Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Craig's List Pump'n'Dump

Just placed an ad on Craig's List:

"Blindfolded BB cumdump taking ALL loads. My hole is pre-lubed with sperm, I'm blindfolded, face down, ass up and ready to serve as a cum receptacle. No load will be refused. No pics necessary. Total anon. First email should include your cell #. I will text you my address. BB porn playing in dark room. Cum breed me."

Stay tuned for updates! I'm so excited!

Update 1:
Two men just showed up, back to back. I think the second guy was actually here while the first was fucking me because he took the place of the first guy very quickly. They were both pretty quiet, just moaning as they fucked me. Two loads up my ass right now. I just put my butt plug back in and am about to bend back over and get into position. Two anonymous cum loads up my ass!

Update 2:
I'm not sure, but I think t\guy #3 was a black guy. He sounded like one and his cock was HUGE. Felt so fucking good. He kept calling me "cumdump" and "Faggot" as he fucked me. He held me down as he came in me and left his cock in until it was soft. He was kind and put my butt plug back in before he left, keeping his cum in me. Back to the grind! 3 loads in me.

Update 3:
I've sent my address to over 40 men as of right now. My butt plug is holding all the cum in. Creating more ads on other sites.

Update 4:
I just took 4 men over the span of an hour! Wow. I can't even feel my ass anymore, it's just numb. When the last man fucked me, all I felt was pressure. Maybe his cock was small? I don't know. Feeling so good right now and so fucking slutty. So far seven strange men have entered my hotel room, fucked my faggot cumdump ass bareback, and left their seed in me! There's a giant puddle of cum beneath where I've been getting fucked. My asshole is loose and sloppy and a little sore, but I'm not stopping!

The third guy in this batch asked me, "How many poz loads have you taken?".
"No idea", I replied.
"Well, it's at least one now. *laughing*", he responded, "enjoy that dirty load, slut."

i just sent my address to about 18 more guys.

Blindfold is going back on now.

Update 5:
THREE men just showed up at once and gangbanged the shit out of me. They fed me their cocks and all took turns breeding me. They loved how sloppy and wet my asshole is. I mean LOVED it. I'm unsure if they were friends, or just happen to show up at the same time. Wow. I'm pretty sure they were snapping pics or video of me because I heard the camera shutter sound a couple times. Maybe now the world will know my trued identity, or maybe it's just for their private collection., Who knows. Who cares. I've now taken 10 cocks and 10 loads of sperm up my butt!!

For the last 6.5 hours I've done nothing but serve as a cum receptacle for strange men. I've given my address freely to anyone who wants it and laid here, blindfolded, letting everyone cum inside me. I've taken at least one known POZ load, and probably more. I did advertise no load refused, didn't I? I guess I get what I deserve. True sluts don't use condoms! I've just sent my address to more men. Butt plug is in and blindfold is going back on. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Amazing story in Vegas. Hope today's ad turns out well. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Fucking amazing, as usual. I'm very proud of you.

Quincy Rowe said...

Just curious about your "slut level".. are you open to allowing "non humans" to breeding and "knotting" inside your ass pussy? When you say "no load is refused" are you really talking about any cum load from ANY MALES.. human or otherwise? Inquiring minds REALLY want to know!

CumslutRick said...

@Quincy - I've never had a dog, but chances are, I'd let it fuck me.

Quincy Rowe said...

Fuck...I think I just oozed a lil pre cum reading your answer to my inquiry. FUCK...nasty freaky bareback bottoms like you DEFINITELY gets my intrigue up about fucktoys such as yourself!

amandgrey said...

Any videos

SissySlut said...

I'd probably agree to being bred outside my species if someone told me to and I was high on cum...

Quincy Rowe said...

@SissySlut, fuck that's so hot and intense. I would LOVE to bred both you and Cumslut Rick with this device ( and knot you both!

Ki Z said...

A great fan of yours!]
Aren't you afraid of Poz
You inspire me to be a cumslut ;)