Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Makeshift Sling

I just got gangbanged at the park, bareback, in the middle of the afternoon. I was doing my usual, cruising the park with my fuck-me jeans, hole pre-lubed, trying to get men to fuck me. It was a little slow so I was just hanging out in one of my usual fuck spots. I stand with my back toward the trail and whenever I hear someone approach, I don't look back, but just bend over, exposing my hole. Two guys walked by and weren't interested but a third, a stalky latino, took the bait. I love latino cocks. He didn't waste anytime and began feeling my asshole, sliding his fingers inside. I heard his zipper unzip and I turned around and took his cock in my mouth. Yum, a big, fat, uncut latino. I sucked him long enough to get him hard, then turned around and spread my ass. I looked back and he was taking a condom out of his pocket.

"No condoms. I only fuck bareback.", I said.

He grinned, put the condom away, and bent me over the tree. He positioned himself behind me and began to fuck me slowly. He fucked me for awhile, increasing his pace, ,and grabbed my hips and slammed into me with a grunt, emptying his balls inside me. He pulled his cock out of me with a plop, cum pouring out onto the leaves below.

"Want more?", he asked?

"Hell yes", I replied.

I repositioned myself by kind of lying on a branch, on my back, and putting my legs up on another branch above me. It was actually perfect and sort of simulated a sling. My legs were spread, asshole totally exposed to the world and my latino entered me again. He entered me again, fucking his cock deep into my raw hole using his own cum as lube! I love men that can cum more than one because, let's be honest, I care more about their cum than anything else. As he was fucking me, another man walked up the trail to where I was. When he saw the action he immediately pulled his cock out and began jerking it, watching me. He was an older white man with a large cock. I just stared at his cock as my latino pumped load #2 into my bare hole. The latino pulled out and I never even looked at him again. He had done his job and I only cared about the next guy, the older stranger jerking his cock.

As the latino left, I remained in place on the branch with my legs up, ass hole exposed from my fuck-me jeans, hole dripping two loads out of it. I motioned for the old guy to come fuck me. He didn't need much encouragement and moved in to take the place of the latino who just used me. When he walked up, he shoved two fingers into my sloppy hole and then, looking into my eyes, scooped some cum out of my ass and fed it to me with an evil grin. He grabbed his cock at the base and shoved the full length of his cock up my butt. His big, veiny cock felt so good sliding into my waiting hole.

"Fuck yeah", I moaned encouragingly.

He kept eye contact with me the entire time. Staring deep into my eyes as his raw cock penetrated my ass, he slid his cock in and out while grabbing my nipples and grunting. He was definitely not attractive, but he had a big cock and knew how to use it. My ass was making sloshing noises and air was farting out of my ass as my stranger continued to fuck me. I feel like such  slut when my sloppy ass gets so noisy. I love it. I love being nothing but a dirty cumdump for strange men.

The older guy announced that he was cumming, and grabbed my hips and pushed his entire cock inside me and held me as he shook and moaned, unloading his seed deep into my guts. He pulled his cock out after he finished shaking and I heard cum pour out of me and onto the leaves below. He turned and walked away just as quickly as he appeared, retreating back into the depths of the brush. Maybe he was going back to work Maybe he was going home to his wife? Who cares, I'll probably never see him again, but I have his DNA inside me forever, soaking into the walls of my fuckhole, keeping my hole slick and lubed up for the next guy. I gave him a warm hole to unload in and he gave my hole more lube to better serve the next man. It's a win-win.

Normally, at this point I would have gotten down from my makeshift sling, but I didn't. I stayed in this position. Legs spread open, facing the trail so that anyone who walked up the trail would be greeted by my open and willing fuckhole oozing three loads. It was so fucking hot to just lay there, totally exposed in broad daylight, in a public park, waiting like a bitch in heat for any man to come fuck me. A few minutes later I saw a man walking toward me through the brush. My heart started pounding. As he came around the bend, we made eye contact and I could tell he was a bit shocked. He walked up to me with a look of disgust, looked at my hole peeing out of my ripped jeans and said, "Jesus, you're fucking disgusting!" and he walked away. I was fucking humiliated! i felt so gross, like a piece of trash, and I loved it! I am fucking disgusting. To most people in the world I represent the bottom of the barrel. A disgusting faggot with a serious sex addiction and no care in the world for my own health or wellbeing. A filthy whore who's only concern in life is to get fucked in the nastiest, dirtiest way possible. A human being that's been reduced to nothing more than a sperm receptacle. If my friends and family knew what I did in my free time, they'd be horrified... but I think it's perfectly normal. It actually turns me on more than anything else has ever turned me on before. I crave it. I am consumed by it, and the men who breed me really appreciate it.

A few minutes another man approached. He had a hoodie and sunglasses on, his clothes looked a little dirty and I thought that perhaps he was homeless. He saw me there and walked up to me. He didn't say a word, just pulled down his sweats to expose an average length, but thick cock with a big mushroom head. He pressed the big tip against my waiting hole and just teased it a bit. Rubbing his cock head into my oozing butt. He was lubing up is cock with the loads dripping out of me. As he was teasing my hole, a large black man approached us and immediately pulled out his giant black cock. Those that have been following me know I have a certain weak spot for black cocks. They make me crazy. I was really excited to see his cock. We came around behind me and began running his fingers through my hair as the guy in the hoodie continued to tease my hole.

"Fuck me, man, slide it in!", I begged the guy in the hoodie.

He did as I requested and began pushing his cock into me.  threw my head back in lust and the black guy behind me leaned over and began deep tongue kissing me. I closed my eyes and felt every inch of the fat mushroom head slide into me and enjoyed the deep tongue kissing my black stranger was giving me. The black guy stopped kissing me and began mangling my tits. I opened my eyes and noticed two more men were standing around me, jerking their cocks. A middle aged, overweight white guy, and a very older white guy. I looked up at the man in the hoodie who was slowly sliding his cock in and out of me. I could see myself in his reflective glasses. I could see the lust in my face as I was getting publicly used.

What happened over the next half hour can only be described as heaven. The four men each took their turn fucking my raw boy hole. Unloading their sperm into me as I laid helpless, up in a makeshift sling, legs spread open, taking everything that came my way. They called me every name in the book, spitting on me, telling me I was going to get pregnant, laughing at me, and making fun of me. I fucking loved every second of it. they seemed to play off each other and encourage each other to be more nasty and more insulting to me. I deserved everything I got. I should be ashamed of myself. I'm in a public park during the day wearing jeans with a hole cut out of the ass letting strangers take turns barebacking me and filling my ass with their cum.

They finished one by one and disappeared back into the woods the same way they entered. It was getting dark and my ass was numb and gaped open. My legs were shaky when I got down and I could feel the cum running down my leg and out of my ass. I had just been bred by 7 strangers and let them all unload in me. I felt so fulfilled and content.