Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whore Report 6/11/2011

Hi guys and gals, I don't have much time but I just returned from a few hours of whoring. I spent time at two different bookstores, one of which has a theater. Here are the highlights:

I got face fucked by one of the staff in the theater. I mean FACE FUCKED. He pounded my throat with his cock while everyone in the theater watched. Love being a whore while everyone is watching! He shot his load down my throat and went back to work.

In the dirty gloryholes I had a nice Mexican guy join me in my booth. He was wearing a KFC shirt so I think he was on his way to work. He had a big cock and fucked me in my booth. I love the way he held on to me tightly as he fucked my butt. I felt so loved and fulfilled as he pounded me in the dark and nasty booth. I could see guys in the adjacent booths looking through the gloryholes as my Mexican stranger pounded me. I was not quiet. I got real verbal telling him how much I loved his cock and how badly I wanted him to "unload deep inside me". "I'm going to cum!", he warned. I didn't say a word, just reached back and grabbed his leg pulling him farther and deeper inside me. He loaded my butt with his seed and left.

I got a few more anonymous dicks inside me via the gloryholes, but nothing special. Just me collecting more semen.