Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Public Toilet Cumdump

Today I went to a public toilet in a park near my house. I have cruised the spot before but have never got any action, until today. The men's bathroom has one stall with no door and a urinal. I sat down in the stall, pulled my pants down around my ankles, got my cock hard and just waited.

About 15minutes later I heard some footsteps. My cock twitched with anticipation as the steps got closer. Still sitting with my legs spread apart and my cock hard, a guy entered the bathroom and turned the corner. Now when you enter the bathroom and turn toward the urinal you get a clear view right into the stall where I was waiting. It was an older bear type, goatee, shaved head, dressed up for work. He paused when he saw me and I responded by stroking my cock. He went to the urinal for a minute and returned with his uncut cock hanging out of his pants!

I motioned for him to come closer and he grabbed his cock and just shoved it into my mouth. I sucked his fat uncut cock for only about a minute until he rewarded me with a hot blast of cum in my mouth. he zipped up and left. I jerked my cock until I came, zipped up, and went home.

Nice to serve as a public cumdump.

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