Thursday, May 03, 2012

Dripping With Mexican Loads

I stopped by my local gloryholes after work looking to suck some cock. This is the same adult bookstore where the Mexican guy forced his raw dick into me and, despite my pleas, unloaded his sperm deep into my ass like the worthless whore I am. Anyway, I walked in and the place was full of Mexicans. I was the only white guy. I wasn't sure what was going on since they were all standing around, I figured they were all bottoms like me desperately waiting for cocks to service. Boy was I wrong. After about ten minutes a booth opened up with a gloryhole in it. Of course I entered, dropped my pants, and put my mouth up to the hole.

What happened for the next thirty minutes was nothing short of amazing. As it turns out, all those hot Mexicans were tops waiting around for some hole to unload in! I literally serviced seven cocks in a row, one after another. I could hear them talking in the hallway as they exited the booth. I don't know what they were saying but by the tone, I could tell they were talking about me. Probably telling the other guys what a sweet mouth I have. Sometimes I didn't even have time to finish playing with the previous guy's load before another uncut brown cock was pushing through the hole.

I was servicing an entire room of Mexican men! I got so horny and turned on thinking about what a dirty white whore I am. Thinking about the Mexicans who were happily taking turns unloading sperm into my mouth. I started getting really nasty with the sperm. After they would unload in my mouth I would tilt my head back and blow bubbles with the sperm, kind of spitting it, letting it run down my cheeks, down my neck, and all over the collar to my shirt. I did this for every load I took, including the big silky black dick I had at the end. Every time I would smear the sperm all over my face. I literally had loads hanging off of my chin as I sat there waiting for more strange men to let me suck on their dicks and feed me their load.

When I had cleared the bookstore out and sucked out every cum load that existed, my job was done. There were no more horny men looking to unload sperm into this faggot's mouth, so I left the booth to head out. I stopped and caught a glance at myself in the mirror before turning the corner and I was shocked at my appearance. I was literally covered in cum and loads were puddled on my neck and hanging off my chin. I looked like the biggest used whore I've ever seen. My cock immediately jumped at the site of my used face. I then proceeded to walk through the bookstore and out to my car. I encountered a few guys who caught a glimpse of me. The look of surprise and disgust really turned me on. Here I am, a grown man, walking in public with sperm from seven different strange men dripping off my face. I love being a whore.