Friday, May 27, 2011

Dressed up slut at the gloryholes

I was encouraged by a comment left on my blog by this user. I've always thought of myself as a sissy slut and have enjoyed wearing panties in the past so I decided to put on some pink lace panties and a hot fishnet top and head out to the gloryholes. I decided to go to the dark seedy one I love so much, the one I went crazy at in this post.

I did my usual warm up and sucked a few dicks and swallowed a few loads. I made sure to make my face nice and glazed with cum, making sure there were cum strings hanging off my chin. Once I was super horny with no turning back, I let the money on my machine run out while sucking on a big nasty cock. I stripped down to my panties and top, got on my knees and opened my door the entire way. I don't mean just ajar, I opened the door completely so the entire door way was unobstructed. ANYONE walking by would be treated to me on my knees, pink g-string panties with my hard cock hanging out the side, and my pink fishnet top. It was fucking wild. I had NO idea who was going to walk down the hallway and see me dressed like a woman, cum dripping off my face, servicing every cock in site!

It was so fucking hot to totally submit to the entire porn store. To just not care about anything except for showing off to a bunch of horny guys. I don't know how many guys saw me, but there were at least 5 that I saw. A few guys just stood outside my booth watching me and I loved it. I loved being dressed like a whore taking anonymous cocks down my throat. I would actually put on a show for any guy who stopped to watch, slurping loudly, pinching my tits, winking at the guys, pulling the cock out of my mouth and slapping myself with it while looking at my audience. I was totally showing off my cock servicing skills to anyone who wanted to watch. I love how vulnerable I felt sitting on my knees on the disgusting floor of a dark adult book store. I was on display for the world. A friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor, anyone could have stumbled upon me getting used.

I'm a total slave for cocks. I am totally addicted to cum in every way. I'm addicted to being a total cumdump fag. I'm addicted to having my holes and body used to please strangers. I'm here to worship cocks and worship cum.

While a stranger was watching me servicing a particularly large penis, I was so horny and worked up, so turned on and feeling slutty, I needed dick in my butt. I wanted to go the next step for my voyeur and show him that I'm the ultimate cumdump panty slut. I decided to stand up, grab the cock, and push back on it, push my panties to the side taking the entire length up my ass. I was looking at my voyeur, smiling making eye contact the entire time I was sliding this mystery cock up my ass totally raw and unprotected!! I loved being the biggest possible slut for every guy. I totally get off on what this guy must be thinking. Here I was dressed like a prostitute, cum dripping down my chin, bent over in a dark, disgusting gloryhole taking a stranger's cock up my ass bareback with the fucking door WIDE OPEN!! It was so hot.

I felt my fucker picking up the pace and I knew he was about to blow his load in me. I now had two dudes watching me. I bent forward, reached back, spread my hole, and pressed my ass up against the hole as hard as I could taking every inch he had to give me. I looked over at my audience and just smiled. I heard him groan as he jammed his cock balls deep inside me.
"Breed me", I cooed as I looked at my audience. "Breed my ass", I said as I licked my lips.

Two guys just watched me dressed in panties get a load pumped up my butt. How fucking hot is that? After taking the load I simply turned facing the video screen with my ass to the door. I reached back, pulled my cum soaked panties to the side, spread my cheeks, looked back at the open door and said, "Next!". With that I just turned around and heard my door shut followed by a belt unbuckling. Not sure who he was, if he was one of the two who watched me get bred or not, I never turned around. I just stood there and let another stranger pump his jizz into my belly. I got fucked by three more guys, two in my stall and one through the gloryhole. I went home with a stomach full of cum, a sore ass, and cum stained panties. As I type this I completely reek of man sex, seamen, and fuck juices. I LOVE IT!

Next time I go I'm going to wear sexy clothes again and write "WHORE" across my chest and 'CUMDUMP" across my ass.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My breath smells like cum!

I was out running errands and decided I needed cum so I made a pit stop at a bookstore I don't frequent much, but always enjoy. There weren't many people in there but I managed to get a nice black guy into my booth who let me drain his cock and swallow his load. I think the guy in the booth next to us was video taping us, but not sure. When he came he jammed his full cock down my throat and held it there while he came down my throat. Yum!

I entered another booth and saw a nice Mexican dude stroking his cock. I immediately began sucking it. He let me suck it for a bit then pulled away from my mouth and just stood there stroking it. When this happens I never know what to think. Was my mouth not pleasing him? Was I not sucking it well? I've been told by dozens and dozens of men that my mouth is amazing, but they usually say that when my mouth is full of their sperm. I guess for that moment I am an amazing cocksucker! anyway, being one to always want to please cock, I lubed my ass and turned around, pushing my ass through the square cut out. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but just a few seconds passed and I felt the warm head of his cock pressing against my hole. I reached back to check for a condom, NOPE! I took my shirt off, pinched my nipples, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the ride. He pumped me for a few minutes before spilling his seed deep inside me.

I returned to my errands with cum breath and a load dripping out my ass. I was a happy little pig.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Out of Control at the Gloryholes

Today can only be classified in one way, "out of control". I went to my favorite bookstore with gloryholes, the seedy dirty one I've talked about before. I must have been extra horny today because I acted like a complete and total slut, more so than usual. Today I was a total show off. I basically stripped down to just my shoes, and I just left my door open. Not just a little crack, but open about 3 inches where anyone could see inside. I never shut it, so when I was servicing dicks, I just got down on my knees, held my ass open with my hands, and went to town on whatever cock was in my mouth at the time. When the guy came in my mouth, I would tip my head back and blow the cum gently out of my mouth so it dripped down my cheeks and chin, all over my bare chest. I would also take a glob and work it back into my hole. After about 5 or 6 guys had blown their loads, I was literally covered with cum. It was all over my face, dripping off my chin, dripping out of my ass, I was even jerking off with a mixture of all the loads. Now the fun begins...

Here are some of my favorite memories:

After about load 6, I decided to do something crazy, I walked, shirtless, from my booth to the restroom. I just had to see how cum glazed my face was and what a pig I looked like. I could feel a thick cum rope hanging off my chin. I didn't want to put my shirt on because I didn't want to wipe off any of the loads. When I exited my booth, to my horror and excitement, there were two guys right outside my booth. I made eye contact with them as I exited and smirked as I headed for the bathroom. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I just walked past two strangers with my face covered in cum and a 2 inch cum rope hanging off my chin. It's pretty safe to say those guys know what a cum addicted fag I really am!! When I turned on the light I was shocked at what I looked like. I looked like the biggest fag. I went back to my booth, and kept the door totally open. An old guy took one look at me and almost fell into my booth, ripping his pants off and force feeding me his cock. He fucked my face for a minute before delivering a sweet load down my throat.

Later on, I was on my knees, servicing some cock, door ajar, when an old guy opens the door further and stands watching me. I turn and make eye contact, cock still in my mouth, and wink at him. I wave him in and continue sucking my stranger. My stranger cums about 30 seconds later, I take it all in my mouth. The old guy who joined me looked down at me and asked, "Did he cum?".
"Yup", I smiled, as I looked up at him, opened my mouth, and began blowing bubbles with his sperm. The load was big and was dripping all down my chin and cheeks as I smiled up at the old guy. He smiled, said, "good boy", and walked away. Here I was, naked, on my knees in a dirty porn booth, literally covered in cum, head tilted back and blowing bubbles and making a mess with some stranger's cum as another stranger is watching me.

I was taking a rest sitting on the chair, door ajar, naked, cover in jizz when an old guy opens the door and looks down at me.
"You like sucking cock?", he asked.
"Ohhh yeah!", I said and smiled, "I'm an expert!".
"I'll give you a try then", he said as he left my door and went into the booth next to me.
I took my position on my knees, naked, door ajar, and I intentionally didn't put money into the machine. I wanted guys to think the booth was unoccupied so they would open the door and walk in on me. It makes me really hot to get caught being a slut. I like the danger and unknown element. ANYONE could open the door and see that I am a cock addict, anyone. So I'm sucking another cock through the hole and again my door opens. A tall older guys looks down at me. I look at him, smile, and wave him in. He begins immediately taking dirty to me, calling me a "dirty slut", "cock slut", twisting my nipples, and spanking my ass. He never shut the door behind him and at one point I looked over and there were a few guys watching the scene.
I love being degraded like that.
My booth friend began fingering my ass. I'm sure he noticed how cum sloppy my ass was.
"Little pussy boy", he snarled.
"I'm going to fuck that pussy," he promised.
I stood up, bent over to put the gloryhole cock back into my mouth, reached back to spread my ass, and said, "Yeah, fuck me!". He wasted no time, he took his position behind me and just shoved his cock inside me. It hurt a bit at first, but who was I to be picky? I'm the cum covered whore who's letting everyone cum in him. I didn't feel I was in a position to protest. I took both anonymous cocks up both of my holes. The man in my mouth came first, flooding my mouth with another load. I spit some onto my hand and began jerking my cock, taking the time to feel the stranger slamming his raw dick in and out of me. Shortly after, my fucker came. He never asked if he could cum in my ass. He didn't even care. No guilt, no regrets.

After getting fucked twice more, I decided to open my door completely, all the way, face the video monitor with my butt to the door, arch my back, reach back with both hands and spread my hole open. I wanted anyone who walked by my booth down the dark hallway to be greeted with the visual of me, naked, ass hole totally fucked loose and dripping with cum. I know a couple walked by before someone finally fucked me, but I don't know who or how many. I never turned around to see the guy fucking me. I just stood there, facing away. Here I was, totally exposed to the world, my ass an open invitation where anyone can cum. I feel so dirty and slutty like this.It's like I go into a dream state. ALL I care about is the feeling of a hard, veiny cock sliding in and out of my mouth or pounding my ass. I get so fucking hot surrendering myself like this to a store full of dirty, horny, perverted men.

I walked out with cum crusted all over my face and jizz dripping down my leg. I was used and abused and couldn't be happier. I'm suck a cock pleaser.