Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Anonymous Daddy Load

Yesterday I placed an ad looking for a big-dicked old guy to plow my ass and deposit his cum deep in my ass. In less than 30minutes I found myself naked on the floor of some stranger's living room, deepthroating his cock. He had a nice cock, about 7" long, uncut, that just slid down my hungry throat.

He was aggressive, which I love, and he ordered me to the middle of the living room, turned me on my back and began face fucking me, calling me names, making me gag and drool all over myself and his fat cock. This old guy really knew how to use a boy slut like me. He knew I was only there to service his cock and bring pleasure to him. He could use me any way he wanted, and he did.

After fucking my throat, he told me he was ready to fuck my ass. "Fuck yeah", I replied, rubbing my aching butthole like a pussy in heat. I turned around ion all fours, arched my back, and pushed my waiting hole into the air. He put some lube on his cock, and some on my hole and began to fingerfuck some lube into me while stroking his cock.

"ready for this cock, boy?"

"yes, daddy!" I squealed.

He grabbed my hips and pushed his cock slowly into my boy pussy. He slowly pushed the entire length of his cock into me, and sat there for a minute as I adjusted to having a dick inside me. Once I was comfortable, i began to push back and forth on his cock. He took the cue and began pounding my hole. He fucked me hard and fast, never even slowing down until he came. He piston fucked my asshole and I could do nothing but moan like some bitch in heat. The pleasure was intense and I reached back to spread my cheeks allowing this stranger to fuck me even deeper.

"I'm going to cum...", he exclaimed.

My cock immediately got hard as a rock with the anticipation of this guy shooting his load into me,

"Oh yeah, fuck me... fill me up, Daddy..." I cooed.

He grabbed my hips again and began violently slamming his cock in and out of me, he tensed up, let out a moan, and filled my ass with his cum. He kept his cock in me, emptying every last drop of cum inside me. He pulled his cock out to admire his handy work, and then pushed it back into me. He did this a few times until his cock went soft. I reached back, scooped some cum out of my asshole and licked it up, moaning like a whore. Ilove showing off for Daddy. I love showing Daddy how much I love cum and cock. I love letting my Daddy know what a dumb slut I am.

I thanked him for his load, got dressed, and left.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stranger Helping Me Take Loads Up My Butt!

Went to the bookstore last night, horny as usual and looking for loads. My ass was cleaned and lubed up and I had a pocket full of dollar bills ready for some cock. Notice I don't even bother bringing condoms anymore? I used to bring them, and of course, never use them, now I don't even bother. I enter the arcade area and head straight for the gloryhole booths. I was pleasantly surprised to see the place packed with horny guys standing around sizing each other up. I always make sure to make eye contact with as many of them as possible to let them know I'm interested.

I entered my favorite booth, put some money in, and took my pants down. Before I could even finish putting a little more lube up my butt a big, uncut mexican cock came through the hole. Yum, I LOVE uncut cocks and this one was big. About 7" long but very thick. I sucked him for a little bit, getting his cock nice and wet and slobbery, then I couldn't take it anymore, my asshole was aching with lust and it needed to get filled.

I can't quite explain it, but when I see a nice cock, I can't think about anything else except taking it up my butt, I lose all sense of reality and can't wait to feel that cock sliding inside me. I feel like it's my prize. I need to honor that cock and the best way I can is to take it raw up my butt. There is no greater honor I can give a guy and his cock then just turning around and offering my boy pussy for him. No talking, no condoms, shit, I usually don't even see the guys, or care, it's their cock and big load I'm after. Call me shallow, I don't care, I'm busy taking loads!

The Mexican guy didn't need anymore encouragement, and took his cock and shoved it inside me. It slid in with ease, and that's good because he didn't even take his time or go slow, he literally pushed his whole cock inside me with one push. I moaned a bit and repositioned myself, putting my hands against the wall for support as my Mexican guy proceeded to thrust his cock in and out of my ass. He just kept fucking me through the hole with nice, long strokes pulling the entire length of his cock out of my ass, then shoving it back in. Each time he pulled out, my ass let out a little burping sound and I'm sure everyone in the hallways could hear me squealing and moaning.

"ohh yeah dude, fuck me.... fuck my raw ass... fuck yeah!", I moaned.

I was so turned on, I just reached over and un-latched the door to my booth, causing the door to open a little bit. I wanted everyone in that bookstore to know what a cumdump I am. I wanted all those guys to see me bent over in a dark porno booth, naked from the waist down, my smooth ass pushed up against a cum crusted hole in the wall, just taking cock and letting any guy deposit his sperm deep inside my butt. A few guys walked by, opened the door and watched for a bit, then this trucker / daddy type opened the door and saw what was going on and immediately entered my booth with me locking the door behind him. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his thick daddy meat. "Fuck yeah, slut, take that load!", he ordered. I pushed back even harder, taking every inch of my anonymous friend's cock. The Mexican guy began thrusting as fast as he could and said, "I'm going to cum....". Right when he said that, my daddy visitor shoved his cock into my mouth and the Mexican guy fucking me exploded in my ass emptying his balls deep inside my raw cum hole as my daddy furiously fucked my mouth.


After my Mexican deposited his load, he left the booth and I reached back to admire his handy work, shoving three fingers into my gaping hole I scooped out a little cum and ate it. This drove my daddy nuts. I went to turn around, to offer my hole to my daddy visitor, but he stopped me and said, "No, boy, stay like this and let's get you some more loads!". "Wow", I thought, just what I've always wanted. So I kept myself bent over, hole dripping with man sperm, pointed toward the gloryhole and waited. I didn't wait long before my daddy friend said "we've got another one!". I smiled, reached back and spread my hole. My daddy friend began sucking the guy's cock getting him ready, and then guided his cock into my waiting hole. Daddy pushed me back slowly as he held the guy's cock. I was in heat! The new guy pumped his cock in and out of my hole as my daddy held my butt cheeks open with his hands, sometimes pulling me off of the stranger's cock, then slamming me back down onto it. After a few minutes the guy shot him cum deep inside me and pulled out with a groan. When he pulled his cock out it made a "plop" sound, which really turned me on.


This scene played out for another 30 minutes or so and my daddy helped me take two more raw cocks up my hole and 2 more juicy loads of baby batter. Word must have gotten around because it seemed like every 30 seconds or so someone would try to enter my locked booth. They all wanted a piece of this cumdump and wanted to shoot their loads inside me.


By this time my daddy was hard as a rock and kept telling me what a "good cumdump" i was. "My turn", he said as he turned me around and pushed his dick in me. He slid his cock in and out of my sloppy hole calling me every name in the book. With each thrust I could hear the cum from the last 4 guys sloshing around and making my ass sound so hot. He kept calling me names and I could feel cum dripping down my legs as my daddy pounded my ass from behind. I looked over to the hole and saw some horny fag watching me get violated as he furiously stroked his cock. The booth was small and I couldn't keep my daddy dick inside me and suck the stranger's cock at the same time, or I would have. My daddy fucked for about another minute then grabbed my hips tight and thrust his whole body into me as he began filling my sloppy boy pussy with his seed. "Fuck yeah, breed me..." i whispered as I pushed back into him. He kept his cock inside me until he went soft, then pulled it out, spun me around and made me clean it off. He thanked me, and left the booth. I was in piggy heaven!


I was tired and my hole was sore, plus my legs were a little tired so I decided to call it a night. I put my pants back on and left. What a day! Thanks to all the hard cocks who filled me up and deposited their anonymous sperm in me!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Once You go Bareback...

... You NEVER go Back!!

The first time I pushed my ass up against a gloryhole and took anonymous cum up my hole I realized, once you go bareback, you never go back!

It is hard to describe the feeling I get as I stand up, turn around, and present my ass to whomever is on the other side of the gloryhole. I feel totally out of control, my only thought is getting my mystery cock to shoot cum inside me. I guess you can say I'm addicted to cum. I used to love swallowing loads. On any given day I would service 5-10 cocks, swallowing every load that came my way, but now, swallowing the load is not enough. I need to have it dripping out of my hole.

I am a cum dump. A place where men can come and unload their ball juice. There is no greater compliment I can give a man than turning around and surrendering my boy hole to his cock to use and abuse anyway he sees fit. The feeling of danger and recklessness overtakes me. I usually have a pocket full of condoms, but I never use them. I don't want to ruin the moment. A real slut doesn't use condoms. A real slut has multiple loads of cum dripping out of him while he's desperately trying to get more. A real slut lives for cum. I am a real slut.

I have noticed there is no shortage of guys who will willingly bareback my pussy through the gloryhole. I usually suck their dicks until they are really hard, then I just turn around and wait to be filled. I thought more guys would refuse, or ask for a condom. On average 9 out of 10 guys will shove their cocks in me bare. I never ask or negotiate, I just present my sloppy hole and wait to see what happens.

Sometimes I go into a booth, drop a $20 in, bend over and spread my hole waiting for whoever wants to enter the next stall and dump a load up my butt. The more the merrier. I get so turned on taking raw cock I usually cum, without even touching myself, a minute after the first cock of the night enters me. Normally I would be spent, but it just makes me hungrier. It's like the first load just makes me crave more and more jizz up my chute. After my first load, I don't clean up, I usually don't even move, I keep my ass pressed up against the hole for the next guy to use. The best part is the slick and sticky feeling in my hole. It feels so sloppy with loads in it.

I always wonder what the guys think when they wander into a dark video booth and see my dripping cumhole just pressed up against the gloryhole, begging to be fucked and filled. They must think I am the biggest fuck whore on the planet. What do they think when they are sliding their hard cocks up my ass and notice it's already filled up with cum? They obviously like it. I wonder what they think when they dump their loads up inside me? What a disgusting pig I must be to not even care who's fucking me.

The truth is, I don't care who fucks me. I will let anyone fuck me as long as they cum inside me. All I care about is getting that load.

I can't even imagine getting fucked with condoms anymore. What's the point?