Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Being a Public Cumdump is My Job

Awhile ago I decided that my ass was no longer mine, it belongs to the public. My hole is freely available to anyone and everyone that wants to use it. The only requirements are you have to have a hard cock and be willing to dump your load inside me. After all, I should get something out of it. As of today, hundreds, if not thousands of men have used my ass for their pleasure, fucking it raw and depositing their cum inside me. Most of the cum I've taken has been from total anonymous strangers and most of the men I never see. That's the beauty of my hole, it doesn't discriminate. Not being able to see the men I'm letting use my hole allows me to freely give my hole to them without judgement and allow me to concentrate on what I truly enjoy, being a public cumdump whore. I love taking my hole out in public and offering it up to anyone who wants it and believe me, plenty of men seem to want it. I never say no. I'm at the park so often whoring my ass out men have begun to expect me. They know my ass will be there,, they know it'll be lubed up with plenty of cum, and they know they can do whatever they want to me.

I feel like I kind of "own" my little area in the park, like it's my office where I go to "work" and provide a free service to the community. I feel like it's my job to go there and provide a free ass for men that want to get off and drain their balls. Sure, I see other bottoms in the park (mostly cocksuckers) from time to time, but I'm always there. Plus a lot of the other bottoms cruise around looking for their perfect guy, playing games, being picky. Not me. I've never seen another bottom wearing fuck-me jeans, or stripping down to lingerie letting everyone fuck them like I do. I've got my little spot. My cove where I go and just bend over taking all cummers, and men know that.

Yesterday I went to my little spot, stripped down to just my tennis shoes, laid my blanket down, lubed my ass,  blindfolded myself, got face down ass up, and opened up shop.

I stayed there for hours, alternating positions to get comfortable. Sometimes on my back, all fours, on my stomach, or face down ass up. I took every single cock that came my way. I honestly have no idea how many men ran through me, nor do I really care. For me it's about providing a service and being on the clock. obviously the more cum the better, but when it comes down to it, I was there working for a few hours and if 5 cocks wanted to fuck me or 50 cocks wanted to fuck me, it's all the same, my hole is there regardless.

The last couple of men that fucked me I could barely feel. My ass was so numb and raw at that point all I could feel is pressure and that's totally fine with me. They all got to dump their sperm in me just the same and I'm sure it felt great to them.


SissySlut said...

I love that point when you can't even count anymore. When you only notice the large cocks and the rest are just guys using your cumdump service.

Anonymous said...

Oh Rick. You are such a Cumslut. I doubt that I'll ever reach your level, but I'm going to try, try, and try some more. Keep me motivated.

Nicholas Light said...

Sounds so arousing. ..I wanna drip cum when gets to the overflowing point. ..

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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