Monday, January 14, 2013


I've been hosting cocks all day. Stay tuned for details.


Dog Boi #1 said...

Dude you are an inspiration to me. I sucked off 14 guys over two days mostly at the bookstore, you have inspired me to bend over in the booths and get fucked, love taking multiple loads in a row and leaving with a belly full of cum. Love hearing of cum dripping off or your face I too have done that and actually checked out at a cash register in a sleezy truck stop with a load dripping off my face, what a turn on. I have even cruzed the parking lots and other public places totally naked, you are my hero and I would love to help you somehow, but first of all I will be in Phoenix in a couple of weeks and I would consider it an honor to seed your ass. Please message me with the way to get in touch with you and how you would like it, I know you will not refuse, please teach me Master I need to be a better slut.

CumslutRick said...

Thanks dude, email me anytime: