Wednesday, August 24, 2005

6 Cocks, 5 Loads in 2 Hours!

Sucked 6 cocks and ate 5 loads of cum today in about 2 hours!

I went to my usual suck spot (adult book store) and had quite a lunch. I started of in the gloryholes and sucked one guy's dick for awhile, then he left (i would later eat his load in the theater). Then an older guy jerked himself off and shot his cum into my waiting mouth thru the hole.... yum! LOAD #1!!

I got bored and headed to the theater. I got in, sat down and turned my attention to the 2 guys sitting behind me, making sure they noticed me staring at their cocks. One old guy wasted no time and just came up and put his dick in my mouth! I went to town on his fat, uncut cock, slurping and making as much noise as possible so the other guys in there knew I was a faggot cocksucker. I drew some attention and the other guys from the front moved to the back to check the action. The old guy blew his load into my mouth, said "thanks" and left. LOAD #2!!

I moved myself to the far back to join the two guys who moved back from the front, one guy I recognized from the gloryhole earlier. He had a fat uncut cock and obviously liked what he saw because he pulled his shorts down and began stroking his big dick for me. I took my place on the dirty floor between his legs and took his cock into my mouth. A few minutes later he moaned and shot his hot cum into my waiting mouth. I played with it for a big and gulped it down. LOAD #3!!

I then moved to the guy next to him, sucked his cock and took his big juicy load greedily down my slut mouth. LOAD#4!!

A few minutes later another guy walked in and took a seat in the back. He wasted no time pulling out his dick and stroking it for me to see. I didn't a work, just dropped to my knees between his legs and took his big dick into my mouth. He came quick and shot a nice load down my throat, it was fucking great! LOAD #5!!

After that, i went home. Not because I didn't want to eat more cum, but the place died down and I had to get back to work. I think I'll go back tomorrow and maybe see if I can get some dick up my ass!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Got 5 different loads into my belly in under an hour!

The other day I was starving for cock, so I rolled up to my local gloryhole spot. Much to the satisfaction of my whore mouth, I ended up sucking 5 different loads out of 5 different, anonomous cocks! mmm what a mix!

Load #1
The first load was out of a nice, 7" uncut cock. The guy was wearing a belly shirt and red, satin panties. He pulled it out, shoved it thru the
hole, and I went to work. His cock was just the perfect shape and bend that I could shove the entire thing down my throat with ease. I deep throated
his cock and licked the shaft and his balls when I had the entire length down my throat. What a feeling, his big cockhead literally loged in the back
of my throat as I drool and slurp at his balls. He lasted a few minutes then moaned and rewarded my slut mouth with a nice load, which I let puddle in
my mouth before swirling it around and gobbling it up.

Load #2
The second load I don't really remember that much. I never saw more of the guy than his cock, averaged size, and his shaved balls which I worked for awhile. I love sucking on shaved balls. He also rewarded my efforts by shooting a wad of hot man cum into my hungry fag mouth. I gobbled it up and decided to switch booths to one with a hole on each side so that my potential cuatomers and get a glimpse of my work before feeding me a load of their own!

Load #3
I never saw this guy either, but he had a very big cock, about 8"long, very thick, and totally dripping with pre-cum. He stroked it off for a bit in front of the hole, just teasing me, making me even hornier for his cock. I sat there, mouth up to the hole, opdned up with my tongue sticking out, begging him to shove it into my mouth. I must have looked like such a desperate cum slut like that. He pressed the tip up to my tongue just enough so that I could get a thick strand of pre-cum on my tongue. This drove me nuts and increased my desperation even more. He knew what he was doing, he knew what a cum fag I am, he was teasing me on purpose! When he finally let me have it, god was it worth the wait! I took the entire length down the hatch and felt his thick cock streatching my throat muscles to the max. I felt so good, so filled up. I worked him for a bit and he
rewarded my efforts by jacking off his cock into my waiting mouth. I savored it for a bit, swirled it around, and swallowed it like a hungry whore. Who's next?

Load #4
No sooner did I swallow my last load when another guy came into the other booth next to me. A big, muscular, daddy walked in, dropped his short to reveal a nice, uncut cock. He had a moustache and had a silver cock ring around that beautiful meat. Something told me this was going to be good! I wasted no time before signaling for him to push his dick thru the hole. He checked me out a bit, then pressed his meat thru the hole. Now this hole is by far the largest in the place, you can fit your whole face thru it practically. Anyway, I met his semi-hard daddy meat with kissed and slobbery licks as I worshiped the fat cock now dangling in front of my face. After getting him hard I grabbed his fat, shaved balls with one hand, pulled down on them and went to town. Taking the whole length of his massive uncut meat into my mouth, slurping, gurgling, and drooling loudly like a pig in heat. Just as I really started going at it, I heard the door next to me open and someone came into the booth. Great, an audience! I looked over to see the guy's cock out snd stroking, peeking thru the hole. "Time to show off", I said to myself and went back to my daddy dick. Between moaning, slurping, and deepthroating his man cock, I would pull it out of my mouth (making sure to string slobber from the tip of his cock to my mouth), and look back at the new guy watching me thru the hole. I could see him looking at me and it made me even hotter to know I was putting on a show for this guy. My daddy then started to pump his cock and fuck my mouth. I knew he wanted to see what his pussy bithch could take, so I pressed my face against the hole, opened my throat and sat there letting him fuck the shit out of my mouth and throat. I loved it. I let my mouth open a little so it made lots of slurping and spit noises as he pounded my face. He would pull it out completely, slap my tongue or face, then plunge back in. I was in heaven! My fag mouth was being used by this uncut daddy like it was a pussy. I was his personal fuck hole and I loved it. He pulled back and bend down to tell me he was about to cum. I barely let him finish when I wisered "oh man, fill my mouth up!". He needed no more invitation, he grabbed my chin and my forehead and pulled it toward the hole, my entire face was thru the hole. He shoved his cock deep into my mouth and began to fuck my face without mercy, choking me as he slammed his cock down my throat. I couldn't pull away, and honestly, I didn't really try. The sounds coming from my slut mouth as he fucked away were such a turn on and I knew the guy in the next booth was getting a great show! He fucked my face for about 30 more seconds then unloaded down my throat. I could feel his cock spurting cum into the back of my throat and I loved every drop. He pulled out and I licked my lips like a drunken whore as I savored every last drop of his man juice.

Load #5
I literally did not wait 5 seconds after load #4 before I turned my chair around to service the guy had been watching me. He was an older guy with a nice 7" cock. He wasted no time, pushed his cock thru the hole and into my waiting mouth. He must have been really turned on because he literally lasted only a minute before unloading his old man cum into my waiting slut boy cum hole I call a mouth. mmmm Load number 5!

I was tired and had to go, so I walked out of the booth, making sure not to wipe my mouth off, in face, I even drippled some of his cum onto my bottom lip and walked out, into the lobby and out the door into the bright sunlight. I wanted everyone to know what a cum dump I am. What a turn on, walking past everyone in the store and outside with 5 anonomous loads in me and on me! Cant wait to go back.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

3 Anonomous Cumloads Down My Throat!

Sucked off one mexican guy and two white guys thru the gloryhole!

Hungry for cum again (what a surprise), I cruised into my local bookstore and went straight for the gloryholes. I stepped into a booth,looked thru the hole and saw a dark skinned mexican dude on the other side rubbing his dick and pinching his nipples. My first customer! I entered the booth and put in my dollar. About 45seconds later I had a big, uncut, clean mexican cock in front of my face. His balls were shaved nicely. I immediately took the whole length of his swolen cock all the way down my throat. God it felt good. I held his cock deep in the back of my throat as I tongued his balls with my tongue. I worked his cock, hands free, until I heard him moan. I knew it was almost time. My cock began to get hard thinking of this big mexican cock unloading his nasty sperm into my hungry mouth. I don't know what it is, but I'm rabidly addicted to sperm, and my dick knows it! I started working my big mexican mean even more, milking it, then suddenly he unloaded into my waiting mouth. It tasted soo good. Half way thru him unloading, I took his cock deep into my slut mouth so I could feel it shooting in the back of my throat. I love that. I cleaned him up and he left. The next two loads after that are a little blurry to tell you the truth. Usually after I get my first load, all I can think about is more sperm. They were nothing extraordinary, but it was hot sperm! I never saw their faces, and the booths were kind of dark. All I know is that I serviced two more anonomous cocks in some dark, dirty, bookstore and left with the taste of three different men on my breath, all in under 30minutes! What a filthy faggot I am!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sucked 3 Old Guys!!

I went to my local gloryhole spot to find all the holes had been boarded up. As I checked each stall, hoping one or two would still be open, I noticed an older guy standing in the hallway and staring at me. I looked back, nodded, and entered a booth, making sure to keep the door open. He came in right away and took out his dick. I sucked it and teased his balls for a few minutes until he rewarded me with a fat wad of old man cum. I gobbled it up, making sure to look up at him and open my mouth so he could see his sperm swirling around inside my slut mouth. I smiled, swallowed it, and cleaned him up.

After sucking off the old guy in my booth I decided to try my luck at the theater they have there. I paid my $6 bucks and entered. There was only one other guy in there, he had his cock out, so of course I took a seat next to him. I didn't waste any time, I leaned over and grabbed his cock. He didn't seem to mind, so I dropped to my knees and sucked him to completion. He rewarded me with a nice, thick, salty wad of cum. After servicing him, some other old guy came over and sat next to me with his cock out. It was obvious what he wanted, and since I never say "no" to cock, I went down on him and sucked out a nice load of man cum out of him too. I had to get back to work, so I left. Not bad, 3 loads total for the day.