Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Park Whore in Fuck-Me Jeans

So at this point, it's safe to say I'm a Park Whore. I lubed up my hole with lube and some of my own cum I've been saving up, put on my fuck-me jeans which are jeans with the ass cut out, and went to the park to cruise for cocks.

As I was getting out of my car, I apparently caught the attention of an older horny guy who followed me back into the trails. I went into the brush a bit and he followed me, so i stopped and he walked up to me and immediately put his hands on my exposed ass and began to slide his fingers into me.

"Mmmm nice, slut. I followed you when I saw you get out of your car."
"Glad you did", I said, as I grabbed his cock.

I guess the area was too exposed for him so we went to another, more secluded area of the park. We got there and he immediately turned me around and began probing my ass with his fingers. I just grabbed the tree infront of me and bent over. I heard him unzip as he pressed more and more fingers into me until he was at four. I LOVE getting my hole stretched and it felt really good. His fingers left me and he quickly replaced his fingers with his hard dick. At first I was a little surprised that there was no talk of condoms, then reality hit me. I'm walking around a gay cruising area with the ass of my pants cut out and my hole is dripping cum and lube. I guess it was obvious what I'm all about. How many guys walk around public areas with their cum dripping asshole exposed and don't expect guys to just shove their raw cocks inside them? Exactly. I bent over the tree and closed my eyes as this old stranger began to pump away at my butt. Totally enjoying my hole for his pleasure. He didn't last long, maybe a minute, until he blurted out, "oh my god, i'm going to cum!". I reached back with one hand, grabbed his leg, and pulled him closer to me. "Fuck yeah dude, breed me!", I insisted. He did just what I asked, he filled my hole with sperm! He pulled out, zipped up, and disappeared back down the trail.

About 5 minutes later another hot daddy type passed by me. I turned around and flashed him my hole and he walked about ten feet past me and stopped. That's my cue. I walked up to him and said "Hi", then grabbed my crotch. He walked toward me, taking his cock out, and his fingers immediately went to my ass. Feeling the warm mess that was my ass he immediately moaned. That always makes me so horny when I'm shopping my ass around and a guy sticks his fingers in me and realizes that my hole is full of sperm and given the location, it's a pretty safe bet that my hole was filled with sperm from a stranger just a short while ago. It also usually weeds out the vanilla guys. I need a nasty fucker that's not opposed to mixing his dna with that of countless strangers before him. Anyway, it progressed as you would imagine, I sucked him for a short period then he pulled me up off of my knees and turned me around. I know what to do. I bent over, spread my cheek with one hand, grabbed his cock with my other, and guided my new stranger into me. He didn't waste time and began just slamming his cock into me as he held my hips. The noises were incredible as he piston-fucked my freshly fucked ass, sloshing and just making nasty sounds as he used the last guy's cum for lube. He fucked for about a minute also, then without a word, just came inside me. He held me there, in place, as he emptied the last bit of his ball juice deep inside me. When he pulled his dick out, cum spilled out of my ass and I heard it drop on the leaves below me. It was fucking hot. He also disappeared into the brush.

I decided to go back to the little cove where the first guy fucked me and just bend over a branch and wait. I wasn't there more than 6 minutes until I heard the crinkling of leaves and breaking of sticks behind me. There was someone coming, but who? I decided to not even look back. Instead, I spread m ass WIDE open, showing my cum drenched hole to some stranger walking up behind me that I didn't even look at! Fuck yeah, just submitting my hole to the public like a total cumdump!

"fuck yeah, boy.. ow many loads you have in there?", the stranger asked.
Without even turning around to see the guy, I responded, "Three including my own, but I need more.".

I heard the guy's belt unbuckling as his hands continued to explore my hole and my body. I know what's cumming next. :) As this guy was fucking me, I could hear another guy approaching. As my guy was fucking my raw ass, I felt another set of hands all over me. The guy didn't say a word, just played with my body as I let a stranger fuck me. I never looked back and the first guy unloaded into me and the next guy took his place and did the exact same thing! Only here's the best part, as the second guy was fucking my hole, he broke his silence and said, "Oh wow, I've fucked this hole before, I never forget a hole.". I still didn't look back. What's the point, I wouldn't recognize him anyway. So I guess now I'm the Park Whore, giving repeat breedings to strange men in the bushes.

Today I pleased 4 strangers. I let 4 totally anonymous men fuck my ass bareback, without a rubber, and cum inside me. Two of the guys I never even saw! I love being a "sure thing" for men. There's no questions, no games. I provide a warm, smooth, lubed up hole for men to fuck and deposit their loads inside. It's such an honor to me that they want to put their cum inside me. I'm such a desperate, willing hole and when a man let's me have his sperm, it's the ultimate turn on. I love that I'm so exposed, out in the open, and that strange men just walk right up to me, don't ever ask any questions, and just breed my ass. What a fucking fag I am, bent over in a public park, milking sperm out of cocks.

Now I'm sitting at my computer, ass hole leaking fresh sperm and what am I doing? I'm advertising my cum-fucked hole all over the internet, giving my address out to complete strangers over the internet and just waiting for more men to come over and breed me. I can never get enough sperm.