Monday, August 11, 2014

7 Reasons Why My Ass Is Better Than A Pussy

As I was bent over a tree letting the sixth anonymous stranger unload his balls up my sloppy asshole, I realized my ass is much better than a pussy and here's why:

  1. My ass is always wet and ready: I always pre-lube my ass with either lube, or by injecting my own cum up my butt. When I'm out cruising for cocks, my hole is always wet and ready to accept any cock. This is not always true with a pussy.
  2. No condoms required: I'm not worried about getting pregnant, nor am I stuck up. I'll never require a condom, allowing the men inside me maximum pleasure and maximum connivence. 
  3. No pulling out required: As your body is shaking and you're about to cum, I'll never tell you to pull out. I want you to hold me tight and fuck your load deep inside me. You never have to pull out.
  4. Fuck my ass anywhere: My ass is free to be fucked wherever a man wants. I don't require a comfortable bed or couch, you can fuck my ass whenever and wherever you want. Bathrooms, gloryholes, parks, porn theaters, dark rooms, etc. are all fair game.
  5. Looks are unimportant: Most men who fuck me I never see anyway. I don't care what you look like or how old you are, everyone has the same access to my hole. I won't tell you "no" because you're fat or ugly, in fact, I'll probably want your cock and load even more.
  6. Share me with your friends: All your friends can fuck me. No reason to keep this amazing ass all to yourself, share me with all your friends, or just share me with strangers.
  7. I never have a headache: I'll never say no and my ass is always here for the taking. If you have a hard cock and want to fuck, this ass is available.
There you have it, the 7 reasons why my ass it better than a pussy. Now come breed me.


Quincy Rowe said...

DEFINITELY becoming more of a fan of yours!!

Bruce Chang said...

You make me wish my layovers at Phoenix Sky Harbor were a lot longer!