Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who wants to fuck a cum sloppy butt hole?

I just posted an ad on CL advertising my cum sloppy butt. I've already got a few emails. I can't wait to see what happens next.

UPDATE!!: So most guys flaked but I did get two guys over for a quick pump'n'dump. They both seemed to love my sloppy hole.

Was that you that just fucked me?

I was doing my usual whoring at the gloryholes today. You know the drill, show up with a clean ass and a bottle of lube and try to take as much hard, raw cock up my ass as possible. I got there around 11:30am trying to catch the lunch shift. I did my usual, took the middle booth, stripped down, lubed my ass a bit more, unlocked my door and waited to get used.

I absolutely LOVE getting "caught" either with a cock in my mouth or a dick up my butt. It really turns me on to think about strangers opening my door and seeing me naked getting cum up my butt. I love the danger knowing anyone can open the door while I'm so vulnerable. It could be my neighbor, my brother, even my dad. I also love that whoever opens the door literally has free use of my holes and my body. No cock and no load refused. What would happen if someone I knew opened the door and found me naked servicing strange cocks? Would they use me too? Would they pretend they don't see me? A lot of times I just bend over the chair with my spread ass hole facing the unlocked door. Guys will come in but I never turn around to see who it is. I let them do whatever they want and then leave. It's possible my dad has fucked me and deposited a load inside me, I'll never know.

I had a really good and productive day today. I drained a lot 0f dicks. Unfortunately I got into a cum crazed daze and lost track of the amount of cocks and loads I took. I think I swallowed 3 loads and took 5 up my ass. The last guy that fucked me was older, I could tell from his hands when I looked through the hole. He was also wearing an orange shirt. When he entered his booth, I had my sloppy hole already pointed his direction. After my hole gets sloppy, I usually just place my ass at the hole so whoever comes in next to me and looks through knows what I'm looking for. If he puts his cock through the hole, I assume he wants to fuck. Anyway, after taking this old guy's load I was full of cum and out of dollars so I called it a day.

While walking out to my car, a guy in an orange shirt got into the car next to me and I did something I never thought I would do. I walked over to his car and asked:

"Hey, was that you that just fucked me in the booth?"

He looked disgusted and confused,"No, it wasn't me."

"Oh.. haha, sorry then. He had an orange shirt and left a huge load inside me, I thought it was you and was going to say thanks."

Then he replied, "I'm sure it wasn't the only stranger you let fuck you." and he smirked and put his car in reverse.

"Have a good day, I said" as I smiled and walked away.

I felt like such a fucking slut having to walk up to strangers and ask if they were the one who just deposited a raw load inside me. Who knows who fucked me today. Who cares, really. As long as men got to use me as a cumdump, that's all that really matters. My butt is still full of cum as a type this and I'm emailing with a few tops from CL. It's time for more cum!