Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Favorite Gloryhole Open Again!

Today I visited two gloryholes. I sucked 8 cocks today and swallowed 8 loads of sperm from totally anonymous men. I got 5 loads at my usual spot and decided to check on the other place just down the street, the real filthy "pool". Glad I did. I got another 3 loads over there. The gloryholes at the dirtier place have been closed for awhile, but i stop in from time to time to see if they're opened up or not. Today the complete row was opened back up again. This place has like 6 booths in a row, all with gloryholes and there's always hot action. This place is very dark, and very filthy. Guys here are always into fucking ass or fucking throat. I've had some real hot times here, like stripping fully nude, unlocking the door, bending over with my ass facing the door and let anyone who walked in fill my ass up with jizz. I am pretty sure the guy working there that day deposited a load in me, along with about 6 other men. I didn't deposit money, so guys would think the booth was vacant and just find me in a dark, dirty porn booth, bent over with cum dripping out of my ass. It was so fucking hot. I never looked back once and I never said a word. Anyway, I'm glad this place is back open, I love all the dirty cock this place has.

Swallowed 8 loads of anonymous cum!!


chester said...

I like the porn booths dirty as well. It makes me feel that much sleazier. I like seeing cum drips, pools of cum, used rubbers, stains on the walls. Sometimes I even find underwear or jockstraps and I know some other sleazy fuckers have been there too. I hate when the smell of bleach that kills the aroma of cum and cock. Sure is hot how you let those anonmymous cocks cream you bumhole with loads of jizz. I think I'd be spending lots of time there myself in deep worship of cock and cum. I hope you find someone to film you.

J said...

That's a very hot scene you describe! I am new to Athens Ga area (I hope that this is the area you are talking about). Anyway, where are these filthy places because I need guys to use my ass and mouth like that too!