Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Q&A: Q: How old were you when you had your first cock?

Q: How old were you when you had your first cock?

A: I was 16yrs old, I met an older guy online, he was about 40yrs old. I invited him over when my parents weren't home and had sex with him in my parents bed. I sucked his cock, and tried to have him fuck me (raw), but I was too tight and it hurt. This was the beginning of MANY more cocks.

Here's the Full Story:

This is a true story about my first taste of dick.

The first time I was with a guy was when I was about 14yrs old. He was much older, late 30's I believe. We met on a computer bulletin board for gay guys around los angeles. I expressed interest, and one summer day when my parents were at work, nervously, I invited him over with the sole intention of having my first cock.

He pulled up in his van and came to my door. He was very tan and handsome. Dark complexion, maybe Turkish or something. He was wearing a t-shirt and bicycle shorts, his huge 7" cock fully visible thru the thin material. I was so nervous I could barely stand. I invited him, he took a seet in our lazy-boy chair and I sat across the living room on the couch. I didn't know what to do, so I made small talk about the tennis on television, and all of a sudden, almost mid sentence, I blurted out, "so how's that 7" cock of yours?"

"Come over and find out", he replied while smiling at me.

I didn't hesitate, I got up and went straight for his dick. My legs were so wobbly that I had to drop to my knees. I rubbed his dick outside his shorts. This was it, this was the real deal, I was going to get a real life cock. No more sucking my own cock and fucking myself with hairbrush handles, hot dogs, and whatever else I could find to shove up there. He took off his shorts exposing his massive and thick man meat. I gasped and felt a rush of warmth flush over me. I stood up, grabbed his cock, gave it a tug, and said "lets go get comfortable" and led him to my parents bed room.

Now like I said, I was only 14rs, but I lied and told him I was 18. I don't know if he believed me, or cared, but I wanted to try to keep up the illusion. We went to the bedroom and both undressed. He laid on his back, spread his legs a bit and I dove right in. It felt so right, his big, meaty, fleshy cock inside my mouth. He moaned and groaned and I sucked my very first cock. He seemed to love it, which really turned me on knowing I was bringing so much pleasure to this older guy. He was old enough to be my dad, and I loved that. I was his little cocksucking boy. I kept asking, "how is it?", "does it feel good?", looking for confirmation that I was performing my duties properly as daddy's little whore.

I sucked it for awhile then asked to do 69. I took the top position and continued worshiping his man cock as he began sucking my cock and fingering my ass. It felt soo good to have someone else's fingers in there. He probed my ass until I could not take it anymore. I took his cock out of my mouth and asked, "why don't you put your dick in there instead?".

"Ok, bend over.."

I got on all fours, looking at myself in my parents full size dresser mirrors. My young, naked body, bent over on all fours with my ass hole spread, about to take my first real cock. I watched as he took his position behind me, he bent down and spit a huge lob of spit on my hole and rubbed the tip of his cock against my boy hole. "Push it in" I begged. He did just that, he shoved his cock inside my asshole. No condom, no lube except for our saliva. It hurt sooo bad, I gasped in pain, thinking I would pass out, but I didn't. "Breathe, sweetie..." he offered encouragement as he sat with his cock inside my ass as I got used to it. This was nothing like the 1/4 lb hot dogs I fucked myself with, this was HUGE. I realized then that if I wanted to really get fucked by men with big dicks, I would have to spend some time stretching my hole and getting it used to things much bigger than a hot dog. This was a real man cock in my ass hole, not some imitation. I had no idea what to expect, but the pain was too much and he had to pull out.

Still unbelievably horny, I went back to sucking and loving his cock. After a few minutes he let out a huge groan and muttered, "fuck i'm going to cum". I wasn't sure what to do next, but knew I always swallowed my own cum, so I would probably like his. Unexpectedly, he shot his load everywhere. Into the air, on my face, in my mouth. I gobbled it all up like a veteran. We both collapsed in ecstasy and I asked if he enjoyed it and if I was a good cocksucker. He assured me that I was, we both got dressed, and he left. I never saw him again after that.

I did it. I finally got my first dick. I loved it so much, more than I could have imagined. This opened the flood gates, so to speak. I am now a bonafied cum eating cock-slut. I started going to ABS gloryholes, public restrooms, gay theaters, anywhere to get more cock.



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I also live in Phoenix and love to eat cum. I love to fuck a good mouth. I have a nice body and am 50. I get so hard looking at your site. If interested read these stories I've written about my own cum eating and write to me.

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You are like my god. I love cum also.