Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Day Cumdump

I woke up really horny today. More than usual. I decided to stop by a local porn store on my way to the office. I've written about this particular store before, it has a very cruisy arcade with booths, no gloryholes. The booths have these ropes at the entrance of the booths. I always leave my rope down to let other guys know they're welcome to cum in. I took the biggest booth, as I usually do. I've been told that this particular booth is known as the group booth or the booth you go when you want to get fucked. Since I always want to get fucked, but groups, you can see why I always take this booth. HaHa. Anyway, so I entered the booth, and pulled down my pants. I decided to get right to the point so I began hanging my ass slightly outside the booth so, from a certain location, guys cruising could see my ass on display. I love just hanging my ass out on display, it lets the men know exactly what I'm looking for. It didn't take long and an older, stalky, well-built guy saw my ass and immediately entered my booth and took out his cock. I sat down and immediately took him into my mouth.

He must have left the rope down because as I was sucking his dick, another stranger entered the booth. With stranger #1's cock in my mouth, I looked up to stranger #2, smiled, raised my eyebrows, and motioned him closer. He moved in, took out his cock and suddenly I was servicing two strangers at the same time. As I'm switching off dicks, #1 begins to probe my ass with his fingers. I re-position myself to give him full access to my butt hole and moan with encouragement. Suddenly another old man enters the booth and is just standing there watching me suck #2's cock while #1 finger fucks my hole. I pulled out some lube and lubed up my hole. #1 stood me up, bent me over so my face was again in #2's crotch, and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my ass. Stranger #3 began to touch me, running his hands over my back. I reached back, grabbed #1's cock at the base, and pushed back onto it taking the entire length inside me. Holy shit did it feel good. Not a word was mentioned about condoms and #1 just let me slide back onto his raw dick. #1 began to fuck me as I was sucking #2 getting spit roasted in a dirty porn booth. #3 re-positioned himself next to #2 so I could switch off on their cocks. It was great. #3 began encouraging stranger #1 telling him to "fuck that ass, man", "fuck that slut". "You like it, slut?", he asked me. I just moaned "mmmmhhhmmmmm" back. #1 picked up the pace and said, "I'm going to cum!", I reached back and grabbed his ass, pressing him tighter into me eliminating any confusion as to if I wanted his load. #1 grabbed both of my hips and thrust the full length of his dick inside me as he moaned and began to twitch, unloading his jizz into my guts.

After #1 pulled out, I didn't say a word and immediately turned around and placed my as sin front of #2's cock. He did not hesitate and slid his rock hard dick inside of me, using #1's cum for lube. #1 quickly zipped up and left, but I didn't care. I was done with him. I successfully extracted a load out of him and sent him on his way. With #2's cock inside me, I sort of stood up from the bent over position and braced myself against the wall as #2 continued to pound me. #3 took his place next to me pinching my nipples and encouraging #2 to keep pounding me.

I was in heaven. Here i was, naked in a porno booth in a seedy adult bookstore with one old man's cum inside my ass while another old man was fucking me raw trying to add his load to the mix while another stranger was talking dirty to me and calling me names, watching some old guy bareback me. I love that strangers use me for sex. I love that strange men meet me and within seconds, have their cocks in me. I love that I don't refuse any loads anymore and that any dirty old man can do whatever he wants to me. I love that I do all of this in public, showing off to other guys, not giving a fuck who sees me pleasing fat, old fuckers. I love the look of shock and sometimes disgust when guys find me getting used like this. Especially when they realize that these old men are fucking me without condoms and that I'm letting, no, begging, for them to cum inside me.

#2 never even said a word or indicated that he was dumping his load inside me. He just stopped fucking, pulled out, slapped my ass, and said, "there's another one, boy". I thanked him as he was zipping up and turned my attention to #3. I tried to get him to fuck me too but he looked nervous and left. I was already late for work so I decided to take a break and go into the office with 2 loads of strange man sperm inside my ass.

I was still hungry for more loads so at lunch time I arranged to meet up with this dude I've messed around with before in a public toilet in a park by my office. I've slutted around here before and have written about some adventures at this toilet. We agreed I would go into the toilet and text him. He works just a block from the park so he showed up in under 3 minutes after I texted him. These stalls don't have doors so it's a little risky but super hot. I waited in the stall for him like a good boy... pants around my ankles, cock in hand. He entered the restroom and walked right up to me, took his cock out and shoved it in my mouth. I sucked him for awhile until he was hard as a rock and I turned around and spread my hole inviting him in. He took his position behind me as I'm bent over the public toilet and began fucking me. He only lasted maybe a minute before he shot another load up inside my butt. He zipped and left. I waited a few minutes to collect myself before heading back to the office now with 3 loads inside.

After work I arranged to meet some stranger at a public restroom I cruise frequently that is on my way home from work. I texted him that I was there and entered the restroom and went to the stall (no door here either), facing the toilet I pulled down my pants and started jerking my dick. I never even heard the guy enter the restroom but was startled when I felt a warm cock pressing against my ass. It took me by surprise but I was excited. I didn't even look back to see him, I just reached back, spread my hole, inviting him inside me. He spit on his cock and began rubbing it at the entrance to my hole. I moaned, arched my back, and pressed back into him. He put one hand on my hip, the other on his cock, and began guiding his dick inside me. He didn't last long either, maybe 45 seconds before he said, "cumming" as he unloaded a 4th load of strange semen inside me. He came, and left. I zipped up and went home. What a great day!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love laying your ass out there for all to see how depraved and cumhungry you are? Love reading your exploits. They inspire me to seek out loads and bare my ass to any old pervs that want long as I get their cream.

Dog Boi #1 said...

Sounds like a nice day for you. I recently swallowed over 20 loads of man juice in less than a two day period. I published my room number at a hotel on CL and invited all cumers to my hotel. Holly shit even I got more action than expected, I sucked cock all night long and took load after load after load from everyone who walked thru the door. I don't know if any of them realized I never even asked what any of them looked like, how old they were or how big their dicks were I just took them as they came. Some even came back for seconds, all in all I swallowed like 22 loads and it was great. Great blog dude, I admire your work.

Smithie said...

Just moved to the area. Where are these great places you go in Phoenix area?