Friday, March 27, 2015


I've noticed that for a lot of bareback bottoms, their descent started slowly... taking a load here and there from friends or regular fuck buds. Then they advertise their hole is available for NEG tops and they take NEG loads for awhile until they start just not caring anymore and start taking anon loads.

For me, my path was different. I did take 1 load from a guy I met online who said he was NEG, but then my next load was an anon gloryhole load. From that point on, it never occurred to me to only take NEG loads or to question status and it's because from the very first anon load I took, I became an anon bottom. I always preferred anonymous, sleazy sex in public places, often through gloryholes or while blindfolded. It's kind of hard to ask for status when you've blindfolded yourself and your lubed hole is on display for an entire porn theater, or when it's dark and you're bent over a tree somewhere at night. How does one negotiate status when you post your address online and wait face down, ass up for strangers to come and breed you? You don't.

I went from 0 to total anonymous cumdump after just one cock and I never looked back.

Even when I'm not fucking in public and I'm at some guy's house, or the rare occasion I'm getting fucked at my place and not blindfolded, I never ask about condoms or status, I just get the cock wet and spread my hole open, taking whatever cums my way.

I look back at all the years I was fucking with condoms and think what a waste of time that was. If I had it to do all over again, i certainly would have been a bareback bottom from the beginning. I don't discriminate, no load refused.

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