Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bent Over In the Back of a Porn Theater

I love the porn theater. It allows me to be a total slut and show off in front of anyone who's there. It gives me a chance to really show what a cock slut I am. This particular theater is frequented by a lot of dirty old trolls, which I love. I love getting down on my knees on the dirty floor and going to town on some old guy's cock as everyone watches on. I wonder what they think when they see a 30yr old, attractive guy just completely slutting out on whatever is around? The old guys there love me and I see, and service, the same ones over and over again. The old trolls know me, and it's great because there's no games or wondering, they know they can just walk up and shove their cock into my mouth or up my ass, no questions asked.

The other day I was working the theater and had sucked off probably 4 cocks and swallowed their loads when I decided it was time to get fucked. I did something I've never done, but always wanted to: I went to the back couches, pulled my sweats down, lubed my hole, got on my knees facing the back of the theater and just put my ass in the air. Facing the back wall I just closed my eyes and waited for whoever wanted my ass to take it. I didn't have to wait long. Like I said, these guys know me here, not to mention it's a pit of horny, hungry old guys who probably never get a chance at a piece of ass like mine. After only about a minute I felt a hand rub my ass cheek and fingers began to probe my hole. "Nice", I heard the guy say. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks open, inviting the stranger into my hole. He pulled out his cock and began rubbing it up and down my ass crack, pressing against my hole. My eyes were still shut, and I never opened them to see who it was behind me, about to stick his bare cock into my raw ass hole. I didn't even care. All I care about is the dick and the load. I heard the cap of the lube open, I assume he lubed his cock because a few seconds later the head of his cock was entering my hole. I took a deep breath and pushed back on on stranger's cock. He grabbed my hips and began fucking my bare hole, sliding his cock in and out of my ass. As he was pumping my ass I could hear other voices around me, encouraging the top who was plowing my ass.

"Ohh yeah, fuck him..."
"Breed that ass"

I heard men saying around me as my eyes remained shut. About 1 minute into the pounding the man increased his thrusts and began slamming into me. I knew he was close, then with one hard stroke he slammed the length of his cock deep into me and began spasming. He didn't say a word, he didn't ask if he could cum inside me, he just dumped his load in me and I loved it. He pulled out and immediately his cock was replaced with another strange dick. I reached back to check for a condom, NOPE, nothing but bare dick.

I stayed like this for what seemed like an hour as men to0k their turns filling my NEG boy ass up with raw cock and loads of hot sperm. I was in pig heaven. Never once did I look back, I kept my ass in the air and my head down in the back corner. I think I took 8 loads, but it could have been more, I'm really not sure. My hole was wrecked and felt like it was gaped open as sperm just ran out of my butt, down my balls and legs. I was a mess. I imagine what I must have looked like to the people in the theater. A young boy slut totally submitting to any and all cocks in a dark and nasty porn theater. What a cumdump I am. My asshole has become nothing more than a warm place to dump a load, basically a sperm bank for nasty old men and dirty trolls to get off in.

When I finally turned around and pulled my pants up there still were a few guys in the theater and they were all looking at me. I felt so shameful and so nasty I hurried out of there with cum literally dripping out of me.

I can't wait to do that again!