Monday, October 30, 2006

My First RAW Black Cock!!

Today I did something I have always dreamed of, take a big black cock up my ass totally bareback!! God what a rush!

I started the day off at my favorite adult book store with a cleaned out ass, hungry mouth, and a bottle of lube. I started the day off by heading to the theater. Things were slow at first, but things took off pretty fast once they realized there was a hungry cumslut (me) looking for cock. I took my place on one of the couches, pulled my pants down enough to expose my hungry boy pussy, lubed up, and just waited for my first cock.

A hot latino guy took a seat next to me and began stroking his fat, uncut cock. I wasted no time, I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. I sucked him for all I was worth making sure to make lots of nasty noise so the other guys knew I meant business. About 5 minutes into it he blew his load down my throat and I sucked it down like a greedy whore, as usual.


No sooner did I finish savoring his load when another guy took his place, this time standing in front of me and began fucking my mouth fast and rough. I couldn't do a thing but sit there and let this stranger assault my mouth with his rock hard cock. He only lasted a few minutes before rewarding me with a big load of his cum. I swallowed most of it, but spit some into my hand and worked the rest into my asshole to make sure my hole was slicked up and ready for cock. No better lube than a man's cum up your hole.


I've had two loads now and hungrier than ever. The more cum I get, the bigger whore I become. I can never get enough! I decided to cruise out of the theater and into the booths to get some gloryhole cock, my favorite. I took a position in one of the corner booths with a big gloryhole on one side. My heart began to race as the door to the booth next to me opened and in walked a big black guy. Now those that have been reading my slutty tales know that I love nothing more than a big, fat, uncut, black cock, and that's just what this guy had!

I immediately signaled for him to put his cock in the hole and he obliged with no hesitation. He pulled down his sweat pants to reveal a thick, uncut black cock. My mouth began to water and my asshole pucker as he guided his dick toward the hole. His cock was soft, but even soft was bigger than most white cocks I've had, and believe me, I've had a lot of white cock. Without any hesitation, I pulled my pants down to my ankles and pressed my waiting mouth against the hole to accept his massive black cock, just like a white cock whore should do. When his cock entered my mouth I was in heaven. His big, fat cock tasted like velvet as it slid effortlessly into my hungry throat. I played with his foreskin for a bit, teasing his cockhead with my tongue as his cock grew in my mouth. It grew and grew and kept growing until it completely filled my open mouth and throat. Straining to take it all, I continued sucking his meat until it was as hard as a rock.

Lust took over me and I took his cock into my hand, turned around and just pressed my butthole against the head of his black shaft. Holding his cock I pushed back against it and felt the tip slip into my hole. I guess that took him by surprise because he pulled his cock back from the gloryhole and out of my ass. "Damnit!", I thought, "he doesn't want to fuck!". Well, not being one to take "no" for an answer, especially big uncut black cock, I reached back with both hands, spread my hole wide open and pressed my ass against the hole, begging for some stranger to shove his raw cock inside my hungry man pussy. It worked! I felt the tip of his monster cock pressing against my hole again, god it felt good. I closed my eyes and greedily pressed my ass as hard as I could against the hole, desperately trying to speed up the process of his black cock invading my white pussy. I began to feel his cock inside me. It was so big it hurt a little bit, but only for a split second before I reminded myself I was bent over in an adult book store with my lubed asshole pressed against a hole in the wall letting some anonomous black guy shove his raw cock inside me and in a few minutes my man pussy would be dripping with black stranger cum! I can't believe what a slut I have become!

The guy pumped and fucked his cock in and out of my ass, making sure to push it all the way in and all the way out. I could feel the veins of his shaft as his cock slid in and out. I was truly in pig heaven. All I wanted was his cum up my butt. I bucked and squeeled "yeah, fuck that ass... dump your load in me!" as the stranger continued to fuck my hole. After about 5 minutes of fucking my ass he let out a groan and shoved it deep inside me, holding it there as he unloaded his cum deep inside my guts. After dumping his load he kept his cock inside me as I milked it with my ass muscles trying to get every last drop of his precious black cum inside me. He pulled his cock out quickly and it made a pop-slosh noise as his cock pulled out of my ass. I could feel cum dripping out of my gaping hole as he exited my butt. What a rush!


I was in fucking heat now and never wanted to stop, so I left my cummy asshole pressed against the gloryhole for the next guy to use as he pleased. No sooner did my big dicked black breeder leave the stall, another anonomous cock was shoved up inside me. I have no idea who the 2nd guy was, what he looked like, or anything. I do know he had absolutely no problem getting his entire cock inside me with one push. He pumped his cock in and out of me using the black guy's cum as lube. He did not last long inside me before he started moaning too. A few seconds later he shot his load in me, pulled out and left.


I was spent and my asshole was dripping cum that had been deposited inside me by two different anonomous cocks. I was spent and went home.