Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Blindfolded at the Makeshift Sling

I was really fucking horny the other day and wanted to take my whoring to the next level. I decided I would return to the park and prop myself up on the makeshift sling I blogged about here. Only this time, I was going to wear a blindfold and just take whatever came my way, in broad daylight, during the middle of the day!

I pre-lubed my asshole by injecting my own cum up my hole, like usual, and headed out to the park. When I arrived at the makeshift sling location, no one was there. "Good", I thought, "gives me time to get set up". I wasn't wearing my fuck-me jeans, I was wearing sweats which I took off completely. I laid a towel down across the bottom supporting branches, propped myself onto the towel, laid back, and spread my legs placing them on the branch above. My cock was hard as a rock. I stayed there, leaned back for a second taking it all in. Was I really going to do this? I'm in the middle of a wooded park, in broad daylight, with only a t-shirt and sneakers on, legs spread open with my cummy hole exposed. I was totally vulnerable in this position. If someone were to walk up the path, there was no way I'd have time to hide or get dressed, am I really going to blindfold myself while like this? Fuck yeah I am! I surveyed the scene one last time, laid back, put the blindfold on and said to myself, "here we go!"

I'm not sure how much time passed, but it felt like twenty minutes at least and then I heard the familiar sound of cracking of sticks and leaves. My heart immediately began racing and my cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst. Someone's coming! I heard the footsteps getting closer and closer, and I could tell the person was right next to me.

"Holy shit!", the stranger exclaimed.

I had one hand on my nipple and the other gently stroking my cock. I felt a hand on my leg as the stranger approached. Then I felt a hand on each leg, gently rubbing them. I removed my hand from my cock and placed both hands on my nipples as my stranger began exploring my body. He began stroking my cock with one hand and put his finger inside my ass with his other. I heard a lot of rustling on the ground below me, then I felt a tongue on my asshole. He began tonguing my hole. I was so turned on I guess I didn't even hear another guy approach until I heard his voice.

"Nice, is this yours?", Stranger 2 asked Stranger 1.
"Nope, I just found him like this."
"Wow!", exclaimed Stranger 2
"I know! And he's full of cum!"
"That's a good boy.", encouraged Stranger 2.

I heard the sound of a belt unbuckling and in seconds I felt the warm tip of a cock at the entrance of my hole. I'm pretty sure it was Stranger 1. I reached down with both hands and spread my ass wide for him as he pressed the entire length of his cock inside my aching hole. He sat there, balls deep inside me for a few seconds before he began pumping in and out of me.

"Fuck him", Stranger 2 demanded.
"Yeah, fuck me", I cooed.

I felt hands all over me, stroking my cock, pinching my nipples, and rubbing my stomach as Stranger 1 continued fucking me. I reached down to feel his cock. No condom! Thank God. About a minute later Stranger 1 picked up the pace and began slamming his cock into me.

"I'm going to cum!", Stranger 1 announced just seconds before I felt his body spasming as he emptied his nuts deep inside me. He stayed balls deep inside me, rubbing my legs and body as every last bit of his cum was milked out of his cock by my greedy asshole.

He pulled his cock out of me and I could feel the cum pour out of my gaping hole and onto the leaves below me.

"My turn!", Stranger 2 announced. I heard Stranger 2 take his place at my hole but didn't feel anything right away, just silence, then I heard the sound of a phone camera snapping a picture. "God damnit, not again", I thought to myself.

"Fuck yeah, look at the cummy fuckhole", Stranger 2 said as I heard more pics being taken.

I reached down and spread my hole again, hoping to encourage him to put the camera down and fuck me. My encouragement worked. I felt his hands on my and then the tip of his cock entered my ass. He began slowly fucking my slutty fuckhole, sliding his meat all the way in, then all; the way out of my hole, leaving my hole gaped oped, then back in again. Every time he slid back into me, I could hear these amazing sloppy squishy noises. He grabbed my cock and started jerking me off as he took his time sliding his cock in and out of me.

"You've got a nice hole, boy", he complimented as he continued using me.
"mmmmmm", I replied as I smiled.

As he was fucking me, another man must have walked up. Again, I had no idea until I felt his hands on my nipples and his cock pressed against my face. The cock was hard and I tried to turn my head to suck it, but he must have been short because the angle just didn't work. About thirty seconds later I felt warm cum shooting onto my face, lips, and mouth! He must have been jerking off and just unloaded on my face! I licked up as much as my tongue could reach and just left the rest there as a trophy.

"Ready for my load, boy?", Stranger 2 asked.
"Fuck yeah! Breed me!"

He grabbed my hips and unloaded his babies into my slutty butt. It felt so good!

"Thanks, whore", he said as he walked away.

All of a sudden, silence. Three strangers just came and went. They used me and my holes for their pleasure and as quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. I wanted to take my blindfold off so badly, but I didn't. I remained in place, heart pounding, cock still hard as a rock. About five minutes later I heard more footsteps coming toward me. The footsteps got closer and closer until I could hear the person was right next to me. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. What was going to happen? Then I heard footsteps again walking away. Fuck! The person was leaving! Was it even a cruiser? What if it was just a random hiker? What if it was a woman? Whoever it was, they obviously weren't interested in a a free, public cumdump.

I wonder what they thought as they approached and saw me. Naked from the waist down, laying back in a makeshift sling in the middle of a park during the middle of the day. My butthole gaped open with cum dripping out of it, puddles of cum below me, cum all over my face, BLINDFOLDED, just waiting in public for anyone and everyone to come along and dump loads into my breeding hole. A true no-load-refused public cumdump. I must have looked like the most disgusting, desperate, sluttiest human being ever. Honestly, at that moment, I wished the entire world could se me like that. I wished every man on the planet was lined up waiting to take his turn at seeding my hole. I wished my father could see me. To see what a cumdump I've become. To see his son spent his days blindfolded in the park letting any and every man cum deep inside him. No load refused.

Just then I heard more footsteps. They got closer and then I didn't hear anything. Seconds later I felt a finger slide into my hole! The finger was replaced with a cock and Stranger 4 lasted only about 30 seconds before I heard him grunt, convulse a bit, and then I felt his cock pull out of me as quickly as it went in. Then I heard footsteps walking away. The entire experience from start to finish lasted maybe 60 seconds! A true pump'n'dump!

I stayed in this position for a good hour it felt like. Three more men ran through me for a total of six anonymous loads up my butt and one all over my face. When the last guy left, I gave it about five more minutes and I didn't hear anything so I sat up and took off my blindfold. It was starting to get dark. I looked around and thank god my sweat pants were still there! I hadn't even thought about what would have happened if someone stole them! I got down from my makeshift sling and almost jumped a bit when I noticed a guy standing there.

"Hi", he said, noticing I was startled.
"Hi", I replied.
"That was pretty hot."
"Thanks", I said.

How long had he been there? I wondered. Did he fuck me? Was he the guy who kept walking? Who knows, who cares. I was super embarrassed though and wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible. I went home, pushed out the loads that the strangers were gracious enough to leave inside me, and jerked off with their cum. I didn't shower afterward, or even clean up, I got dressed and went to the gloryhole for more cock and cum. I ended up eating three more loads and got another two loads up my asspussy.

Wow! What a day.


Anonymous said...

Wow, cumslutRick, you are my hero. I would love to have your nerve and do what you obviously love doing.

Keep being a cum dump and I will live vicariously through you.

I didn't go to the glory hole place today since I was with my wife all day. It is almost impossible to be a cumslut when you are married.

I anxiously await your next post on your Diary of a Cumslut.

Anonymous said...

Rick your shamelessness is getting to be so extreme i fucking love it and I blow loads every time i read a new post from you. You set the bar high for cumsluts like us and for that I'm fucking proud of you brother. Kee being that whore for all cocks you love being its beautiful thing to see someone embrace their inner slut and just take every and all cock that cums your way. I would love a chance to fuck my poz seed up that ass let you know you're taking some poison like a true whore. You're my fucking hero. Im off to the park to collect some loads myself. Happy whoring man