Saturday, August 12, 2006

Long time no post - STILL TAKING LOADS!!!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been extremely busy and have only had time to work and take loads, but no time to post. Sorry about the delay, and thanks for the nice emails I have received.

I haven't posted, but rest assure I am still getting filled up with cum! I've been taking more and more loads up my pussy-butt at the gloryhole, which is definately my favorite way to take loads now!

The other day I cleaned my hole and headed to my favorite bookstore for some hot cum. When I got there, I went into a booth, greased my hole, took my pants off, bent over, spread my hole, and pushed it up against the hole! No one was in the booth next to me, yet, but I wanted the guy to just walk in and see nothing by my waiting butthole, begging to be filled with cock and man seed!

It didn't take long for my first "customer" to enter the booth. I heard the door open, the lock and heard him put bills into the machine. "Fuck yeah", I thought to myself, first fuck of the day. It didn't take long until I felt his warm, hard cock pressing against my hole, teasing it a bit. I pushed back even harder against the hole, trying to force his cock into me as I reached back with both hands and spread my cheeks even farther apart trying to expose even more of my slut hole. I was in heat! With one slow stab he shoved his entire cock into my waiting boy-hole. Holy shit it felt good and he didn't have any problem shoving the whole thing into me. I have no idea how big it was, how old he was, if he was black, white, hispanic, cut, uncut, all I knew was I was naked in some seedy adult bookstore, bent over, taking some guy's cock up my asshole!

He pumped his cock in and out of me for a few minutes, increasing in speed as time went on. After a few minutes passed I heard him groan loudly and he began piston-fucking my hole, then suddenly he stopped, moaned "oh fuck yeah", shoved the entire length of his cock inside me and began to spasm. I could feel his hot spunk shooting inside my butthole as he unloaded what seemed like a quart of cum inside me. He stayed inside me for a few seconds and pulled out with a "plop" sound as his raw, spent cock popped out of my hungry man-pussy.

I didn't move, I stayed in position, cum-fucked asshole still pressed against the hole and heard him leave. I never saw him or his cock. I was spinning with excitement, I had been fucked through the gloryholes before, but never like this. This was true anonomous breeding and I was in cumpig heaven! I was no where done. I had gone this far, there was no turning back now! All I could do was think about the next guy who comes into the booth, what will he think when he sees nothing but my boy-cunt still pressed against the hole? Will he be disgusted and leave? Will he fuck me too and deposit his load inside me? Just as I was thinking that, the door opened, and closed. Was he in the booth? I didn't hear money go into the machine. Just as I had assumed he left, I felt something familiar, hard cock pressing against my hole!

He definately didn't need lube, my butt was now lubed with another man's cum and there's nothing better! "Customer" pumped my fag hole for only a few seconds until he unloaded his cum into me, zipped up and left.

I stayed like this for an hour! I took every single cock and cum that wanted to dump inside me. I didn't say "no" to ANYONE, nor did I ever see a single cock, I only felt them slide into me and fuck the shit out of me! I counted 8 cocks and I'm almost positive they all came inside me. I had cum dripping out of my swolen asshoole, all down my legs and I could see it puddling down on the floor by my feet! So fucking hot! My butthole was so used and abused I couldn't keep the cum inside nomatter how hard I tried. Eventually I stepped away, pulled my pants up, and walked out of the booth. There was no one left, thankfully, I didn't want to look anyone in the eye. I didn't want to know who just seeded me. I was there to provide a service. A place for guys to go to dump their loads. A place where guys can go and unload their nuts inside a willing cumdumpster! I am a cumdump now! For one hour straight I served as nothihg more than a hole for guys to deposit their loads. I'm hard as a rock now as I type this thinking about what must have gone through the guys minds when they entered the booth and found me like that. Not a care in the world except to milk their cocks into my asshole! What a fucking cumpdump I am. I can now truly say that and it feels good! I AM AN ANONOMOUS RECEPTICAL FOR MEN'S SPERM. I AM A FILTHY BOTTOM CUMSLUT!

When I got home I pushed all the remaining cum out of my asshole and jerked my cock with it. It didn't take long, no more than 20seconds and I shot my load. I went to sleep thinking about all those anonomous cocks that just came inside me. What a day!