Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anonymous Laundry Room Load

I posted an ad on CraigsList looking for anonymous loads and a guy down the street contacted me.  We agreed that he would leave his garage door open, I would enter, then go into his laundry room which was located inbetween the house and the garage.  I was to call him when I arrived, go into the laundry room, pull my pants down, lube my ass, and turn off the lights.  I am a slut and I do what I'm told.

I pulled up to his house, the garage was open, as expected.  I called his cell and said, "I'm here".   "Ok", he said, "I'm ready for that ass".  I got out and began walking to the garage.  My face was flush, my head was spinning a little, I was so horny and knowing that in a matter of minutes, some random guy will have his raw cock up inside me.  It makes me so hot thinking about what a whore I am.  I entered the laundry room and locked the door behind me, as requested, pulled down my sweat pants, lubed my hole, placed the bottle of lube on the washer and bent over, facing away from the door to enter the house.  About 30 seconds I heard the door open, and he entered.  I never turned around, so I never actually saw the guy, as usual, I just felt his hard cock inside my ass.  He didn't say a word, he just walked into the dark room, grabbed the bottle of lube and lubed his cock, then pressed it against my hole.  

"Go slow", I said.  And he did.  He eased the entire length of his cock into my ass, slowly.  It felt so good.  I reached back, bent over the washing machine, and spread my hole open so I could take all his meat up inside me.  He began pumping me slowly, pushing the entire length of his cock inside me, then out again.  I was in pig heaven.  My cock was so hard.  Here I was in some anonymous man's laundry room taking raw cock up my butt.  I have no idea who he was, nor do I care.  My job is to fuck any cock that wants to be inside me, no questions.  My job is to serve as a warm hole for men to dump their loads into.  A place where men don't have to worry about hearing "no", or "pull out", or "don't cum in me".  I am past all that.  I love nasty, anonymous barebacking where it's just about my hole providing a service to men and making men happy.

He pumped his fat cock faster and faster inside my ass.  I've had pleanty of cocks and know when the man is going to cum, I knew it would only be a matter of seconds.  "Fuck yeah dude, breed me..." I moaned.  He grunted, then grabbed my hips and began thrusting violently inside me.  "Ohhh yeah, fuck yeah" he quietly hissed as he pumped his load inside me.  He finished cumming in me, pulled out, slapped my ass and said "thanks", then just disappeared into the house.  He left me there, pants around my ankles, load dripping out of my butt like a piece of meat.  I loved it.  He used me for what I am for, collecting loads.  I pulled up my pants and left with his load dripping out of me.  I never saw him again.

I often wonder, while walking through Costco or WalMart, if any guys recognize me.  If any guy sees me and says, "hey, I fucked that slut raw".  I sure hope so.


Oscar42 said...

I am so glad you are back! Your stories are the best!

Seminal Experiences said...

I've taken in laundry rooms, sheds, public parks, cars, bathrooms, offices.. anything to get seed.