Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bookstore Hole

I hit the bookstore last night, once again proving what a whore I am. This bookstore is not my usual stomping grounds... this arcade doesn't have gloryholes, just booths with a little vanity rope at the entrance of each booth. Obviously I never put up the vanity rope since I'm there to serve one purpose and one purpose only, to let men cum inside me. Not just some men, but any man that wants to dump his load inside me.
I cruised the arcade for a few hours and serviced every guy that would let me. I swallowed about 4 loads and took 3 cocks up my ass. I'm pretty sure all three guys came inside me. On two different occasions I had two guys in my booth with me, both using my holes. I would enter a booth, strip down to nothing, and just wait. Guys would cum in, use me, dump a load, and leave. I would always tell the guys to leave the rope open so other guys could have a turn.
I serviced old guys, asians, even a guy I think was homeless.
I love knowing men get so much pleasure from my body. I love knowing that 100's of men have gotten off inside me.