Monday, July 25, 2011

Whore Report 7/25/2011

I have cum from 5 different guys on my breath right now. I posted an ad earlier announcing to the world that not only am a whore cocksucker, I swallow stranger cum. As my emails started cumming in, I hit the road. I went house to house, usually able to respond within a few minutes of the initial email. I ended up sucking off 5 strangers and eating all of their cum.

I love just showing up to a stranger's house, knocking on the door, knowing that in a matter of minutes some strange man's penis will be down my throat and sooner than later, a hot load of cum will be in my mouth! I love the feeling as their cocks twitch as they're about to cum. I've sucked so many cocks and eaten so many loads that I just know when a man is going to cum. Most of the encounters lasted only 5 minutes. I walk in, suck their cocks, eat their load, say "thanks" and leave. Simple.

I love driving to other guy's houses with fresh cum on my breath. It's like I just cruise around collecting loads. I go door to door and let guys unload their sperm inside me. It's so hot serving as a mobile sperm bank. There's nothing I love more than SPERM!

Fucked by a Tranny!

I love trannies. Always have, always will. I dream of being a bareback transsexual escort some day. In the meantime, I decided I needed to get fucked good, so I picked the hottest one I could find on and called her. An hour later I was at her house. Here's what she looks like.

I showed up and was a bit nervous but we got undressed, I left the donation on the table, and we went into her bedroom. I sucked her off for awhile nd then begged her to fuck me with her 8" cock. I tried to get her to fuck me raw, but she refused. She started out fucking me with us both laying on our sides then switched to me on the bottom, stomach down, ass up and this beautiful, big dicked tranny pounding my ass. It was fucking great! She pounded me so hard I almost fainted. It was the best fuck I have ever had and well worth the $$! Now next time I just have to convince her to fuck me BB and deposit her tranny load deep inside me. I just put an ad on CL looking for a tranny to bareback me and fuck me raw. Cross your fingers. Anyway, it was nice getting a royal fucking from this anonymous hooker. Can't wait till next time.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Whore Report 7/1/2011

I went out today and offered my holes to strangers. I can honestly say I don't know how many loads I have in my ass right now. I know it's a lot because it's leaking out. I first started at the bookstore with gloryholes and a theater. I stayed in the holes today. I ate two loads of cum and got this hot daddy to eat my hole. He ended up shoving his raw cock inside me and fucked me for a bit before making his deposit. This place sort of died, so I went down the street to another bookstore that has gloryholes (the seedy dirty one I mention all the time), but they also have a pool/spa/sex club in the back. I bought a pass to the back and entered. I wandered to one big room that's really dark. There were two guys in there, both with their cocks put away. I wasted no time, I sat down, took off my shirt and pulled down my pants. I walked to the back of the room where a hot daddy was sitting and stood there with cock in hand.

He took the hint and got on his knees and started sucking. When he got me hard, I turned around, pressed myself against the wall, reached back and spread my hole. He LOVED IT! He went to town eating and fingering my hole. I pushed some of the load out of my hole into his mouth and he went wild. He fingered me good, opening me up, getting my hole very sloppy. More men entered the room, but I stayed facing the wall. I could feel more hands touching me, exploring my body. I loved it. Who were these strange men molesting me in the back of some dark gay sex club? I have no idea.

"Do you want some more dicks up there?", the old man who was rimming me asked.
"Hell yes", I panted.

I felt two hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks open, and I felt the warm head of a cock pressing against my hole. "Mmmm I cooed" as I pushed back on it. I pushed back and took the entire length of his cock up inside me. My hole was already well used by the load and the fantastic rim job so it slid in with ease. The old man was standing next to me, kissing me, telling me that men were fucking me, telling me what a whore and slut I was. I just kissed him back and said, "Yes, sir." as the strange cock inside me kept pounding in and out. "Fuck him", the old man encouraged. "Fill that hole", he said. My mystery cock fucked for another minute or so and then, without warning, began moaning and grabbed my hips as he thrust the entire length of his cock inside me, filling my butt with his sperm. I closed my eyes, flung my head back and began tongue kissing the old man as my butt was getting filled. I fucking loved it. My fucker went soft inside me before he pulled out.

His cock was immediately replaced with another one. I felt hands all over me, rubbing me all over, pinching my nipples, calling me names. I was in whore heaven. Most people would think I'm crazy, but nothing turns me on more than submitting my holes to a room full of men. The dirtier, nastier the location the better. The more degrading and humiliating, the better. My old guy stood there, cheering and encouraging me as I stood there, pressed against a dark wall in the back of some sex club letting any stranger who wanted a chance to cum deep inside me. I loved it. I often fantasize about my Dad taking me to sex clubs and helping me take strange loads up my ass. Pimping me out to everyone and anyone who wants to fuck me. This old man was playing the role of my Dad and it was making me wild. I have no idea how many men fucked me let alone how many men came inside me. I totally lost count. Besides, I don't know of some guys took turns fucking me multiple times, or if they were always different strangers.

I'm the slutty, young, cumdump whore who lets anyone cum inside him. I don't care who's watching or who's loading me up. The more the merrier. A few years ago I would never let anyone go near my hole without a condom. Now I go to the dirtiest, sleaziest place I can find, filled with men and literally beg them to cum inside me. How did it come to this? Read my blog and you will understand. I have found my calling in life. It's to collect sperm from as many strangers as possible. Men absolutely LOVE fucking my cumsloppy butthole. I mean LOVE. It's my duty to provide them pleasure and to provide them a hot body to dump their cum into. It's amazing how addicting taking loads is.

After I was fully used and it seemed there were no more men left who wanted to fuck me, I left and went to the gloryholes.

I did my usual, strip down, get on my knees with a cock in my mouth and then open my door for all to see. Apparently another old guy liked what he saw and quickly entered my booth and locked the door behind him. He quickly stripped down as I was still servicing my gloryhole cock then he did something I didn't expect. He mounted me from behind. No asking, no warning, he didn't even care if I wanted it or not, he was going to fuck me. I'm sure the cum dripping out of my swollen asshole was all the hint he needed to just shove it in without a rubber. He pumped me as I sucked the gloryhole cock and both men exploded at the same time inside of me! It was so amazing! The old guy pulled out of my ass and, like the slut I am, looked up at him, opened my mouth and began blowing bubbles with the load in my mouth. He took my head and began deep kissing me. It was the sluttiest, sexiest thing I have ever done. We open mouth kissed in the sloppiest way possible, sharing the load, getting it all over our faces. We were like two animals in heat. I can't wait to do that again.

I finished by cumming all over his face. Nice end.