Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Looking to make a BB GloryHole video

I'm looking for a guy (or girl) who wants to film me taking raw cocks at the gloryhole. You must have a video camera. Email me if interested. You must be in the Phoenix area or be willing to fly me to where you are.

Email me here: rick90020@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 Bookstores, 10 Loads

I don't have much time but wanted to let you guys know that I visited two bookstores and swallowed 10 loads of cum from 10 different guys! My ass was a bit out of commission today, so I had to please men just with my mouth and throat. I've sucked thousands of cocks over the last 15 years and swallowed thousands of loads of sperm, mostly from anonymous dudes. Needless to say, I'm a professional cocksucker.

The first bookstore doesn't have gloryholes, just booths, but I just go in the booth, put on a movie and wait for cocks to come to me. One nice white guy came in and fed me his cock, then a tall black man and gave me a load also. I left to cruise the aisles and found a hot daddy with a cock and load for me. He shoved poppers up to my nose as he face fucked me.

3 anonymous bookstore loads!!

Next I was horned up and visited my regular spot. There were a lot of guys here. I endded up sucking off 7 more guys including 2 more black guys, one of which had a giant cock. I dreamed of sliding back onto it, in fact, I think I've had his raw dick inside me before, but that would have been a messy scene for everyone, so I stuck to just sucking. While sucking cocks I left my door unlocked the entire time and got to show off for a few guys, but unfortunately none of them came in and joined me in my booth, just watched me slut out on cock.

All in all I had a great time! I got to suck off 7 more men and take 7 more loads down my throat. I got to show off for horny guys while I pigged out. I only wish I got some loads up my butt, but there's always next time.

7 more anonymous bookstore loads!!