Thursday, October 08, 2009

Double-Stuffed Toilet Slut

I visited a very cruisy and active toilet today. I was there 10 minutes and got a load up my butt and a load down my throat at the same time. I took a middle stall with a guy on my left and a guy on my right. I motioned for the guy on my right to slide his cock under, which he did. I got down on my knees, facing his stall and bent over to take his cock in my mouth. As I bent forward to suck him, I was just in the right position where feet slid underneath the stall to my left my asshole was exposed to the guy on my left. I sucked the cock to my right as the dude to my left began fingering my asshole and spitting on it, lubing it up. My heart raced a bit, "was the guy to my left going to fuck me?". Sure enough, I felt him remove his fingers and replace them with the tip of his cock. Just as he pushed his head into me, someone came into the restrooms and the three of us jum;ed back up onto our toilet seats. After a minute the guy left and the three of us resumed our original positions with myself on the ground of a public restroom with a cock in my mouth, asshole ready for entry. My fucker wasted no time and slid his cock back into my ass as I continued sucking the guy to my right. I reached back to feel the cock in my ass, just as I had expected, NO CONDOM!

As I laid there, bent over, cocks in both ends of me, I looked underneath the door to my stall and noticed there was a full length mirror directly outside my door! I could see myself perfectly through the mirror! I couldn't stop looking at myself, admiring what a slutty whore I am. It was great! I could see the raw cock sliding in and out of my butt. I wish other people could have seen me like that, getting filled up at both ends like a total slut! The guy in my mouth came first, shooting a huge load into my mouth. I kept it in my mouth and swished it around for awhile, enjoying the fresh load, then swallowed it. The guy pulled up his shorts and left. I stayed in my positing until my fucker blew his load deep in my ass. He pulled out and left too. My meter was about to run out so I left also.

2 Loads at Once, 1 in the ASS 1 in the MOUTH!!

I was still horny so I went to a bookstore I visit every now and then and ended up spending the entire time with a Mexican papi with a giant uncut cock. I worshipped his cock with my mouth for at least 25minutes. He was so hot, pulling his cock out of my mouth and literally beating my face with it, calling me names in his broken english. He reached back behind me as I was sitting down sucking him and I could tell he was going for my ass. I love that. I pushed myself forward and allowed his hands to go into the back of my pants, allowing his fingers to find my hole. He pressed his fingers into my ass, then pulled them out and just grinned at me. He obviously felt the load in me. He started taking off my belt and trying to undo my pants, so i stood up, pulled my pants down, turned around, and spread my ass cheeks open exposing my hole. He didn't say a word, just upushed his big man cock inside me. It went in effortlessly, since my hole was pre-lubed with the guy's cum from the toilets. He fucked my ass hard and fast for what seemed like another 20minutes until he said, "Here it comes..." and with that he started pumping faster then slammed his entire cock into me and began spasming as he filled my ass with his cum. He pulled out of me and I spun around and sucked his cock clean tasting my own ass mixed with two loads of anonymous cum. It tasted so good. He smiled, said "You're cute", and left.

I was spent so I went home.

1 more load up my ass!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Latest Gloryhole Visit

Hey guys just a quick update. I just returned from the gloryhole where I sucked 5 cocks but only got 3 loads of cum. Of course I didn't see anything but their hot cocks. I still have the smell of cum on my breath. Yum!

Swallowed 3 Loads!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Favorite Gloryhole Open Again!

Today I visited two gloryholes. I sucked 8 cocks today and swallowed 8 loads of sperm from totally anonymous men. I got 5 loads at my usual spot and decided to check on the other place just down the street, the real filthy "pool". Glad I did. I got another 3 loads over there. The gloryholes at the dirtier place have been closed for awhile, but i stop in from time to time to see if they're opened up or not. Today the complete row was opened back up again. This place has like 6 booths in a row, all with gloryholes and there's always hot action. This place is very dark, and very filthy. Guys here are always into fucking ass or fucking throat. I've had some real hot times here, like stripping fully nude, unlocking the door, bending over with my ass facing the door and let anyone who walked in fill my ass up with jizz. I am pretty sure the guy working there that day deposited a load in me, along with about 6 other men. I didn't deposit money, so guys would think the booth was vacant and just find me in a dark, dirty porn booth, bent over with cum dripping out of my ass. It was so fucking hot. I never looked back once and I never said a word. Anyway, I'm glad this place is back open, I love all the dirty cock this place has.

Swallowed 8 loads of anonymous cum!!