Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Public Toilet Cumdump

Today I went to a public toilet in a park near my house. I have cruised the spot before but have never got any action, until today. The men's bathroom has one stall with no door and a urinal. I sat down in the stall, pulled my pants down around my ankles, got my cock hard and just waited.

About 15minutes later I heard some footsteps. My cock twitched with anticipation as the steps got closer. Still sitting with my legs spread apart and my cock hard, a guy entered the bathroom and turned the corner. Now when you enter the bathroom and turn toward the urinal you get a clear view right into the stall where I was waiting. It was an older bear type, goatee, shaved head, dressed up for work. He paused when he saw me and I responded by stroking my cock. He went to the urinal for a minute and returned with his uncut cock hanging out of his pants!

I motioned for him to come closer and he grabbed his cock and just shoved it into my mouth. I sucked his fat uncut cock for only about a minute until he rewarded me with a hot blast of cum in my mouth. he zipped up and left. I jerked my cock until I came, zipped up, and went home.

Nice to serve as a public cumdump.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Adult Theater Cumslut

Yesterday I was hungry for lots of cock up my ass. Usually house calls are not as satisfying to me because there is only one cock and after he cums, I am left there wanting more cock. The only places I can feed my hunger for cock and loads is at the gloryhole or in an adult theater. I like the quick "pump-n-dump" aspect of a gloryhole, but I love the theater because it allows me to get real nasty in front of a bunch of guys. Nothing I like more than a bunch of horny guys standing around watching me service cock, waiting their turn. Or, often at the theater it ends up being a bunch of guys all using me at the same time.

So I cleaned my hole out, lubed up, and headed out. I got to the theater around noon and for the next 4 hours I surrendered my holes every guy who wanted to fuck and pound my ass or just dump a load down my throat. By the time I was finished I had such a sloppy butthole any guy's cock would have slid in effortlessly with one push, and many did!

I started out by taking a seat on the "L" shaped couch there, lubed my hole a little bit, pulling my legs back showing the guys in the theater my sweet boy pussy. I was basically advertising my hole. First guy who took the bait, an older guy with a big cock took a seat next to me stroking his cock. I immediately took him into my mouth working and deepthroating his monster cock with ease. I had my ass arched and was fingering it, trying to cue my new friend that my hole was in need of filling. He took the hint and began finger fucking my hole. I made sure to get his cock real wet and sloppy and I just laid back, pulled my legs back to my chest, exposing my butthole, looked at the guy and said "fuck me". He didn't waste any time, he mounted me, grabbed his raw cock with one hand and guided it into my waiting hole. It slid in with ease. He didn't even ask for a condom, nor did I care. So nice guys just willing to slide it inside me, no questions asked. Just looking for a warm place to dump a load. He pumped his raw cock in and out with a nice rhythm. I began groaning and moaning, holding my legs back, trying to consume every inch of my top fucker's cock. I began to clench my hole on his cock every time he went deep. Well that was all it took. He picked up the pace and began fucking the shit out of my hole, then announced, "oooohh yeah, take my load!" as he shoved it in as deep as he could and just held me there unloading is man cum deep inside my slutty fuck hole. I couldn't do anything, I just laid there, pinned down with some stranger unloading his sperm deep into my belly as a room full of horny fags watched on.


I'm just getting started! My top fucker left the theater and I noticed a chubby latino kid stroking his thick cock and looking over at me. Well, kid, what are you waiting for. I pulled my legs back again, on the edge of the couch, reached down and spread my horny ass open for the kid to get a good look. I began shoving my fingers in and out of my hole making sloppy squishing noises every time I slid them in and out. The latino kid must have liked that because he got up with his cock out and sat next to me. I, of course, took his cock deep down my throat and worked it over real well making sure to worship his balls and his foreskin. After sucking him for a few minutes I pulled off his cock, leaned my ass over the end of the couch cushion, pulled my legs back and again said "fuck me". He wasted no time, got up, mounted me, and shoved his fat cock inside me all the way to the balls with one thrust. My chubby latino fucker then proceeded to pound me for what seemed like 20 minutes. Slamming his cock in an out of my hole as deep as he could with every stroke. Each time he would pound down into me I grunted like an animal. It felt so good this guy's warm cock just invading my body. He didn't care who I was, where I was from, what I looked like. All he knew was I had a butthole that was there for his sperm and that's all that mattered. I was having a great time and got very vocal and loud telling him to "pound my fucking ass", "breed my fucking hole man", "oh god I love cock", and a variety of other kinky, slutty things. I didn't care that there were a room full of guys watching, in fact, that turned me on even more! Finally he reached down, grabbed my legs, and shoved down with the full weight of his body and said, "oh god I'm gonna cum...". "Fill me up, dude!" I responded as he started to shake and dumped his load in me.


Next a M/F came in to play. She was chunky, but a total slut, and I respect that! I ended up on the floor eating out her pussy with my bare ass and swollen hole exposed to everyone who wanted to look. They only stayed a bit and a taller, lanky white guy with a big cock sat right next to me gently stroking his rod. I wasted no time. I lubed my ass a bit more and went down on his cock with the sole intention of having him inside me. I slobbed up his cock for a bit and presented my hole. He obviously approved, slid beside me on the couch and pressed his cock against my hole. I pushed back on it, gobbling up the entire length of his cock with my hungry ass. We fucked hard and fast. I bucked back against his cock, taking it as deep as possible while the entire room looked on. I could hear his cock sliding in and out of my bare ass because it was so sloppy it was making these squishing noises. What a turn on just laying here taking cock!


With 3 loads up my hole I was in heat and just needed more cock, no matter what. There were some older guys in the back of the theater that hadn't fucked me yet, I figured I owed it to them. I went to the back where they were and leaned over a couch that was in front of them. I pushed my head into the back of the couch, reached back with both hands and spread my sloppy fuckhole. They didn't need anymore encouragement, and they both took turns fucking my bare hole and depositing their sperm up my hungry butt.


I had literally serviced everyone in the theater so I pulled up my pants and went out to the gloryholes. Things started out quickly and the first booth I entered the guy fucked my hole. I took 3 more loads of cum up my butt from 3 more guys. I have no clue who they were, what they looked like or anything. All I know is they used my ass like a pussy dump and left their jizz deep up inside my hole. All they knew was a dirty cum dumpster was on the other end and letting everyone cum inside him.


My hole was so sloppy and sore after taking 8 loads of sperm and getting fucked by 8 nice cocks I was ready to go home. I went home and pushed out the loads while spreading my hole open in front of a mirror. I watched the loads squirt out of my hole then used the dirty cum as lube to stroke my own cock. I came hard and went to bed, ass still sloppy with loads!


Friday, December 08, 2006

Sucked Fat Cock @ the Gloryhole

Stopped by my neighborhood gloryhole on my way home from work today looking for some cock. I found it! I ended up sucking off three different guys and getting rewarded with three hot, sticky loads of cum down my throat! Thanks, guys!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Gloryhole Cumdumpster

Since the holidays are here, I decided I should give thanks to hard cocks and big cumloads. I showed up at one of my favorite gloryhole spots with a pocket of dollar bills and a bottle of lube. This gloryhole spot has much larger holes, easily allowing good assfucking.

I took the corner booth, making sure the hole was nice and big, put on some porn, got naked, lubed my asshole, and waited for cock.

I didn't have to wait long, about 30 seconds after I lubed my hole I heard the booth door next to me close and latch. I didn't even see the guy, just his hard cock poking through the hole. I sucked his rod for a few minutes, getting it nice and hard, then turned around to present my ass. He took no time shoving his cock into my asshole. It was warm and felt so good. I pressed my hole as hard as I could against the hole, trying to get every inch of his cock. He pumped my ass for a few minutes and then shot his load deep into my hole.


He left as quick as he came in, and no more than 20 seconds later I felt another cock pressing up against my cum filled hole. He entered me with no problem and fucked the shit out of me. His cock was much bigger than the first and even with a load of cum inside me I felt him stretching me open. He pumped my ass for a few minutes and blew another load up my butt.


He left, and cock #3 took his place, barely missing a beat. He only lasted about a minute before dropping his seed deep inside me. So fucking hot just bending over taking loads from anyone who needs an ass to cum in. It's kind of like my job to drain cocks. To provide a warm, moist hole that guys can stick their cocks in and just dump a load. A guy has got to cum, why not let him cum up my hole?


This scenario played itself out for about another 30 minutes and I took another 4 loads up my chute, making it SEVEN LOADS UP MY ASS! I


I couldn't believe it, it was like guys were lined up outside my booth waiting their turn, and when I finally left, I found out that was true. Some guys in the hallway were talking about the "total cum slut in the corner booth". I was becoming known for my ass! I love servicing cocks. I love bending over, pressing my ass against a hole and just letting any guy who needs to drop a load, cum up my butt. I'm not one of these picky whores, I don't care what you look like, as long as your cock is hard and you can cum. I love the more guys who cum in me, the easier it is for the next cock to fuck my ass and cum deep inside me. The more loads I take during a day, the better I can serve the next guy who needs to get off.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Parkinglot Cocksucker

The Parkinglot Cocksucker is at it again!! This time I sucked two different guys in their cars. I placed an ad titled "PARKINGLOT COCKSUCKER" and got quite a bit of response. I took two loads today, one from an 8" latin cock, and another thick dick from an older white guy.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Both Holes Filled @ the Gloryhole!

Wow, I just got back from a wild time at the gloryhole! When I arrived, I took the center booth which has a gloryhole on each side. I usually like to take this booth for a few reasons. The obvious is more chance for cock. I also enjoy other guys watching me suck cock or get cocks shoved up my ass. To my left was a guy jerking a big black or latin cock, it was dark and hard to see at first. Doesn't matter anyway, cock is cock. I motioned for him to stick his cock through the hole and greeted it with my open mouth. I sucked his cock like a bitch in heat for a few minutes until he unloaded down my throat. First load of the day, yum!


After swallowing my first load, I turned to the hole to my right to see if anyone was watching. As I expected, another horny guy was watching me the whole time. I motioned for him to stick his cock into the hole and noticed he had a real big dick. At least 8" long and very thick. It hung nicely and I could tell he had a cock ring on. I love it when I see a cock ring, it usually means the guy knows what to do with his meat. He presented his cock to me and I went to town on it. I could taste that he had some grease lube on his cock, which immediately turned me on. This guy was here to fuck. I worshiped his cock for a few minutes, turning my body so the new guy to my left could see my cocksucking skills. His cock was hard as a rock and HUGE. I didn't even think twice, I quickly stood up, dropped my jeans, reached back and spread my hole pushing it against the gloryhole. As I present my willing fuck hole to the stranger to my right I now have a straight-on view of the hole to my left and can see a guy watching me. He's talking to me through the hole telling me what a dirty slut I am. Right as he said that, I could feel the tip of a cock being pushed into my asshole. I arched my back, closed my eyes for a minute and let out a moan as he pushed the length of his cock into my guts. I was so turned on I leaned forward to the hole on my left and motioned for the guy to put his cock in the hole. Here I was in some adult bookstore, pants around my ankles, ass pressed up against one hole taking some anonymous bareback cock up my ass, leaning forward taking another cock down my throat. I was in pure heaven. What a whore I have become.

Both fuckers began fucking my holes faster and faster, the guy I was sucking came first, blasting a hot load down my throat, not more than 15 seconds later I heard the guy in the right booth let out a groan and he shoved the entire length of his cock out and back into me. I could feel him spasming as he shot his cum deep into my bookstore pussy.


We must have gotten the attention of other cruisers because after my cock ring buddy pulled his rod out of my gaping hole, three more guys took his place, one after another, each one filling my man pussy with their sweet jizz.


Today was a good day, 4 loads up my ass and two down my throat, 6 total in less than an hour!


Monday, October 30, 2006

My First RAW Black Cock!!

Today I did something I have always dreamed of, take a big black cock up my ass totally bareback!! God what a rush!

I started the day off at my favorite adult book store with a cleaned out ass, hungry mouth, and a bottle of lube. I started the day off by heading to the theater. Things were slow at first, but things took off pretty fast once they realized there was a hungry cumslut (me) looking for cock. I took my place on one of the couches, pulled my pants down enough to expose my hungry boy pussy, lubed up, and just waited for my first cock.

A hot latino guy took a seat next to me and began stroking his fat, uncut cock. I wasted no time, I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him for all I was worth making sure to make lots of nasty noise so the other guys knew I meant business. About 5 minutes into it he blew his load down my throat and I sucked it down like a greedy whore, as usual.


No sooner did I finish savoring his load when another guy took his place, this time standing in front of me and began fucking my mouth fast and rough. I couldn't do a thing but sit there and let this stranger assault my mouth with his rock hard cock. He only lasted a few minutes before rewarding me with a big load of his cum. I swallowed most of it, but spit some into my hand and worked the rest into my asshole to make sure my hole was slicked up and ready for cock. No better lube than a man's cum up your hole.


I've had two loads now and hungrier than ever. The more cum I get, the bigger whore I become. I can never get enough! I decided to cruise out of the theater and into the booths to get some gloryhole cock, my favorite. I took a position in one of the corner booths with a big gloryhole on one side. My heart began to race as the door to the booth next to me opened and in walked a big black guy. Now those that have been reading my slutty tales know that I love nothing more than a big, fat, uncut, black cock, and that's just what this guy had!

I immediately signaled for him to put his cock in the hole and he obliged with no hesitation. He pulled down his sweat pants to reveal a thick, uncut black cock. My mouth began to water and my asshole pucker as he guided his dick toward the hole. His cock was soft, but even soft was bigger than most white cocks I've had, and believe me, I've had a lot of white cock. Without any hesitation, I pulled my pants down to my ankles and pressed my waiting mouth against the hole to accept his massive black cock, just like a white cock whore should do. When his cock entered my mouth I was in heaven. His big, fat cock tasted like velvet as it slid effortlessly into my hungry throat. I played with his foreskin for a bit, teasing his cockhead with my tongue as his cock grew in my mouth. It grew and grew and kept growing until it completely filled my open mouth and throat. Straining to take it all, I continued sucking his meat until it was as hard as a rock.

Lust took over me and I took his cock into my hand, turned around and just pressed my butthole against the head of his black shaft. Holding his cock I pushed back against it and felt the tip slip into my hole. I guess that took him by surprise because he pulled his cock back from the gloryhole and out of my ass. "Damnit!", I thought, "he doesn't want to fuck!". Well, not being one to take "no" for an answer, especially big uncut black cock, I reached back with both hands, spread my hole wide open and pressed my ass against the hole, begging for some stranger to shove his raw cock inside my hungry man pussy. It worked! I felt the tip of his monster cock pressing against my hole again, god it felt good. I closed my eyes and greedily pressed my ass as hard as I could against the hole, desperately trying to speed up the process of his black cock invading my white pussy. I began to feel his cock inside me. It was so big it hurt a little bit, but only for a split second before I reminded myself I was bent over in an adult book store with my lubed asshole pressed against a hole in the wall letting some anonomous black guy shove his raw cock inside me and in a few minutes my man pussy would be dripping with black stranger cum! I can't believe what a slut I have become!

The guy pumped and fucked his cock in and out of my ass, making sure to push it all the way in and all the way out. I could feel the veins of his shaft as his cock slid in and out. I was truly in pig heaven. All I wanted was his cum up my butt. I bucked and squeeled "yeah, fuck that ass... dump your load in me!" as the stranger continued to fuck my hole. After about 5 minutes of fucking my ass he let out a groan and shoved it deep inside me, holding it there as he unloaded his cum deep inside my guts. After dumping his load he kept his cock inside me as I milked it with my ass muscles trying to get every last drop of his precious black cum inside me. He pulled his cock out quickly and it made a pop-slosh noise as his cock pulled out of my ass. I could feel cum dripping out of my gaping hole as he exited my butt. What a rush!


I was in fucking heat now and never wanted to stop, so I left my cummy asshole pressed against the gloryhole for the next guy to use as he pleased. No sooner did my big dicked black breeder leave the stall, another anonomous cock was shoved up inside me. I have no idea who the 2nd guy was, what he looked like, or anything. I do know he had absolutely no problem getting his entire cock inside me with one push. He pumped his cock in and out of me using the black guy's cum as lube. He did not last long inside me before he started moaning too. A few seconds later he shot his load in me, pulled out and left.


I was spent and my asshole was dripping cum that had been deposited inside me by two different anonomous cocks. I was spent and went home.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Housecall Cocksucker

Placed an ad on a local dating site entitled "FEED ME YOUR LOAD". Within 30 minutes I had my face burried in some stranger's crotch sucking on a fat 7" cock. I was rewarded with a big load I slurped down slowly making sure I could taste every drop! I thanked my new friend and left.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sucking Stranger Cum

I placed an ad on a local hookup site and went to this guy's house, licked his balls, sucked his fat cock and got rewarded with a 3 day load! Yum!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Long time no post - STILL TAKING LOADS!!!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been extremely busy and have only had time to work and take loads, but no time to post. Sorry about the delay, and thanks for the nice emails I have received.

I haven't posted, but rest assure I am still getting filled up with cum! I've been taking more and more loads up my pussy-butt at the gloryhole, which is definately my favorite way to take loads now!

The other day I cleaned my hole and headed to my favorite bookstore for some hot cum. When I got there, I went into a booth, greased my hole, took my pants off, bent over, spread my hole, and pushed it up against the hole! No one was in the booth next to me, yet, but I wanted the guy to just walk in and see nothing by my waiting butthole, begging to be filled with cock and man seed!

It didn't take long for my first "customer" to enter the booth. I heard the door open, the lock and heard him put bills into the machine. "Fuck yeah", I thought to myself, first fuck of the day. It didn't take long until I felt his warm, hard cock pressing against my hole, teasing it a bit. I pushed back even harder against the hole, trying to force his cock into me as I reached back with both hands and spread my cheeks even farther apart trying to expose even more of my slut hole. I was in heat! With one slow stab he shoved his entire cock into my waiting boy-hole. Holy shit it felt good and he didn't have any problem shoving the whole thing into me. I have no idea how big it was, how old he was, if he was black, white, hispanic, cut, uncut, all I knew was I was naked in some seedy adult bookstore, bent over, taking some guy's cock up my asshole!

He pumped his cock in and out of me for a few minutes, increasing in speed as time went on. After a few minutes passed I heard him groan loudly and he began piston-fucking my hole, then suddenly he stopped, moaned "oh fuck yeah", shoved the entire length of his cock inside me and began to spasm. I could feel his hot spunk shooting inside my butthole as he unloaded what seemed like a quart of cum inside me. He stayed inside me for a few seconds and pulled out with a "plop" sound as his raw, spent cock popped out of my hungry man-pussy.

I didn't move, I stayed in position, cum-fucked asshole still pressed against the hole and heard him leave. I never saw him or his cock. I was spinning with excitement, I had been fucked through the gloryholes before, but never like this. This was true anonomous breeding and I was in cumpig heaven! I was no where done. I had gone this far, there was no turning back now! All I could do was think about the next guy who comes into the booth, what will he think when he sees nothing but my boy-cunt still pressed against the hole? Will he be disgusted and leave? Will he fuck me too and deposit his load inside me? Just as I was thinking that, the door opened, and closed. Was he in the booth? I didn't hear money go into the machine. Just as I had assumed he left, I felt something familiar, hard cock pressing against my hole!

He definately didn't need lube, my butt was now lubed with another man's cum and there's nothing better! "Customer" pumped my fag hole for only a few seconds until he unloaded his cum into me, zipped up and left.

I stayed like this for an hour! I took every single cock and cum that wanted to dump inside me. I didn't say "no" to ANYONE, nor did I ever see a single cock, I only felt them slide into me and fuck the shit out of me! I counted 8 cocks and I'm almost positive they all came inside me. I had cum dripping out of my swolen asshoole, all down my legs and I could see it puddling down on the floor by my feet! So fucking hot! My butthole was so used and abused I couldn't keep the cum inside nomatter how hard I tried. Eventually I stepped away, pulled my pants up, and walked out of the booth. There was no one left, thankfully, I didn't want to look anyone in the eye. I didn't want to know who just seeded me. I was there to provide a service. A place for guys to go to dump their loads. A place where guys can go and unload their nuts inside a willing cumdumpster! I am a cumdump now! For one hour straight I served as nothihg more than a hole for guys to deposit their loads. I'm hard as a rock now as I type this thinking about what must have gone through the guys minds when they entered the booth and found me like that. Not a care in the world except to milk their cocks into my asshole! What a fucking cumpdump I am. I can now truly say that and it feels good! I AM AN ANONOMOUS RECEPTICAL FOR MEN'S SPERM. I AM A FILTHY BOTTOM CUMSLUT!

When I got home I pushed all the remaining cum out of my asshole and jerked my cock with it. It didn't take long, no more than 20seconds and I shot my load. I went to sleep thinking about all those anonomous cocks that just came inside me. What a day!


Saturday, January 14, 2006

Sucking and Fucking at the Gloryhole!

Today I visited my favorite Gloryhole with a pocket full of single's and a bottle of lube!

I sucked 6 cocks and took all six up my ass. Guys were lining up outside the booths waiting to get a turn at my ass waiting to dump a load in my guts.

I let all six guys cum inside my boy pussy so that it got nice and sloppy. I walked out of there with cum dripping down my leg!


Friday, January 13, 2006

Sucked a big cock and got a big load!

Today I visited a new ABS. It was kind of dead there but I did manage to suck an older guy's fat, pierced cock. I sucked him for a few minutes, he blew his load in my mouth, and I left!