Thursday, May 26, 2011

My breath smells like cum!

I was out running errands and decided I needed cum so I made a pit stop at a bookstore I don't frequent much, but always enjoy. There weren't many people in there but I managed to get a nice black guy into my booth who let me drain his cock and swallow his load. I think the guy in the booth next to us was video taping us, but not sure. When he came he jammed his full cock down my throat and held it there while he came down my throat. Yum!

I entered another booth and saw a nice Mexican dude stroking his cock. I immediately began sucking it. He let me suck it for a bit then pulled away from my mouth and just stood there stroking it. When this happens I never know what to think. Was my mouth not pleasing him? Was I not sucking it well? I've been told by dozens and dozens of men that my mouth is amazing, but they usually say that when my mouth is full of their sperm. I guess for that moment I am an amazing cocksucker! anyway, being one to always want to please cock, I lubed my ass and turned around, pushing my ass through the square cut out. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but just a few seconds passed and I felt the warm head of his cock pressing against my hole. I reached back to check for a condom, NOPE! I took my shirt off, pinched my nipples, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the ride. He pumped me for a few minutes before spilling his seed deep inside me.

I returned to my errands with cum breath and a load dripping out my ass. I was a happy little pig.

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