found an out-of-town top that wanted to fuck my ass in public. We arranged to meet at a local park restroom. I arrived before hand and took my place in one of the stalls. With the door unlocked I dropped my track pants, lubed my hole, and bent over, waiting for my man. After a few minutes I heard the door open. "Is that him?", I thought to myself. I stayed quiet, bent over and I heard him walking around, quietly. It was him. Another minute later I heard him outside my stall and he came in. He didn't waste any time before his big Mexican cock was out and his fingers were probing my ass. I reached back with both hands, spreading my hole, begging this stranger to shove his meat inside me. I felt the tip of his head pushing at my well lubed hole. I moaned and pushed back onto it. He shoved the length of his cock inside me and began to pump my ass quickly. He never mentioned a condom, and I never even cared.

Here I was, bent over in a public restroom with some stranger's raw dick pounding my sweet ass. I never even turned around to see what he looked like, I didn't care. I just liked knowing what a slut I must have looked like to this guy. Willingly taking anonymous stranger cock up my hole, bent over a dirty public toilet, not a care in the world except pleasing his cock. My ass was providing a well needed service to this guy. A place where he can come, fuck a tight ass, dump a load, and go about his day.

He fucked me for a minutes before just unloading in me. He never even told me he was going to cum, or even ask if he could cum inside me, he just assumed my ass was there to be filled with sperm, and he was right. Afterward he pulled out and left. I waited a few minutes until I left so I wouldn't see him.

When I got back in my car I called a trick I had met online. An older guy from a dadd/son website. I told him I wanted to come over and get fucked. He said, "come on over.". I arrived at his place and we got naked and I began sucking his cock in his bedroom. With my ass in the air, his fingers immediately started probing my hole. After a few minutes he got on top of me, and stuck his cock in me.

"Wow, your ass is warm!", he exclaimed.

"Yeah, I just got fucked in a public restroom by a stranger..." I said with a sly grin.

"You did? So you really are a little whore, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir", I replied.

He finished fucking me and blew his load. I dressed and drove home.

What a good day.