Monday, August 11, 2014

7 Reasons Why My Ass Is Better Than A Pussy

As I was bent over a tree letting the sixth anonymous stranger unload his balls up my sloppy asshole, I realized my ass is much better than a pussy and here's why:

  1. My ass is always wet and ready: I always pre-lube my ass with either lube, or by injecting my own cum up my butt. When I'm out cruising for cocks, my hole is always wet and ready to accept any cock. This is not always true with a pussy.
  2. No condoms required: I'm not worried about getting pregnant, nor am I stuck up. I'll never require a condom, allowing the men inside me maximum pleasure and maximum connivence. 
  3. No pulling out required: As your body is shaking and you're about to cum, I'll never tell you to pull out. I want you to hold me tight and fuck your load deep inside me. You never have to pull out.
  4. Fuck my ass anywhere: My ass is free to be fucked wherever a man wants. I don't require a comfortable bed or couch, you can fuck my ass whenever and wherever you want. Bathrooms, gloryholes, parks, porn theaters, dark rooms, etc. are all fair game.
  5. Looks are unimportant: Most men who fuck me I never see anyway. I don't care what you look like or how old you are, everyone has the same access to my hole. I won't tell you "no" because you're fat or ugly, in fact, I'll probably want your cock and load even more.
  6. Share me with your friends: All your friends can fuck me. No reason to keep this amazing ass all to yourself, share me with all your friends, or just share me with strangers.
  7. I never have a headache: I'll never say no and my ass is always here for the taking. If you have a hard cock and want to fuck, this ass is available.
There you have it, the 7 reasons why my ass it better than a pussy. Now come breed me.

Monday, August 04, 2014

637 Emails and Counting!

I was looking through my email box and realized I have had over 637 distinct conversations with men, mostly me trying to get their cocks and, more importantly, their cum inside me. Now a lot of CL conversations don't materialize, but a lot do. Also, this does not reflect the countless anonymous cruising encounters I've had at parks, gloryholes, porn theaters, etc. These are just one-offs and pump'n'dumps. Wow. I've offered my holes as sperm depository devices to over 600 men!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Craig's List Pump'n'Dump

Just placed an ad on Craig's List:

"Blindfolded BB cumdump taking ALL loads. My hole is pre-lubed with sperm, I'm blindfolded, face down, ass up and ready to serve as a cum receptacle. No load will be refused. No pics necessary. Total anon. First email should include your cell #. I will text you my address. BB porn playing in dark room. Cum breed me."

Stay tuned for updates! I'm so excited!

Update 1:
Two men just showed up, back to back. I think the second guy was actually here while the first was fucking me because he took the place of the first guy very quickly. They were both pretty quiet, just moaning as they fucked me. Two loads up my ass right now. I just put my butt plug back in and am about to bend back over and get into position. Two anonymous cum loads up my ass!

Update 2:
I'm not sure, but I think t\guy #3 was a black guy. He sounded like one and his cock was HUGE. Felt so fucking good. He kept calling me "cumdump" and "Faggot" as he fucked me. He held me down as he came in me and left his cock in until it was soft. He was kind and put my butt plug back in before he left, keeping his cum in me. Back to the grind! 3 loads in me.

Update 3:
I've sent my address to over 40 men as of right now. My butt plug is holding all the cum in. Creating more ads on other sites.

Update 4:
I just took 4 men over the span of an hour! Wow. I can't even feel my ass anymore, it's just numb. When the last man fucked me, all I felt was pressure. Maybe his cock was small? I don't know. Feeling so good right now and so fucking slutty. So far seven strange men have entered my hotel room, fucked my faggot cumdump ass bareback, and left their seed in me! There's a giant puddle of cum beneath where I've been getting fucked. My asshole is loose and sloppy and a little sore, but I'm not stopping!

The third guy in this batch asked me, "How many poz loads have you taken?".
"No idea", I replied.
"Well, it's at least one now. *laughing*", he responded, "enjoy that dirty load, slut."

i just sent my address to about 18 more guys.

Blindfold is going back on now.

Update 5:
THREE men just showed up at once and gangbanged the shit out of me. They fed me their cocks and all took turns breeding me. They loved how sloppy and wet my asshole is. I mean LOVED it. I'm unsure if they were friends, or just happen to show up at the same time. Wow. I'm pretty sure they were snapping pics or video of me because I heard the camera shutter sound a couple times. Maybe now the world will know my trued identity, or maybe it's just for their private collection., Who knows. Who cares. I've now taken 10 cocks and 10 loads of sperm up my butt!!

For the last 6.5 hours I've done nothing but serve as a cum receptacle for strange men. I've given my address freely to anyone who wants it and laid here, blindfolded, letting everyone cum inside me. I've taken at least one known POZ load, and probably more. I did advertise no load refused, didn't I? I guess I get what I deserve. True sluts don't use condoms! I've just sent my address to more men. Butt plug is in and blindfold is going back on. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sin City Cumdump - Round 1

I had to go to Las Vegas, NV for business and I decided to spend all my off time chasing loads in Sin City! Vegas has a reputation for "anything goes" and I wanted to experience the nastier side of things. Before my trip I researched the porn theaters and gloryholes to see which ones I'd visit. My first stop was Adult World.

This place had booths with these doors that started about waist-high, meaning from the waist-down the door stopped. Sort of like a parlor door. At first I found this odd, then my nasty mind took over. These doors were perfect! I took a booth near the darker, back part of the arcade, fed the machine, and dropped my pants exposing my pre-lubed ass hole. I backed up to the door and bent over slightly. I hung my entire ass out the bottom of the door, putting it on display for anyone in that aisle of booths. From the hallway, you saw my butt hanging out of the bottom of the door for all to see. I could not see anything in the hallway, or anyone. It didn't take long before I felt a hand on my ass and a finger slowly probing my hole. When the fucker felt my hole was already lubed up and ready to go, he removed his finger and I felt the warm head of his cock press up against my hole.

"Fuck yeah", I moaned, as I reached back and grabbed his cock at the base and guided it into me. I pushed back as he pushed forward and he slid his rock hard cock inside my raw butt. I released my grip on his cock and reached back with both hands pulling my cheeks apart to allow my fucker deeper access to my hole, and to show him how much I was loving it. His cock was a little bigger than average and felt really good sliding in and out of me. I was loving every inch. He then grabbed my hips as he continued sliding in and out of me, increasing the speed and intensity of his thrusts. As a slut who's had countless men shoot their loads inside me, this pattern was all too familiar and I knew he was about to cum. I leaned forward more, supporting myself on the back of the chair in the booth, pushing my ass back onto his cock with every stroke. Then all of a sudden he didn't make a sound, he just stopped pumping and grabbed my hips and held me there. He was unloading his sperm inside me! I threw my head back, closed my eyes, and pinched my nipples as this strange man was filling my butt with sperm. He pulled out quickly and I heard a dollop of cum splatter on the ground beneath me.

Top #1 wasn't out of my ass more than 5 seconds before I felt another cock sliding into me! Top #2 must have been standing there, watching Top #1 breed my ass and jumped right in as soon as Top #1 left. "This is going to be a good night", I thought to myself. I just stood there, moaning softly, as Top #2 proceeded to drill my cummy hole. He reached underneath and cupped my balls and played with my hard cock as he fucked Top #1's cum in and out of my hole. I had to push his hand away because I was getting close to cumming and I didn't want to cum, I wanted to focus on men breeding my ass. I can cum later. A few seconds later, Top #2 let out a moan as he unloaded his balls deep into my guts. He held me there, rocking gently as he emptied the last bit of cum inside me, letting his cock go soft before pulling out with a *plop* and more cum spilling onto the ground below me. Top #2 zipped up and left.

I stayed in this position. Asshole exposed to the world, cum leaking out of it, down my leg, with a puddle of cum collecting on the ground below me, all out in the open! Any person walking the hallways in this seedy porn store would know that, without a doubt, a reckless bareback cumdump was here taking on all cummers. I had reduced myself to nothing more than a warm flesh hole that any man was welcome to use to get off in. No discussion about condoms or status, no small talk or getting to know each other, no "is it ok if..." questions. My hole is simply here for breeding. A place for men to cum inside. It doesn't matter what you look like, how you smell, how much money you have, or what you do for a living, my hole is open to all.

I remained in my position as I heard footsteps and men walking around in the dark hallways. At any moment a stranger could be sliding his cock into me. It was really exciting hearing men walking by me, knowing they couldn't miss my sloppy ass on display. I wasn't in some booth with my ass pressed against a hole, which is fairly private, here my ass was hanging out into the public hallway, on display, dripping loads, for all to use, in one of the sleaziest environments around.

"Oh my god! That's disgusting!", I heard right outside my door, as some guy walked by.

He's right. It is disgusting. It's nasty, just the way I love it. I felt a hand on my ass and then fingers probing my cummy hole. "Nice", I heard a man say as he pulled his cummy fingers from my hole. I reached back with both hands, spreading my ass open to this stranger, pushing a little cum out of my ass. I imagine how nasty that must have looked to this guy and knowing how nasty gloryhole fans are, I'm sure he loved it. His cock entered my sloppy butt with ease and the guy fucked me good for about a minute and a half before depositing load #3 into my willing hole.

I got two more loads this way, for a total of 5, and was wanting to change up the scene a little bit so I finally pulled my pants up and exited the booth. WOW! There were at least 6 guys standing around my booth as I exited. They were all staring at me. I felt so ashamed and nasty. I wasn't anonymous anymore. All these men saw my face and know who I am. Every man looking at me knew what I secretly was, a desperate cumdump. I felt very exposed and vulnerable. How many of these men just fucked me? How many of these men watched me get bred? Who cares.

I exited the arcade and bought a theater pass. Upon entering it was essentially two big rooms, each with a television and porn playing. The rooms were sparse and had plastic chairs lining the back walls. I decided to just strip down naked, and get on my hands and knees in the middle of the porn theater, facing the televisions, ass pointed at the back of the room. There were a few guys in the theater who just sat there watching me like a bitch in heat, offering my cumhole up to anyone that wants it, jacking off. Two of the guys began to laugh and snicker, and I could tell they were making fun of me. I don't know what they said, but I can only imagine.

A chubby Mexican guy with a fat, uncut cock walked over to me and stood in front of me, jerking his cock. I didn't waste any time and raised up on my knees and took his cock into my mouth, making sure to pout my ass toward the guys in the back. He held my head and fucked his brown cock into my mouth aggressively. I could tell he was going to fuck me. I can always tell, when the guys start fucking my mouth like a pussy, they always want to fuck my ass pussy. I couldn't take it anymore, I took his cock out of my mouth while gripping it at the base, looked straight up into his eyes and said, "Please fuck me!". He pulled me up off the ground and turned me around so I was now facing the men in the back of the theater. I instinctively bent over and spread my hole open. He took his position behind me and slid the entire length of his cock deep into my willing, slutty fuck hole. Yum. He grabbed my hips and started to slowly and methodically fuck my ass. "Fuck yeah, Daddy, fuck my ass!", I encouraged, as I made eye contact with the men jerking off and watching me. One of the guys in the back of the theater approached me with is cock out and just stuffed it into my mouth. He held my head, fucking my mouth as my Mexican breeder held my hips and continued to pump away at my ass. "Here it comes", the Mexican said as he increased pace and furiously fucked my ass. My ass was very sloppy at this point and was making fart noises as my Mexican fucked away. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back into him as my mouth fucker held my head, still fucking my mouth. My Mexican unloaded his balls deep into me. Load #6.

After my Mexican came in me, I turned around and presented my ass to the man who was fucking my mouth.

"Got a condom?", he asked.

Chuckling, I replied, "Uh, no. I don't use condoms."

"Well, I'm not fucking that nasty hole without one", he said.

"I'll fuck you", a chubby white trucker type who was sitting on a chair jerking off said out load.

I immediately walked over to him, still completely naked, cum dripping out of my hole, and sat down right on his cock. It felt so good. I love the truckers. My ass cheeks rested on his belly as I bobbed up and down on his fat cock. The man who was fucking my mouth previously walked over to me and put his cock in my mouth again. The tucker didn't last long and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me down on his cock as he moaned, "oooohhh yeah", he said as he shot his load into me. Just then the man fucking my face pulled his cock out and furiously jerked it off as my tongue darted in and out of my mouth onto his tip. He began cumming and shot his load all over my open mouth and face. I licked as much off of my face as my tongue could reach and lifted myself off my trucker daddy. As I did, cum literally spilled out of my ass and onto my trucker's cock and balls.

"Clean that up, slut", he ordered.

Like the obedient fuck slut I am, i got down on my knees and sucked and licked all the cum from his cock, balls, and belly, making sure to be real nasty about it. He thanked me with a wicked grin and I replied, "my pleasure", and smiled.

I stood up and turned to the other men who had assembled and were watching the show, pinching my nipples i asked, "anyone else?". No one replied or stepped up, so I put my clothes on and left with 7 anonymous loads in my ass and one in my mouth. I went back to my hotel and jerked off then went to bed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Makeshift Sling

I just got gangbanged at the park, bareback, in the middle of the afternoon. I was doing my usual, cruising the park with my fuck-me jeans, hole pre-lubed, trying to get men to fuck me. It was a little slow so I was just hanging out in one of my usual fuck spots. I stand with my back toward the trail and whenever I hear someone approach, I don't look back, but just bend over, exposing my hole. Two guys walked by and weren't interested but a third, a stalky latino, took the bait. I love latino cocks. He didn't waste anytime and began feeling my asshole, sliding his fingers inside. I heard his zipper unzip and I turned around and took his cock in my mouth. Yum, a big, fat, uncut latino. I sucked him long enough to get him hard, then turned around and spread my ass. I looked back and he was taking a condom out of his pocket.

"No condoms. I only fuck bareback.", I said.

He grinned, put the condom away, and bent me over the tree. He positioned himself behind me and began to fuck me slowly. He fucked me for awhile, increasing his pace, ,and grabbed my hips and slammed into me with a grunt, emptying his balls inside me. He pulled his cock out of me with a plop, cum pouring out onto the leaves below.

"Want more?", he asked?

"Hell yes", I replied.

I repositioned myself by kind of lying on a branch, on my back, and putting my legs up on another branch above me. It was actually perfect and sort of simulated a sling. My legs were spread, asshole totally exposed to the world and my latino entered me again. He entered me again, fucking his cock deep into my raw hole using his own cum as lube! I love men that can cum more than one because, let's be honest, I care more about their cum than anything else. As he was fucking me, another man walked up the trail to where I was. When he saw the action he immediately pulled his cock out and began jerking it, watching me. He was an older white man with a large cock. I just stared at his cock as my latino pumped load #2 into my bare hole. The latino pulled out and I never even looked at him again. He had done his job and I only cared about the next guy, the older stranger jerking his cock.

As the latino left, I remained in place on the branch with my legs up, ass hole exposed from my fuck-me jeans, hole dripping two loads out of it. I motioned for the old guy to come fuck me. He didn't need much encouragement and moved in to take the place of the latino who just used me. When he walked up, he shoved two fingers into my sloppy hole and then, looking into my eyes, scooped some cum out of my ass and fed it to me with an evil grin. He grabbed his cock at the base and shoved the full length of his cock up my butt. His big, veiny cock felt so good sliding into my waiting hole.

"Fuck yeah", I moaned encouragingly.

He kept eye contact with me the entire time. Staring deep into my eyes as his raw cock penetrated my ass, he slid his cock in and out while grabbing my nipples and grunting. He was definitely not attractive, but he had a big cock and knew how to use it. My ass was making sloshing noises and air was farting out of my ass as my stranger continued to fuck me. I feel like such  slut when my sloppy ass gets so noisy. I love it. I love being nothing but a dirty cumdump for strange men.

The older guy announced that he was cumming, and grabbed my hips and pushed his entire cock inside me and held me as he shook and moaned, unloading his seed deep into my guts. He pulled his cock out after he finished shaking and I heard cum pour out of me and onto the leaves below. He turned and walked away just as quickly as he appeared, retreating back into the depths of the brush. Maybe he was going back to work Maybe he was going home to his wife? Who cares, I'll probably never see him again, but I have his DNA inside me forever, soaking into the walls of my fuckhole, keeping my hole slick and lubed up for the next guy. I gave him a warm hole to unload in and he gave my hole more lube to better serve the next man. It's a win-win.

Normally, at this point I would have gotten down from my makeshift sling, but I didn't. I stayed in this position. Legs spread open, facing the trail so that anyone who walked up the trail would be greeted by my open and willing fuckhole oozing three loads. It was so fucking hot to just lay there, totally exposed in broad daylight, in a public park, waiting like a bitch in heat for any man to come fuck me. A few minutes later I saw a man walking toward me through the brush. My heart started pounding. As he came around the bend, we made eye contact and I could tell he was a bit shocked. He walked up to me with a look of disgust, looked at my hole peeing out of my ripped jeans and said, "Jesus, you're fucking disgusting!" and he walked away. I was fucking humiliated! i felt so gross, like a piece of trash, and I loved it! I am fucking disgusting. To most people in the world I represent the bottom of the barrel. A disgusting faggot with a serious sex addiction and no care in the world for my own health or wellbeing. A filthy whore who's only concern in life is to get fucked in the nastiest, dirtiest way possible. A human being that's been reduced to nothing more than a sperm receptacle. If my friends and family knew what I did in my free time, they'd be horrified... but I think it's perfectly normal. It actually turns me on more than anything else has ever turned me on before. I crave it. I am consumed by it, and the men who breed me really appreciate it.

A few minutes another man approached. He had a hoodie and sunglasses on, his clothes looked a little dirty and I thought that perhaps he was homeless. He saw me there and walked up to me. He didn't say a word, just pulled down his sweats to expose an average length, but thick cock with a big mushroom head. He pressed the big tip against my waiting hole and just teased it a bit. Rubbing his cock head into my oozing butt. He was lubing up is cock with the loads dripping out of me. As he was teasing my hole, a large black man approached us and immediately pulled out his giant black cock. Those that have been following me know I have a certain weak spot for black cocks. They make me crazy. I was really excited to see his cock. We came around behind me and began running his fingers through my hair as the guy in the hoodie continued to tease my hole.

"Fuck me, man, slide it in!", I begged the guy in the hoodie.

He did as I requested and began pushing his cock into me.  threw my head back in lust and the black guy behind me leaned over and began deep tongue kissing me. I closed my eyes and felt every inch of the fat mushroom head slide into me and enjoyed the deep tongue kissing my black stranger was giving me. The black guy stopped kissing me and began mangling my tits. I opened my eyes and noticed two more men were standing around me, jerking their cocks. A middle aged, overweight white guy, and a very older white guy. I looked up at the man in the hoodie who was slowly sliding his cock in and out of me. I could see myself in his reflective glasses. I could see the lust in my face as I was getting publicly used.

What happened over the next half hour can only be described as heaven. The four men each took their turn fucking my raw boy hole. Unloading their sperm into me as I laid helpless, up in a makeshift sling, legs spread open, taking everything that came my way. They called me every name in the book, spitting on me, telling me I was going to get pregnant, laughing at me, and making fun of me. I fucking loved every second of it. they seemed to play off each other and encourage each other to be more nasty and more insulting to me. I deserved everything I got. I should be ashamed of myself. I'm in a public park during the day wearing jeans with a hole cut out of the ass letting strangers take turns barebacking me and filling my ass with their cum.

They finished one by one and disappeared back into the woods the same way they entered. It was getting dark and my ass was numb and gaped open. My legs were shaky when I got down and I could feel the cum running down my leg and out of my ass. I had just been bred by 7 strangers and let them all unload in me. I felt so fulfilled and content.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Car Cocksucker

I've been sucking loads out of strange men's cocks all night long. I've got another cumming over right now. I love standing on the street corner like a prostitute, late at night, waiting for men to pick me up, drive me around the corner and let me suck and drain their loads. I'm the neighborhood whore.

It's funny, I've sucked hundreds of strange men in a variety of public places but my heart still pounds like it's my first cock every time a car pulls up. I never know who's going to be behind the wheel and honestly, most of the time I get in the car I never look at the guy's face. I'm there for cock.

I just sucked my 6th stranger cock. I'm tired and going to bed.

Friday, July 19, 2013

What happened?

As I laid in my living room, naked, face down ass up, blindfolded, waiting for stranger #6 to come into my house, bareback my ass, cum in me, and leave me there, dripping loads like a piece of fuck meat, I wondered to myself.... What happened?

How did I become a cumdump? I went from a "straight" boy from a conservative, Republican household, to a no-load-refused fag that posts his address online and waits blindfolded for strangers to breed him.

It didn't happen overnight, it was definitely a slow progression.

Early Years

- When I was very young I discovered it felt good to put things into my asshole.

- When I was a teenager I had an older guy come over and fuck me on my parent's bed.
I loved the feeling so much of my ass filled up and the warmth of the man's cock as he slid into me. I noticed the way he touched me and groaned as he fucked my young hole. It turned me on so much to know I was making him feel so good. I remember asking him during and after if I was "doing it right". I wanted so much to please him and to make him feel as good as he was making my ass feel. I felt like he was doing me a favor by fucking me.

- A few years later I met a pervy daddy. He would arrange for men to come over and fuck me.
He would constantly tell me that I was gay, not bi-, and to just give in to my desires. He was old and I loved servicing him and his friends. I felt a sense of accomplishment whenever I made him or his friends cum. Like I was a good boy. He constantly would encourage me to take raw dick but I was scared.

- Bathhouses
I started going to bathhouses when I was 18. i distinctly remember being naked in a gloryhole booth, servicing a big cock with disco blasting through the speakers and at that moment I said to myself, "I'm a fag and love cock". I continued going to bathhouses for many years. I'd get a room and lie face down ass up and let men fuck me. I guess that's where I fell in love with anon pump and dumps.

- Gloryholes
I started going to gloryholes when I was 16rs. Sometimes I would go 5x's a week. I was hooked and nothing was and is hotter to me. Often guys would bring me home and fuck me. Many times I left with multiple men and they all fucked me. I loved the idea that I could service so many cocks in a day and they were all anonymous. It was almost like a job. I treated the cocks as clients and always did my best to milk their loads. I'd come home from sucking cocks all night long, walk past my parents in the living room, and go into my room and fuck myself with a dildo all night long.

- Online
I was constantly cruising for cocks online and got fucked by tons of men and had many regulars that would have me over. I loved getting naked with old men ad pleasing them. I started a website and began trying to keep track of all the cocks I was servicing.

- Public Restrooms
I spent every lunch break sucking cocks in a busy downtown public restroom. I swallowed my very first load here and my addiction to cun started on that day. I remember it like it was yesterday. His cock was in my mouth and he started cumming. Instead of pulling away I said tro myself, "swallow it", and I did. And I loved it!

- Raw cock on cam
I met a dude in Vegas at a bookstore and we took a cab back to his hotel. He loaded his laptop and turned on his cam and proceeded to fuck me, bare, on camera. The idea that men were watching me really turned me on.

- First Load Up Ass
I specifically sought out a NEG bareback top that would give me a load. I went to his house and he had hardcore BB porn playing. I sucked him then he fucked my ass and asked "where do you want the load?", "In my ass!" i begged. He filled me up and I pushed it out onto my hand and ate it. It was the first bare load I ever took. I didn't take any loads for many years after that but I thought about it every time I jerked off.

My 20's

I basically continued sucking and getting fucked, but always safe, but almost always anon.

- Website
I actively maintained my website and loved getting mail from horny men who enjoyed reading about my slutty adventures.

- Cars
I did a lot of cruising and sucked a lot of dick in cars. I had a spot around the corner from my house where I'd blow countless men over the years.

- Black Cock
I got really into black cock. i LOVE big, fat black dicks. For awhile I tried to go black only but realized I loved cock too much and needed cock way more frequently than I could get from just black guys.

- Photos and Video
I got really into being photographed and video taped. I loved showing off for the camera and absolutely loved watching myself in action.

Laye 20's to Now

- First Anon Gloryhole Load
I'll never forget my first load. I planned it all day, douched my hole, lubed up and went to the gloryholes on a mission. Read all about it here. This is the day I went from a closeted bi- guy to a real cumdump whore. I remember when he came inside me I immediately started cumming uncontrollably.

- First Anon Black Load
I took my first black load through the gloryhole and I fell in love. From that point on I told myself I was always going to offer my raw ass to black men. From that point on, wherever I was, if I encountered a black cock, I'd bend over for it.

- Porn Theaters
I fell in love with the porn theater. I got fucked by so many men in that dirty, sleazy theater as horny men watched, encouraged, and waited their turn. The idea that I could get naked in a public place and horny men would fuck and seed my ass while people watched was a huge turn on. I love going to the dark theater and pleasing men. Read about my first time here. I eventually started bending over the couch in the back and taking on all cummers without ever turning around.

- My First Anon Pump 'n Dump
Since I already took anonymous loads at the gloryhole I figured the next step was to post my address online and have men come over and breed my ass. Read about my first Pump 'n Dump here. There's someting about waiting, face down ass up for a stranger who you have never met or even seen to enter your house and fuck your ass without a condom. It's a rush. Hearing the door creek open, the footsteps, and the belt unbuckle is almost addicting. You never know what you're going to get nor do you have any say. When you've invited strange men to your house and they're greeted by your naked asshole filled with sperm, you give up the right to call the shots.

- Parks
I started heavily cruising parks in search of cock. I eventually started wearing pants with the ass cut out of them so men could have easier access to my hole. These days I go to the park on average once a day, sometimes twice. All the men know me there and I'm known as the boy who lets anyone fuck him.

- No Load Refused
Today I'm a "no load refused" cumdump whore. I've taken hundreds upon hundreds of loads down my throat and up my butt. I've been fucked by homeless, old guys, trannys, fathers, sons, grandfathers, gays, straights, and bi-'s. I'll fuck anyone and let anyone cum inside me.