Friday, March 27, 2015

I FINALLY have a Daddy!!

I've been searching for a nasty, aggressive, older, big-cocked Daddy for awhile now and I finally found one! I've been searching on Craig's List, SilverDaddies, and other such sites, for an older man that wanted an ongoing relationship with me. Someone who wanted to pimp my ass out and challenge my limits. Someone who would take me to truck stops and whore me out. Someone who would encourage me to be the biggest, nastiest, sluttiest cumdump around. Well, I'm pleased to announce, I found one!

He's an older guy, mid-60's, grey hair, tan, beer belly, nice fat cock. We met online and he invited me over one afternoon for what he called an audition. When I got there I was really pleasantly surprised. he was hot. When I walked in he looked me up and down and ordered me to take off all my clothes, which I did. He led me into the living room where he offered me a drink, which I accepted. He sat next to me on the couch, still fully clothed, and we chatted for a bit getting to know each other. He asked me what I wanted in a Daddy and what I was looking for.

I told him that I was a total slut and can never get enough cocks up my ass. I told him that I wanted a Daddy to take me to the next level of perversion, a Daddy that would push my limits, a Daddy that would humiliate me and that would treat me like the worthless fuck hole I am.

He just grinned and shook his head and replied, "I can do that for you".

"Good", I replied, as my cock began to swell.

He then asked me what I liked about getting fucked.

I told him I loved surrendering my hole to men and that I feel a sense of pride and self worth when a man shoots him cum up my ass. I feel a sense of accomplishment and am happy to know I've just made a man feel so good. I told him that I feel it's my job or my duty to provide my holes for men to get off in and that I exist to make men happy.

We talked a bit more discussing my sexual history, etc. then he asked if I was ready for my audition?

"Of course!", I replied.

"I only have one rule... you can never say 'No'. If you do, that's fine, but you and I are over and I won't see you anymore. Ok?"

"Ok" I said.

He led me into the bedroom and told me to get onto the bed. He grabbed a camera and told me to get on my hands and knees. He started taking pictures of my ass. He then told me to get on my back and spread my legs open and he took more pics of me.

"These are for your ad", he said.

"My ad?", I questioned.

"Yeah, you'll see."

He then went to his computer and created a Craig's List ad titled, "No Load Refused Bottom Slut For Use" and uploaded my pics. He then started emailing my pics to "friends" of his offering me up.

He then went to a drawer and took out a few dildos and lube and told me to start getting my hole ready. I was so fucking horny and turned on! This is exactly what I'v been looking for.

As I was opening my hole, Daddy set up a tripod with a video camera. When he was done he ordered me on my hands and knees and wrote "CUM DUMP" across my ass cheeks with arrows pointing to my hole.

About 30mins later, Daddy's phone began to ring. "Here we go", I said to myself.

.... stay tuned for my next post where I tell you all about my first night with Daddy. I ended up staying there for about 24hrs and took 19 cocks in total!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cumslutrick. I've been anxiously awaiting your next posting on Diary of a Cumslut. I'll bet that you will get all of the cock and cum you can handle now that you have a Daddy. Keep telling us all about your life as a No loads refused cum slut.

SissySlut said...

Glad to hear about your new Owner. I hope he can keep the passion for whoring you out as you have pushed yourself over the years. You are certainly well practiced and should be able to handle all the action.

We'll be expecting pics now, of course!

putafag putafag said...

luv your blog. you could be my twin, cant wait to hear how it works with your daddy. i'm guessing you'll probly still whore around behind his back, slut that you are.

Duo said...

So fucking HOT!! Can't wait to hear the details!!

SissySlut said...

We are all waiting to hear any progress!

Susan38HH said...

My mother and sisters and I fall into that dump love. Mother has always been a cum dump and she taught my sisters and I to love being cum dumps. I set up there parties, no birth control, always bareback and lots of pregnancies. We have over one hundred women in our club with lots of mothers daughters and granddaughters. Half are married and love getting pregnant and the men love fucking the pregnant ones. said...

I misss your posts. I have enjoyed being a fly on the wall in your existence and in a way living vicariously through you . Keep posting, please.

David said...

Great Blog!