Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Marathon Cocksucking - ?? Loads

Today I had a blast. I spent about 4 hours at two different bookstore gloryholes and sucked as much cock as I possibly could! At the first bookstore I think I sucked off 5 different guys and ate 4 loads. I say "think" because I honestly don't remember.

One highlight was the 2nd to last cock I sucked there. It was a good size, about 7" or so, nice and thick and fit nicely down my throat. I was being watched by a guy in the other booth (I was in center booth with a hole on each side) so I made sure to really show off my cocksucking skills. I get so hot knowing someone else is watching me with a strangers cock sliding in and out of my mouth. The best part is when he came, he shot a ton of cum! I pulled it out of my mouth as he was cumming so I could feel it splattering on my lips and he spasmed everywhere and shot cum all over my face, my lips, on my chin, everywhere! I felt like a disgusting fag, I loved it! Felt so good and tasted even better. God I love cum!

The second book store was great too. I think I sucked about 5 or 6 more cocks and took 4 or 5 more loads down my throat! I got so horny that I would literally open the door to my booth while I was sucking cock so that people would walk in on me as I had dick in my mouth! I wanted people to see me, especially when I was working a nice big dick, I would open the door even wider so I could show off my prize. My breath totally smelled like cum.

I don't know how much cum I swallowed today, but it was a lot. I estimate about 9 loads from 9 total strangers. Now that's a fucking faggot cocksucker! I love cock. I love cum.