Sunday, August 16, 2009

Addicted to Raw Loads

I think I am physically addicted to raw loads up my ass. It is all I think about. I have tried, on many occasions, to go to the gloryholes or the theater and just suck cock, but every time I end up with at least one raw dick in me, sometimes more. I used to only slide back on the really nice looking, big dicks, but now I find myself wanting every dick up my NEG ass. Once I get a few loads down my throat, something comes over me. I feel like I turn on auto-pilot and before I know it, I've got my pants around my ankles and my ass pressed up against the glory hole taking some stranger's raw cock up my butt, begging for him to dump his load deep inside me, begging him to lube my ass for the next guy that's going to fuck me raw. Often when I'm getting barebacked through the gloryhole, I'll unlock my door and hold it open a little so guys can see what I'm doing. I want guys to know I'm a bareback hole for anonymous cocks.

It's even worse when I'm in a theater and other guys are watching me. It's like I have something to prove. I want to show all the men that I'm the sluttiest cumdump around. I want to show men that I love taking raw, bareback loads up my hole and I that I don't care who fucks me. I want men to think of me as the dirtiest, sluttiest, horniest bareback cumslut in town. I want them to remember me next time they see me and know my raw hole is theirs for the taking. I love when I'm taking raw dicks when other guys come up and start talking dirty to me, calling me names like "cumdump" and "cumslut".

I can't say "No". When I'm sucking a man's cock, wherever I am, if he asks to fuck me, I feel compelled to accommodate him, condom-free. I owe it to him and owe him my ass. I've taken raw loads at gloryholes, in theaters, public restrooms on my back with my ass under the stall, cars, parks, blindfolded in a hotel ro0m, anywhere I can get a quick load. I can't stop taking loads, I have tried. It's impossible. The feeling I get when a stranger dumps his load deep inside my ass is indescribable. It's a high. Knowing that some strange man, who I usually never even see, has his bare cock up inside my butt and is using my hole as his own personal ass pussy to dump his load into is the sexiest thing I have ever encountered. Knowing that 6, 7, 10 men use my hole in a row, each other guy plunging into a sloppier and more cum filled hole is simply irresistible for me. Knowing that I might be considered the nastiest whore they've ever fucked is something I can't ever stop. I am addicted to having anonymous strangers empty their balls into my ass.


Seminal Experiences said...

Yeah it's definitely possible to be addicted to cum.

DanOD said...

I have felt the same way for years; like it's a psychobiochemical reaction of sorts.

Anonymous said...

I have a load like you have never seen... Puts peter north to shame. I'd love to pound your ass and dump my load in your shit hole.

joe947 said...

I would love to have men pump loads in my mouth all day and night.
When I see a hard cock I have to suck it and swallow the load.

My mouth is available for any real hard cock to use as he wants any time day or night his friends including. I would also be available for suck off parties.

Anonymous said...

i think the following back and forth between myself (smoothbutt) and a horny masculine top (alphatop7) says it all:

Quoting smoothbutt:

nice profile man! love this part in your profile - "Bottoming is a skill learned at the hands of countless selfish horny men. Being a boy is a state of mind communicated in his eyes, moans, sighs, and absolute surrender ".

both of these statements are SO TRUE and speaks directly to me since i have learned to bottom kneeling at the feet and/or bending over for many, many needy selfish tops looking to get their nutt (and selfishly thinking of nothing else....but thats OK...and in fact is want i want and surrender and give pleasure's release for the top).

Messages like that guarantee you access to my cock and give me confidence that you have a meaningful appreciation about your role and priorities as a cocksucker...if ever within proximity of each other, would be this Top's 'honour' to feed your mouth and guide you on a sexual journey beyond your wildest dreams...