Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Regular Sex

I was thinking the other day and I don't really have regular, 1 on 1 sex with men, and I never really have. All my sex with men revolves around me getting as many different dicks in a row, or at the same time, as possible. In fact, if I'm really honest, the only reason I have sex with men is for the load. I never even see most of the men fucking me and when I'm sucking a dick, I rarely look up at the guy. Seconds after I have his load in my mouth or ass, I'm done, and moved on to the next guy. Sometimes I'll take another cock in my mouth before even swallowing the first guy's load.

There are sometimes exceptions. Right now I'm fucking this fat, older guy semi-regularly. He's kind of gross and has left over acne scars from when he was younger, but has a nice, thick cock, and loves to do me bareback. It's like a treat for him. A hot, 30's guy comes over and just slides down on his raw pole, no questions asked. I like when he fucks me missionary and we kiss. It turns me on so much to make out with this fat, ugly guy as his load is filling me up. He's never my first choice. He's usually who I go see after I've been at the boookstores cruising for raw dick. If I can't get any, I'll cruise over as a last resort, desperate for raw cock.

"Regular sex" to a guy like me is having my butt pushed up to a gloryhole and taking load after load by anonymous stranger cocks.