Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Weekly Load Roundup - 11/12/2014

I've been really busy whoring my sweet little fuckhole out to anyone and everyone who wants it. So much so that I'd never have enough time to write about it all, so I've decided to start doing Load Roundups giving you pigs a recap of my week in loads.

Wednesday I  put ads on the internet and did a blindfolded pump'n'dump session at my house. As usual, I emailed and texted my address to anyone that responded to my ads and spent hours face-down-ass-up in the middle of my living room as men came and went. There's something really hot about not being able to see anything and letting strangers come to my house and just use my hole. Seven men came over that day and all bred and used my pussy. When I was done my asshole was gaped open and puddles of cum were beneath me, running down my legs, all over my cock, and all over my balls. I think some of the men were regulars because I recognized the email addresses, although who knows. I sent my address to over 50 men and only 7 showed up. I love the risk and having no idea, or caring who's unloading in me.
*Seven loads up my guts

Thursday I put on my "fuck me jeans" and hit the park at night. My hole was loaded earlier by some anon stranger that contacted me saying a friend gave him my info and that I was a good fuck, so I invited him over to seed my hole before I went out cruising. I took five cocks and five loads up at the park, two from guys who were obviously homeless. They fucking reeked of liquor and cigs but really enjoyed fucking my hole and I really loved the fact I was sticking to my "no load refused" mentality.
* Six loads total

For Friday day, I decided to wear lingerie under my clothes and hit the gloryholes. I got there and stripped down to my leggings, garter, and lacy top. I spent the next 4 hours with my ass pressed against the hole taking all cummers. There were a lot of black men there that day and I felt like such a white whore letting black men breed me. I left my door unlocked the entire time and got off on men opening the door and watching me pig out on anonymous cocks. A few men joined me in my booth and fucked me nice and proper. I loved walking from booth to booth and cruising the hallways in my lingerie with cum dripping out of my butt and down my leg. I must have looked like such a mess!

I LOVE gloryholes. That feeling I get when a new dick comes through the hole, taking it into my mouth, making it hard, watching it grow and then when I turn around and slide back onto it, YUM. Nothing is hotter to me.

I got bred by seven horny fuckers.
* Seven loads up my asspussy

I stayed around the house and hosted a four men throughout the day. I got two black cocks, a middle-aged white guy, and a latin construction worker. The first was an overweight black guy with a FAT cock. He opened me up really well and deposited a big load in me. The second was the latino. He had a nice uncut cock and bred me quickly. He was in and out in about 5 minutes but left my ass dripping with his seed. Quick and dirty, just how I like it. The white guy was third and he wanted me face down, ass up, and blindfolded, so i obliged. He loved that my hole was all cummy and sloppy when he got here. I never saw the guy.
* Four loads up my butt

Sunday I was invited over to a guy's house that found me on CL. He said he and a few horny tops were looking for a bottom whore to breed and if I was interested in coming over. OF COURSE I was interested. When I got there I was greeted by 5 older men, most a bit overweight. The guys were between 50-65 yrs old and were all naked when I got there. They all seemed to like me and began fondling me and kissing me. They undressed me and led me into another room with a sling. Wow, I've never been in a real sling before and was really excited about living out another fantasy! I climbed up in the sling and the host immediately took his place between my legs, rimming my asshole real good.

Over the next few hours the horny old men took turns fucking the shit out of me, feeding me poppers, calling me names, and taking pictures and video of me getting fucked and bred. After the park incident, I guess I don't care about being video taped or having pictures taken of me. It's just part of being a total cumdump whore for anonymous cock I guess. They said it was just for their private collections, but who knows. They really seemed to enjoy breeding me and I loved taking their cocks and loads, a win-win. All in all I took 8 loads between the five men.
* Eight loads in my cunt

I took Monday off

I took Tuesday off