Sunday, May 05, 2013

Caught at WalMart!

I was texting with this local married top barebacker who was really into breeding bottom sluts and since I'm a bottom slut, I offered my hole. He had to run some errands at WalMart sow e agreed to meet there. Apparently there's a single restroom for handicapped people that's large and locks. My instructions were to go to the bathroom, lube up, and text him when I was in place and he'd come in. So I texted him, he said, "be there in1 minute", so I unlocked the door, bent over the sink, reached back with both hands and spread my ass open waiting for him. About thirty seconds later the door opened, only it wasn't him!! It was a female WalMart employee! Holy shit! I just got caught with my hole spread wide open!

I panicked and grabbed the lube, and exited and headed toward the exit. When I got to my car, he texted me and said the employee basically turned the corner out of nowhere and got to the restroom first.

"No problem", I said, "I'll wait for you next door at Target in the last stall.". See, I've been fucked many times previously at that Target toilet, so I wasn't worried about it. So I went next door to Target, entered the restroom in the last stall, pulled my pants down, bent over the stall, and texted him, "ready". Thirty seconds later I heard the door to the restroom open, then footsteps, then my stall door slowly open, then close and lock.

"Fuck yeah", he said as he began palming my ass and fingering my hole.

I just stayed in place, bent over a public toilet, and began wiggling my ass. It was so hot having some stranger just enter my toilet stall as I'm totally vulnerable like that. Imagine what my friends and family would think if they knew my secret. Imagine if they knew I picked up strange men on the internet and arranged for these guys to fuck my ass bareback while I'm bent over a public toilet inside a Target, never even bothering to look back at his face or even ask his name. Imagine if they knew I beg men to shoot their loads into my ass. Wow.

As you imagine, the guy fucked me good and hard, slamming his bare, married cock deep inside me as I braced myself against the toilet. I was in pig heaven. My ass felt so good taking his cock. Just milking it like a good boy. Using my ass for what it's made for. Never looking back, never even caring who's mounted up behind me, barebacking my asshole. I felt honored. Out of all the worthless bottom cumdumps out there, he chose me! He chose me as the one he would pump his load into. My ass felt so good, I made him cum and making men cum is what I live for. He finished inside of me, zipped up, and left me there with his cum dripping down my leg. I waited for him to leave, pulled up my sweat pants, and headed to the gloryholes for more cock.


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cstead said...

so hot and sexy! A big big turn on. I wish you lived closer. I would love to breed ya man.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Fuckin nice!

ScottHrnyDC said...

once again, so fuckin hot!!!