Monday, September 29, 2014

Video Recorded Against My Will

The other day I was in a particularly horny, slutty kind of mood so I decided to inject some of my own sperm up my butt, put on leggings, panties, and a lacy top under my street clothes, threw a towel in my backpack and headed out to my local cruising park in search of men to fill me with sperm.

I got to the park and found the little cove I like to get fucked in, stripped down to my slutty panties and top, laid down a towel, got on all fours, pushed my panties to the side exposing my asspussy, and waited.

As usual, I didn't have to wait long until I heard the cracking of leaves and sticks along the trail. My heart began to race. This is the part I love, getting discovered in compromising positions by strangers. Remember, it's the middle of the day and I'm naked except for women's lingerie, in a known gay cruising spot, on my hands and knees, ass in the air with cum dripping out of my ass. There's no mistaking what I am at this point, or why I'm there. I'm a bareback cumdump faggot cruising for stranger cock.

I heard the footsteps get closer and then stop and I knew someone was behind me. I turned around to find an old guy in sweatpants pulled down stroking his hard cock. I looked him in the eye, smiled, and motioned for him to come closer. He moved in front of me and I immediately took his cock into my mouth. I sat up on my knees to suck him, but still arching my back and ass to keep my cumhole on display, I devoured his cock. It was nice, about 7" long and fairly thick. I nice, fat old man cock! What a good way to start the day. As I was blowing my old stranger and looking up into his eyes, I noticed his gaze shift from my slutty mouth to behind me. Experience told me that another man was now with us and watching me. I reached back with both hands while the old man's cock was still in my mouth and spread my ass open wide for whoever was behind me. The old man began fucking my mouth and then I felt hands on my back and on my ass. I guess stranger #2 took the bait! :) I took the old man's cock in my hand and turned around a little to see a middle-aged latino man behind me, hands all over me. The latino stuck two fingers up my hole and when he realized I was lubed and ready, said "Oh fuck yeah", and unzipped his pants pulling his uncut latin cock out of his zipper. He pushed his cock against my hole and I stopped with the old man's cock, reached back and grabbed the latino at the base of his cock and guided him inside me. Like I said, my hole was already lubed and I slid back taking his entire length inside me with no issue.

I went back to all fours and the old guy sat on the ground in front of me, spreading his legs to allow me to continue sucking his cock. I closed my eyes and got lost in the two cocks that were invading my holes. I had no idea who these guys were, I've never seen them before nor did I know their names, but they each had a cock inside me and I was doing my best to milk the sperm from their cocks. I opened my eyes and looked to the side and saw another man had joined us and was watching the action, rubbing his cock from outside his pants. He had his phone in his other hand and was clearly recording me!

"No recording!", I said, firmly.

He chuckled and said, "You're hardly in a position to be making demands." and just kept filming me!

At first my head started spinning. I was pissed! How long has he been here? What's he going to do with the video? What if people find out I'm a cumdump?

Then reality set in. He was right. I was in no position to be making demands. I was in lingerie, in a public park during the day with a cock in each hole. I put myself in this position. This is my fault and I'm finally getting what I deserve. "Oh well", I said to myself, and took the old man back into my mouth. This guy was going to record me regardless of what I wanted and there was really nothing I could do about it.

"Please don't get my face", I tried to negotiate.

"Too late", he said laughing.

Fuck. I realized at this point it was too late, the damage had been done, so I just embraced it, and focused on the cocks inside me. It's not like guys haven't recorded me before, it's just that I'm usually blindfolded and my face isn't exposed. Also, I'm sure because I can't see the camera usually, it's less real to me.

About thirty seconds later my latino barebacker grabbed my hips and started salaaming his cock in and out of me, forcing the old man's cock deep down my throat, moaning and grunting. I knew what was coming and began encouraging him. "Fuck yeah, breed me!" I begged. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he exclaimed as he held me tight, shooting his cum deep inside me.

The latino pulled out, got up and disappeared. The old man who was in my mouth also got up and moved behind me.

"On your back", he demanded.

I flipped over on my back, grabbed my legs and spread them open. Fuck yeah, my old man is about to fuck me. Still filming, the middle aged white guy moved closer and pointed the camera at my dripping hole as the old man slid his rock hard cock right up my cum filled hole. The camera man had his cock out now and moved beside me, allowing me to take him into my mouth.

I loved it. I looked straight up into the camera as he fed me his average sized cock, sucking and slurping. I was putting on a real show. I figured if I was going to be recorded against my will, I had might as well do a good job so that other men would see it and want to fuck me too.

As I'm getting fucked and recorded, another guy appears from the bushes. An older black man with a baseball cap with graying hair and glasses. He walks right up, stands beside me, looking down at me and just says, "wow", shaking his head in almost disbelief as he pulled his cock out of his jeans. I love it when men look at me in shock and disgust. Why shouldn't he be disgusted? I'm getting bareback gangbanged by strangers in a park wearing lingerie.

I kept my eyes on the black cock and my mouth on the white cock. I fucking love black dick and wanted him to know it. As I'm pigging out, the black guy reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone also. He points it at me and it's clear he's now recording me too! Fuck. He obviously thought it was OK because the white guy was doing it.

The black guy kneeled down on his knees and put his cock in front of my face. I never say no to black cock, so I abandoned the white cock and went to work on the black one. The black guy and the white guy were now holding each of my legs back, allowing the old guy fucking me full access to my hole.

"You love cock, don't you, boy?", the black man asked, pointing his camera right at my face.

I didn't take his cock out of my mouth, I just groaned and responded "mmm hmmm"

Just then the old man fucking me exclaimed, "I'm going to cum!"

"Cum inside me", I demanded.

His body tensed up and he closed his eyes, throwing his head back as he emptied his balls deep inside me.

When he was done, the white camera man moved around to my hole and the black guy grabbed both of my legs and pulled back on them while the white guy video taped my gaping, cum-dripping hole.

I pushed some of the cum out onto my hand and began jerking my rock hard cock.

"Your turn", the white guy sad to the black guy.

The black guy took his place at my hole and wasted no time just shoving it in.

"Fuck yeah",  encouraged, as the black guy began fucking me.

The white guy, at this point, seemed more interested in filming and moved behind the black guy to get different angles of my hole getting pounded. This went on for a few minutes until the black guy unloaded in me, stood up, stopped filming, and left.

"Now it's my turn", the white guy said, still filming me.

I grabbed my legs and pulled them back as the white guy prepared to mount me.He had the camera pointed right at my face and I looked straight into the camera and begged, "please fuck me, oh god, please fuck me!"

He grabbed the base of his cock with his other hand, and guided his cock inside my dripping hole, camera still pointed directly at my face. I closed my eyes and threw my head back in lust as he entered me. "Oh, god, yes..." I purred.

"You like that raw dick, don't you, boy?", he asked.

I opened my eyes, looked right into the camera and said, "Yes, sir!"

"You like getting your holes filed by strangers, don't you?"

"Yes, sir!"

"You're a filthy fucking cumdump whore, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir!"

He turned the camera down to my hole as he was fucking me.

"Look at that sloppy cum filled hole!"

"Yes, sir! Breed my pussy. Breed my pussy", I begged.

"Here it comes!", he exclaimed.

He reached down and put his hand around my neck and began choking me as he emptied his balls inside me. He held me there, emptying every last drop of his cum deep inside me and pulled out with a *plop*. I could feel cum running down my cheeks. He stood up and I stayed in position with my legs pulled back, asspussy still exposed.

"Look at you, you pathetic faggot.", he said, grinning as still filming me, "this is going on the internet."

My heart sank.

"No, please. Don't make this public," i begged, as reality started sinking in.

"Like you have any say. Thanks, faggot.", and he put his phone away, zipped up, and left.

Fuck! What just happened to me? Why did I let this happen? Why didn't i stop? Why did I look directly into the camera and not at least try to hide my face? What's going to happen if people see this? If it gets out? This isn't just regular sex with a man. That's understandable, but how will people react when they see me dressed in lingerie getting barebacked by strangers in public? That's depraved and the bottom of the barrel. Fuck.


SissySlut said...

yeah, I've given up trying to stop guys from taking pics and videos when they fuck me. they are really into it.

I'll see myself online at some point, and I will likely get recognized eventually.

Cumslut2601 said...

I love performing for the camera. I become a cum slut as soon as i put on my nylons and suspenders. Total bottom sub