Saturday, March 24, 2012

Door's UNLOCKED, I'm face down, ass up!

I did another anonymous pump'n'dump the other day and got multiple stranger loads up my ass and never saw any of them. I just laid there and let strangers cum into my house and dump raw loads inside my butt. Here's the first ad:

Looking for multiple tops!
I'm looking for a few tops to take turns pounding my ass tonight. I'm in [xxxx] and hosting. I'm 6', 145lbs, blnd/blue, 6.5"cut, smooth, total bottom slut. I love being used and humiliated by a group of men who know how to treat this slut. The more the better.

YOU: Be decent looking and have a hard dick, that's all I require. You must be a total top and ok with fucking me while other guys are fucking me. Be d/d free and HIV- please. Send pics for time and address.
At this point I was really looking for a gangbang, for multiple tops to come over at once and take turns pounding out my fucking holes. As usual, for CraigsList, I got about 6 guys that said they'd cum over but only two came, but not at the same time. One hot military guy and another hispanic guy. They each dumped raw loads in me and left.

After getting two loads in me I was so horny and desperate for loads, i put up another ad on CraigsList, practically begging for more dick and loads.

Second guy of the evening just left. My door is unlocked, i'm in the dark bedroom, face down-ass up! SERIOUS and FOR NOW ONLY. Send pic and cell # if serious and i'll send you my address. NO endless emails.
I mean, if that doesn't get the point across, nothing will. Here I am, a young, desperate, fag posting public advertisements on the internet inviting strangers into my house to use my ass hole like a public cock milking device. Every guy that emailed me with a cell phone number got an immediate reply with directions to my house and instructions. Here's the email I sent them:

[full address]
Cross streets are [cross streets]

Just come through the garage door into the house and walk straight back to the
bedroom where i'll either be waiting solo with my cumdumpster butt in the air or pleasing other men. NO CONDOMS ALLOWED. I do have lube, but at this point you won't need it as I already have a few loads up my sloppy ass
Please be discrete. Park in the driveway if there are no other cars
This was Friday night so the emails just kept cumming in and I kept replying with my address. There was a steady stream of cocks invading my body and every load I took made me hornier and hornier for more dicks and cum.

I love having strangers fuck me when I can't see them. It's such a rush that the only thing I know about them is how their dick feels inside me and how they fuck me. Some men fuck me hard, deep, and aggressively, some men fuck me normally, and some guys fuck slow and methodically. It's the only thing I know about them yet their raw, unprotected dicks are slamming inside me, shooting their loads into my hole, mixing their semen with that of other strangers who were there before them.

I didn't even ask for cock pics this time. I took ALL LOADS, no exception. I love serving as a public sperm bank knowing that perhaps my neighbor, friends, or even family was mounted up behind me just taking my ass. I have no clue if the guys were fat, ugly, old, poz, or anything, nor do I care. I love the sound as the stranger enters my house, walks down the hallway, then I hear his belt unbuckle, his clothes hit the floor, I hear him climb onto the bed, I feel his hands on me, then the tip of his cock at the entrance to my hole, then the warmth of his hard cock entering me. I just close my eyes and press back, taking the length of their cocks deep inside me. I never looked back at any man breeding me, I just let him dump his load and leave.

I stayed like this for hours and actually have no idea how many guys bred me, I lost track at 8. I know it's somewhere between 11-13, but I can't be certain. I love pretending I'm the guy entering my bedroom and seeing me, face down, ass up, ass hole swollen and dripping sperm, hands spreading my hole as wide as possible. Men know that there is nothing more in life that I want or need more than their raw dicks up inside me. I love knowing that these horny fuckers don't even care what I look like, who I am, where I come from. At that moment it's all about their cock and breeding my ass hole. All I am is a sloppy hole for these guys and I love that. These guys don't give a shit about me, all they want to do is pound my sloppy pussy hole until they get off and leave, leaving me horny, in a bit of pain, and dripping with their seed.

I love being a whore.


SissySlut said...

I also sometimes host anonymous pump'n'dump nights, or all day if I'm just unable to control myself. I use a motel room, and post the location in ad. location, room, and instructions to just come in and do whatever they like. I usually see the guys that show up. I'm often in lingerie and on the bed when they walk in. Guys often hang out after unloading in me and watch other guys show up. Some guys just show up looking for a place to deal and use. I let them. often once they are high they want a slut to fuck.

Cleveland bottom guy said...

Damn, dude! Sounds like you had fun!