Saturday, September 04, 2010

"Wow, your ass is warm!"

I was slutting around on Craig's List and found an out-of-town top that wanted to fuck my ass in public. We arranged to meet at a local park restroom. I arrived before hand and took my place in one of the stalls. With the door unlocked I dropped my track pants, lubed my hole, and bent over, waiting for my man. After a few minutes I heard the door open. "Is that him?", I thought to myself. I stayed quiet, bent over and I heard him walking around, quietly. It was him. Another minute later I heard him outside my stall and he came in. He didn't waste any time before his big Mexican cock was out and his fingers were probing my ass. I reached back with both hands, spreading my hole, begging this stranger to shove his meat inside me. I felt the tip of his head pushing at my well lubed hole. I moaned and pushed back onto it. He shoved the length of his cock inside me and began to pump my ass quickly. He never mentioned a condom, and I never even cared.

Here I was, bent over in a public restroom with some stranger's raw dick pounding my sweet ass. I never even turned around to see what he looked like, I didn't care. I just liked knowing what a slut I must have looked like to this guy. Willingly taking anonymous stranger cock up my hole, bent over a dirty public toilet, not a care in the world except pleasing his cock. My ass was providing a well needed service to this guy. A place where he can come, fuck a tight ass, dump a load, and go about his day.

He fucked me for a minutes before just unloading in me. He never even told me he was going to cum, or even ask if he could cum inside me, he just assumed my ass was there to be filled with sperm, and he was right. Afterward he pulled out and left. I waited a few minutes until I left so I wouldn't see him.

When I got back in my car I called a trick I had met online. An older guy from a dadd/son website. I told him I wanted to come over and get fucked. He said, "come on over.". I arrived at his place and we got naked and I began sucking his cock in his bedroom. With my ass in the air, his fingers immediately started probing my hole. After a few minutes he got on top of me, and stuck his cock in me.

"Wow, your ass is warm!", he exclaimed.

"Yeah, I just got fucked in a public restroom by a stranger..." I said with a sly grin.

"You did? So you really are a little whore, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir", I replied.

He finished fucking me and blew his load. I dressed and drove home.

What a good day.

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