Thursday, October 08, 2009

Double-Stuffed Toilet Slut

I visited a very cruisy and active toilet today. I was there 10 minutes and got a load up my butt and a load down my throat at the same time. I took a middle stall with a guy on my left and a guy on my right. I motioned for the guy on my right to slide his cock under, which he did. I got down on my knees, facing his stall and bent over to take his cock in my mouth. As I bent forward to suck him, I was just in the right position where feet slid underneath the stall to my left my asshole was exposed to the guy on my left. I sucked the cock to my right as the dude to my left began fingering my asshole and spitting on it, lubing it up. My heart raced a bit, "was the guy to my left going to fuck me?". Sure enough, I felt him remove his fingers and replace them with the tip of his cock. Just as he pushed his head into me, someone came into the restrooms and the three of us jum;ed back up onto our toilet seats. After a minute the guy left and the three of us resumed our original positions with myself on the ground of a public restroom with a cock in my mouth, asshole ready for entry. My fucker wasted no time and slid his cock back into my ass as I continued sucking the guy to my right. I reached back to feel the cock in my ass, just as I had expected, NO CONDOM!

As I laid there, bent over, cocks in both ends of me, I looked underneath the door to my stall and noticed there was a full length mirror directly outside my door! I could see myself perfectly through the mirror! I couldn't stop looking at myself, admiring what a slutty whore I am. It was great! I could see the raw cock sliding in and out of my butt. I wish other people could have seen me like that, getting filled up at both ends like a total slut! The guy in my mouth came first, shooting a huge load into my mouth. I kept it in my mouth and swished it around for awhile, enjoying the fresh load, then swallowed it. The guy pulled up his shorts and left. I stayed in my positing until my fucker blew his load deep in my ass. He pulled out and left too. My meter was about to run out so I left also.

2 Loads at Once, 1 in the ASS 1 in the MOUTH!!

I was still horny so I went to a bookstore I visit every now and then and ended up spending the entire time with a Mexican papi with a giant uncut cock. I worshipped his cock with my mouth for at least 25minutes. He was so hot, pulling his cock out of my mouth and literally beating my face with it, calling me names in his broken english. He reached back behind me as I was sitting down sucking him and I could tell he was going for my ass. I love that. I pushed myself forward and allowed his hands to go into the back of my pants, allowing his fingers to find my hole. He pressed his fingers into my ass, then pulled them out and just grinned at me. He obviously felt the load in me. He started taking off my belt and trying to undo my pants, so i stood up, pulled my pants down, turned around, and spread my ass cheeks open exposing my hole. He didn't say a word, just upushed his big man cock inside me. It went in effortlessly, since my hole was pre-lubed with the guy's cum from the toilets. He fucked my ass hard and fast for what seemed like another 20minutes until he said, "Here it comes..." and with that he started pumping faster then slammed his entire cock into me and began spasming as he filled my ass with his cum. He pulled out of me and I spun around and sucked his cock clean tasting my own ass mixed with two loads of anonymous cum. It tasted so good. He smiled, said "You're cute", and left.

I was spent so I went home.

1 more load up my ass!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Latest Gloryhole Visit

Hey guys just a quick update. I just returned from the gloryhole where I sucked 5 cocks but only got 3 loads of cum. Of course I didn't see anything but their hot cocks. I still have the smell of cum on my breath. Yum!

Swallowed 3 Loads!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Favorite Gloryhole Open Again!

Today I visited two gloryholes. I sucked 8 cocks today and swallowed 8 loads of sperm from totally anonymous men. I got 5 loads at my usual spot and decided to check on the other place just down the street, the real filthy "pool". Glad I did. I got another 3 loads over there. The gloryholes at the dirtier place have been closed for awhile, but i stop in from time to time to see if they're opened up or not. Today the complete row was opened back up again. This place has like 6 booths in a row, all with gloryholes and there's always hot action. This place is very dark, and very filthy. Guys here are always into fucking ass or fucking throat. I've had some real hot times here, like stripping fully nude, unlocking the door, bending over with my ass facing the door and let anyone who walked in fill my ass up with jizz. I am pretty sure the guy working there that day deposited a load in me, along with about 6 other men. I didn't deposit money, so guys would think the booth was vacant and just find me in a dark, dirty porn booth, bent over with cum dripping out of my ass. It was so fucking hot. I never looked back once and I never said a word. Anyway, I'm glad this place is back open, I love all the dirty cock this place has.

Swallowed 8 loads of anonymous cum!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking to make a BB GloryHole video

I'm looking for a guy (or girl) who wants to film me taking raw cocks at the gloryhole. You must have a video camera. Email me if interested. You must be in the Phoenix area or be willing to fly me to where you are.

Email me here:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 Bookstores, 10 Loads

I don't have much time but wanted to let you guys know that I visited two bookstores and swallowed 10 loads of cum from 10 different guys! My ass was a bit out of commission today, so I had to please men just with my mouth and throat. I've sucked thousands of cocks over the last 15 years and swallowed thousands of loads of sperm, mostly from anonymous dudes. Needless to say, I'm a professional cocksucker.

The first bookstore doesn't have gloryholes, just booths, but I just go in the booth, put on a movie and wait for cocks to come to me. One nice white guy came in and fed me his cock, then a tall black man and gave me a load also. I left to cruise the aisles and found a hot daddy with a cock and load for me. He shoved poppers up to my nose as he face fucked me.

3 anonymous bookstore loads!!

Next I was horned up and visited my regular spot. There were a lot of guys here. I endded up sucking off 7 more guys including 2 more black guys, one of which had a giant cock. I dreamed of sliding back onto it, in fact, I think I've had his raw dick inside me before, but that would have been a messy scene for everyone, so I stuck to just sucking. While sucking cocks I left my door unlocked the entire time and got to show off for a few guys, but unfortunately none of them came in and joined me in my booth, just watched me slut out on cock.

All in all I had a great time! I got to suck off 7 more men and take 7 more loads down my throat. I got to show off for horny guys while I pigged out. I only wish I got some loads up my butt, but there's always next time.

7 more anonymous bookstore loads!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New CL ad - Taking ALL Loads

Just posted this ad:

"Anonymous cumpdump here. I'm blindfolded, face down, ass up, with 3 loads already in me (from the gloryholes), looking for more. Door is unlocked, walk in, find me ready for breeding, unzip, dump your load in me, and leave. HIV- and MARRIED here. Addicted to loads. Send cock pic and HIV status for address. "

Stay tuned for results!

** UPDATE **

Unfortunately, I had to move the pump'n'dump from my house to the local gloryholes. I emailed all the guys that responded and explained to them the situation, here was the reply email I sent:

"Slight change of plans, I can no longer host so I will have my
ass pressed against the gloryhole at Pxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxxxxx in Mxxx.. as
you enter the arcade I'll either be in the far booth to the right or
to the left. I'll be there starting at 3pm till 7pm."

3 Loads up my ASS when I got there!!

I arrived at the gloryhole booths a little before three and there seemed to be a bit more cars there than usual. Were they here to dump loads in me? Who knows. Who cares.

I entered the arcade and went straight for the far booth to the right. The one on the right is usually a little darker, which I like. I entered the booth, dropped some money in, removed my pants and shirt, lubed my hole, and pressed my butt up against the hole. It didn't take long. I had a raw dick up my butt in less than three minutes. Lucky for me I already had 3 loads inside me! No clue who the guy was, what he looked like, nothing.... totally anonymous gloryhole breeding. He had a decent sized cock and opened me up good. Good thing, because I was here to get fucked by as many strange cocks as possible and take as many loads of stranger cum up my butt as possible. After a few minutes of fucking my ass he began moaning and I knew he was close. I grabbed both ass cheeks, spread them open, and pushed back as hard as I could trying to take every inch he had to give me, trying to take his load as deep inside my ass pussy as possible. I flung my head back and closed my eyes as he shot his load deep inside me. He pulled out and left, but I didn't move, still had my ass spread open pressed against the hole. I heard the door open and lock. I felt a few fingers inside me which were quickly replaced by an average cock. This guy only lasted maybe 30 seconds tops and he pulled out. I wasn't sure if he shot his load in me or not so I looked through the hole to see him wiping his cock off with tissue and putting it back into his pants. I guess he came in me. haha.

2 Loads up my Butt!!

The next guy that came in was a black guy. I actually had an email by a big-dicked black guy who responded to my ad, I wonder if this was him? Doesn't really matter, he'll get the chance to slide his raw cock inside me anyway. I love taking raw black cock and this stud's meat was huge and not even hard yet. Good thing my ass already had 2 loads in it. I sucked on his meat for a bit, savoring the velvety feeling his uncut cock had in my mouth. Yum. He pulled his cock away and put his face to the hole and said, "turn around slut, let me have that ass"! YES SIR! I spun around, grabbed his cock and guided it toward my hole. My sloppy ass slid back on it with ease and I pushed back taking his entire length inside me. Black cock makes me horny like nothing else and I was feeling really slutty and wanted everyone to know I had a raw black cock inside me, so I unlocked the door to my booth, opened the door, then I pushed the lock into the lock position so it would prop my door open. This way guys could definitely see that my door was unlocked. I wanted strange men to watch me take raw black cock up my ass. I love seeing a man's reaction when he realizes what a fucking slut I am. When he realizes he can do whatever he wants to me. When he realizes all I want is to add his load to the collection of anonymous sperm doners who have already deposited their hot, sticky loads up my sloppy butt.

My door opened slowly and I saw an old troll peek in, then quickly close the door. About 25 seconds later he opened it again and I smiled and motioned for him to come in. He was about 65yrs old, short, fat, gray hair, total troll. He smiled, nodded, came in, loced the door behind him and started stroking my cock and kissing my neck Meanwhile my big black cock was still pumping away through the hole. The troll turned his attention to my ass, grabbing both cheeks with his hands as he spread me open wide. I'm sure he wanted to know if I was barebacking or not. "Wow" he said, as he held my ass open watching the anonymous black man use me as his personal ass pussy. I was in pig fucking heaven and leaned over and again unlocked the door. I wanted more men to come in my booth, I wanted more men to watch me getting totally used by some stranger. I wanted men to witness what a worthless cumdump I really am. I want men to remember me as the hottest, sluttiest, dirtiest, most depraved cumslut they've ever had the pleasure of dumping their load in. The door opened again and a handsome guy just stood there, watching me, rubbing his crotch. The troll moved around in front of me and shoved his cock into my mouth. I kept my eyes on the stranger at my door, looking at him, watching him watch me slut out. I noticed there was a smaller hispanic kid behind him peeking in also. The black guy in my ass sped up and began slamming his cock into me. The troll, as I had his cock in my mouth, reached over me and spread my ass again and I pushed back as hard as I could and the black guy stopped thrusting as he was buried deep in me. "mmmmm" he moaned as he unloaded his balls into me. When he pulled out I immediately spun around, grabbed the trolls cock, and pushed back as I guided his old, nasty cock into my well fucked ass. I looked up and smiled at the guy standing in my door as I took the troll's cock deep into my raw man pussy. I was showing off for him. Showing him I was a no-limits cumdump. The troll didn't even last a minute. In fact, I think he came as I put his cock in me. He wrapped his arms around my stomach and just held me there as he rocked back and forth. He pulled out of my ass and a giant glop of cum dropped and hit the floor.

2 more loads up my butt!

The troll zipped up and left and the guy standing in my door just smirked and shook his head in disgust. I smiled at him, pinched both nipples, turned around so my ass was facing him reached back and spread my asshole open. I looked back over my shoulder and he again smirked and left. Damnit!! Was he so disgusted by the scene he just left? I looked over at the hole and could see another guy peering in. I motioned for him by placing my finger into the hole and I was greeted by a nice sized flacid cock. I love nursing a limp cock hard. He was uncut and felt great in my mouth. It didn't take long until his cock was fully hard. Wow! What a piece of meat. It was huge, hard as a rock, and very veiny. I've mentioned before that I have a cock addiction, and when I see a big man-cock like that I have to have it inside me. I quickly spun around, grabbed his cock and guided it into my ass. He just sat there so I knew he wanted me to do the work. I began bouncing back and forth on his cock, pinching both nipples as I slammed my butt back onto his big cock. Thank god I had so many loads in me and was just split open by that big black guy because this white man was large, but he felt so good in me. I opened my eyes as I was bouncing back and forth on my 5th mystery cock of the day and saw the same handsome voyeur standing in my door watching. I motioned for him to cum in and join me, which he did. He came in, locking the door behind him, and pulled out a huge piece of meat which curved to the right. I took his dick into my mouth as I bobbed on my gloryhole cock. I was in pig heaven. I had a mouth full of cock, an ass full of cum loads, and I was slowly working my mystery cock for load #5. His pace increased and the handsome guy in my booth pulled his cock out of my mouth and focused on the man's cock sliding in and out of my ass. The fucker started getting into it and was pumping my ass hard. He didn't make a sound, just pulled his cock out with a "*plop*". I looked through the hole to see a cum string dripping off the end of his cock. I could see his cock was frothy at the base and was covered in cum. I motioned for him to stick his cock back through and I cleaned him off.

Load #8 up my ASS!

This scene continued on for another two hours or so, the handsome guy in my booth keeping my company and guiding dicks into my ass. I took about 8 more loads up my ass, then he turned me around and just slammed the entire length of his cock balls deep. He got off a few quick strokes then came almost instantly. He pulled out his cum drenched cock and I cleaned it off for him. He slapped my ass and left.

9 more loads up my fuck hole!!

At this point I was exhausted and things seemed to have slowed down, so I pulled my pants up and left. As I walked out, every single guy was staring at me. Some smiling, others just staring. Mission accomplished!

17 anonymous bareback loads up my ass at the gloryholes!!

Addicted to Raw Loads

I think I am physically addicted to raw loads up my ass. It is all I think about. I have tried, on many occasions, to go to the gloryholes or the theater and just suck cock, but every time I end up with at least one raw dick in me, sometimes more. I used to only slide back on the really nice looking, big dicks, but now I find myself wanting every dick up my NEG ass. Once I get a few loads down my throat, something comes over me. I feel like I turn on auto-pilot and before I know it, I've got my pants around my ankles and my ass pressed up against the glory hole taking some stranger's raw cock up my butt, begging for him to dump his load deep inside me, begging him to lube my ass for the next guy that's going to fuck me raw. Often when I'm getting barebacked through the gloryhole, I'll unlock my door and hold it open a little so guys can see what I'm doing. I want guys to know I'm a bareback hole for anonymous cocks.

It's even worse when I'm in a theater and other guys are watching me. It's like I have something to prove. I want to show all the men that I'm the sluttiest cumdump around. I want to show men that I love taking raw, bareback loads up my hole and I that I don't care who fucks me. I want men to think of me as the dirtiest, sluttiest, horniest bareback cumslut in town. I want them to remember me next time they see me and know my raw hole is theirs for the taking. I love when I'm taking raw dicks when other guys come up and start talking dirty to me, calling me names like "cumdump" and "cumslut".

I can't say "No". When I'm sucking a man's cock, wherever I am, if he asks to fuck me, I feel compelled to accommodate him, condom-free. I owe it to him and owe him my ass. I've taken raw loads at gloryholes, in theaters, public restrooms on my back with my ass under the stall, cars, parks, blindfolded in a hotel ro0m, anywhere I can get a quick load. I can't stop taking loads, I have tried. It's impossible. The feeling I get when a stranger dumps his load deep inside my ass is indescribable. It's a high. Knowing that some strange man, who I usually never even see, has his bare cock up inside my butt and is using my hole as his own personal ass pussy to dump his load into is the sexiest thing I have ever encountered. Knowing that 6, 7, 10 men use my hole in a row, each other guy plunging into a sloppier and more cum filled hole is simply irresistible for me. Knowing that I might be considered the nastiest whore they've ever fucked is something I can't ever stop. I am addicted to having anonymous strangers empty their balls into my ass.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bent Over In the Back of a Porn Theater

I love the porn theater. It allows me to be a total slut and show off in front of anyone who's there. It gives me a chance to really show what a cock slut I am. This particular theater is frequented by a lot of dirty old trolls, which I love. I love getting down on my knees on the dirty floor and going to town on some old guy's cock as everyone watches on. I wonder what they think when they see a 30yr old, attractive guy just completely slutting out on whatever is around? The old guys there love me and I see, and service, the same ones over and over again. The old trolls know me, and it's great because there's no games or wondering, they know they can just walk up and shove their cock into my mouth or up my ass, no questions asked.

The other day I was working the theater and had sucked off probably 4 cocks and swallowed their loads when I decided it was time to get fucked. I did something I've never done, but always wanted to: I went to the back couches, pulled my sweats down, lubed my hole, got on my knees facing the back of the theater and just put my ass in the air. Facing the back wall I just closed my eyes and waited for whoever wanted my ass to take it. I didn't have to wait long. Like I said, these guys know me here, not to mention it's a pit of horny, hungry old guys who probably never get a chance at a piece of ass like mine. After only about a minute I felt a hand rub my ass cheek and fingers began to probe my hole. "Nice", I heard the guy say. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks open, inviting the stranger into my hole. He pulled out his cock and began rubbing it up and down my ass crack, pressing against my hole. My eyes were still shut, and I never opened them to see who it was behind me, about to stick his bare cock into my raw ass hole. I didn't even care. All I care about is the dick and the load. I heard the cap of the lube open, I assume he lubed his cock because a few seconds later the head of his cock was entering my hole. I took a deep breath and pushed back on on stranger's cock. He grabbed my hips and began fucking my bare hole, sliding his cock in and out of my ass. As he was pumping my ass I could hear other voices around me, encouraging the top who was plowing my ass.

"Ohh yeah, fuck him..."
"Breed that ass"

I heard men saying around me as my eyes remained shut. About 1 minute into the pounding the man increased his thrusts and began slamming into me. I knew he was close, then with one hard stroke he slammed the length of his cock deep into me and began spasming. He didn't say a word, he didn't ask if he could cum inside me, he just dumped his load in me and I loved it. He pulled out and immediately his cock was replaced with another strange dick. I reached back to check for a condom, NOPE, nothing but bare dick.

I stayed like this for what seemed like an hour as men to0k their turns filling my NEG boy ass up with raw cock and loads of hot sperm. I was in pig heaven. Never once did I look back, I kept my ass in the air and my head down in the back corner. I think I took 8 loads, but it could have been more, I'm really not sure. My hole was wrecked and felt like it was gaped open as sperm just ran out of my butt, down my balls and legs. I was a mess. I imagine what I must have looked like to the people in the theater. A young boy slut totally submitting to any and all cocks in a dark and nasty porn theater. What a cumdump I am. My asshole has become nothing more than a warm place to dump a load, basically a sperm bank for nasty old men and dirty trolls to get off in.

When I finally turned around and pulled my pants up there still were a few guys in the theater and they were all looking at me. I felt so shameful and so nasty I hurried out of there with cum literally dripping out of me.

I can't wait to do that again!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anonymous Laundry Room Load

I posted an ad on CraigsList looking for anonymous loads and a guy down the street contacted me.  We agreed that he would leave his garage door open, I would enter, then go into his laundry room which was located inbetween the house and the garage.  I was to call him when I arrived, go into the laundry room, pull my pants down, lube my ass, and turn off the lights.  I am a slut and I do what I'm told.

I pulled up to his house, the garage was open, as expected.  I called his cell and said, "I'm here".   "Ok", he said, "I'm ready for that ass".  I got out and began walking to the garage.  My face was flush, my head was spinning a little, I was so horny and knowing that in a matter of minutes, some random guy will have his raw cock up inside me.  It makes me so hot thinking about what a whore I am.  I entered the laundry room and locked the door behind me, as requested, pulled down my sweat pants, lubed my hole, placed the bottle of lube on the washer and bent over, facing away from the door to enter the house.  About 30 seconds I heard the door open, and he entered.  I never turned around, so I never actually saw the guy, as usual, I just felt his hard cock inside my ass.  He didn't say a word, he just walked into the dark room, grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed his cock, then pressed it against my hole.  

"Go slow", I said.  And he did.  He eased the entire length of his cock into my ass, slowly.  It felt so good.  I reached back, bent over the washing machine, and spread my hole open so I could take all his meat up inside me.  He began pumping me slowly, pushing the entire length of his cock inside me, then out again.  I was in pig heaven.  My cock was so hard.  Here I was in some anonymous man's laundry room taking raw cock up my butt.  I have no idea who he was, nor do I care.  My job is to fuck any cock that wants to be inside me, no questions.  My job is to serve as a warm hole for men to dump their loads into.  A place where men don't have to worry about hearing "no", or "pull out", or "don't cum in me".  I am past all that.  I love nasty, anonymous barebacking where it's just about my hole providing a service to men and making men happy.

He pumped his fat cock faster and faster inside my ass.  I've had pleanty of cocks and know when the man is going to cum, I knew it would only be a matter of seconds.  "Fuck yeah dude, breed me..." I moaned.  He grunted, then grabbed my hips and began thrusting violently inside me.  "Ohhh yeah, fuck yeah" he quietly hissed as he pumped his load inside me.  He finished cumming in me, pulled out, slapped my ass and said "thanks", then just disappeared into the house.  He left me there, pants around my ankles, load dripping out of my butt like a piece of meat.  I loved it.  He used me for what I am for, collecting loads.  I pulled up my pants and left with his load dripping out of me.  I never saw him again.

I often wonder, while walking through Costco or WalMart, if any guys recognize me.  If any guy sees me and says, "hey, I fucked that slut raw".  I sure hope so.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting what I deserve.

The other day I was slutting around at the arcade booths, looking for some cock to suck.   I had told myself that I would not be taking cock up my ass.  I have been being risky and I am trying to be less risky.  I left my door open to my booth and a nice Mexican guy came in.  I immediately went for his crotch and pulled his cock out of his pants.  He had a nice, fat 7" uncut piece of meat and I immediately started to suck him off.  He let me blow him for a bit, then he started trying to put his hands into my pants.  His hands went around to the back of my pants and started rubbing my ass.  I knew what he wanted, he wanted to fuck me.  I stood up and undid my pants, still telling myself that I was not going to allow some stranger to shove his cock inside me, totally lying to myself.  I took my pants down because I am a cock slut and I crave dick.  After taking my pants down his hands immediately went to my ass and he began fingering my asshole.  We were facing eachother, I was stroking his cock and he was exploring my ass.

He began to start moving behind me, and I moved myself in a way that he could get behind me, still telling myself I was not going to have anonymous cock inside my ass, still lying to myself.  He got behind me and I spit a big glob of spit onto my fingers and reached back and smeared it all over my asshole, fingering the slimy saliva into my manhole.  I got my hole all wet and slimy, then turned away from him, reached back and grabbed my ass cheaks with both hands, spread my ass open and stood there, inviting him into my ass.  He didn't miss a beat and before I knew it the tip of his cock was pressing against the opening of my ass.  I tilted my head back, closed my eyes, let out a groan, and pushed myself back onto his dick.

He was not gental and shoved the length of his meat up my ass which hurt and startled me.  I immediately snapped into reality and realized what I was doing.  I was standing i n a dirty porn booth, pants around my ankles, cock hard as a rock with some stranger's bare cock inside me.  I looked back and wait, "wait! wait!", as I tried to pull away, but he wrapped his arm around my stomach and held me in place.  I struggled and he would not let me go.  Was I being raped?  He just kept saying over and over "It's ok, It's ok" as he violated my ass.  He only lasted probably 30 seconds until he unloaded his jizz up my slut butt.  As he pulled out a gob of cum dropped down onto the chair with a splat.  He said, "thanks", zipped up and left.

It took me a second to gather myself.  What just happened?  Did some guy just rape me, or did a slut tease get what he deserved?  Who was I to try and pull off the man's cock after I sucked his cock, got him all excited, and let him enter me without a condom?  Was I being the asshole here?  Was it my fault?  My head was spinning, but my cock was still hard.  I loved it.  At this point I figured, "what the hell", I've already got one anonymous load swimming around inside of me, and now my ass was well lubed and totally opened up, I had might as well take another load.

It took me all of about 2 minutes to get into another booth, this time with a gloryhole, drop my pants, and pres my cum filled ass up to the gloryhole.  The guy was interested and pumped away for a minute or so until he too filled me up with his man spunk.  I was spent, so I went home dripping cum out of my asshole.


Hi guys, I know it's been awhile.  I have been super busy and kind of lost track of things.  I haven't stopped taking dick, but I'm still HIV-!  Lucky me.  Expect more posts from me, like I used to.  I'm still a gloryhole/theater freak and have been getting my fair share of cocks.  Thanks to everyone for the support and nice emails I've received lately.  You have encouraged me to keep blogging.  Stay tuned!  I just posted an ad on craigslist looking for guys to fuck my raw ass underneath the stall of a restroom, so that should be hot and raunchy, stay tuned!!